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October 19 2018

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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 nike / @nike Sports Apparel Streetwear Indonesia 81.5M 487.8K Free report
2 Nike Football (Soccer) / @nikefootball Soccer Sports Footwear Indonesia 36.6M 388.3K Free report
3 adidas Originals / @adidasoriginals Fashion Shoes Styling USA 29.2M 106.2K Free report
4 Louis Vuitton Official / @louisvuitton Fashion Bags Luxury USA 27.5M 61.7K Free report
5 Nike Basketball / @nikebasketball Basketball Shoes Sports USA 10M 81.9K Free report
6 Marzia Bisognin / @itsmarziapie Fashion Beauty Shopping USA 5.4M 144.4K Free report
7 vans / @vans Skateboarding Shoes Shopping USA 13.3M 39K Free report
8 Converse / @converse Shoes Design Adventure Italy 7.9M 61K Free report
9 Nike Sportswear / @nikesportswear Shoes Streetwear Fashion USA 6.3M 38.8K Free report
10 羅志祥 ❌Show Lo❌ / @showlostage Fashion Streetwear Lifestyle China 2.9M 72.1K Free report
11 An Actress Lah Pokoknya / @cassandraslee Business Shopping Beauty Indonesia 5.3M 36.9K Preview
12 Foot Locker / @footlocker Shoes Streetwear Fashion USA 8.8M 17.9K Preview
13 Sneaker News / @sneakernews Shoes USA 7.6M 19.5K Preview
14 Anna Saccone / @annasaccone Moms Fashion Shopping United Kingdom 1.5M 83.4K Preview
15 sprinkleofglitr / @louisepentland Fashion Children Shopping United Kingdom 2.5M 33.2K Preview
16 Stüssy / @stussy Streetwear USA 3.3M 21.5K Preview
17 Bath & Body Works / @bathandbodyworks Shopping USA 3.9M 18.1K Preview
18 Sarach Yooyen 🇹🇭 / @tangsr_6 Streetwear Shoes Fashion Thailand 1.2M 55.2K Preview
19 Lacoste / @lacoste Shoes Activewear Brazil 4M 16.2K Preview
20 정세운 / @sewoon_j Moms Modeling Shopping Calculating 767.1K 80.6K Preview
21 I Am Nootsara / @nootsara13 Streetwear Thailand 864.2K 49.7K Preview
22 Supreme Leaks News / @supreme_leaks_news Streetwear Fashion USA 1.4M 28.3K Preview
23 G O A T / @goat Shoes Streetwear Fashion USA 1.7M 22.6K Preview
24 THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽 / @foreverandforava Shopping Fashion Children USA 1.2M 30.9K Preview
25 Jade Roper Tolbert / @jadelizroper Moms Shopping USA 1M 36.7K Preview
26 Ray-Ban / @rayban Accessories India 5.2M 7.2K Preview
27 Moleca Oficial / @moleca_oficial Shoes Brazil 2.1M 16.4K Preview
28 WH / @wanyhasrita Shopping Malaysia 1.8M 18.8K Preview
29 YEEZY MAFIA / @yeezymafia Shoes Streetwear Fashion USA 1.2M 28.7K Preview
30 A BATHING APE® / @bape_us Shoes Streetwear Sports USA 3.4M 10K Preview
31 Laerta / @fashion_laerta Fashion Moms Shopping India 1.1M 30.3K Preview
32 Pusheen / @pusheen Design Shopping Moms USA 1.2M 24K Preview
33 Leo Mandella / @gullyguyleo Modeling Design Streetwear USA 712.8K 30.1K Preview
34 Flight Club / @flightclub Shoes Streetwear USA 2.4M 8.3K Preview
35 Jørgine Massa Vasstrand / @funkygine Moms Fashion Shopping Norway 492.9K 39.2K Preview
36 KicksOnFire / @kicksonfire Shoes Basketball Streetwear USA 2.9M 6.4K Preview
37 Instagram Oficial da Arezzo / @arezzo Shopping Brazil 4.5M 3.9K Preview
38 Sneaker Con / @sneakercon Shoes Fashion Streetwear USA 2.6M 5.5K Preview
39 Store Now Open / @jordandepot Basketball Shoes Streetwear USA 2.3M 6.3K Preview
40 Laura Izumikawa / @lauraiz Moms Lifestyle Shopping USA 623.3K 22K Preview
41 ALDO shoes / @aldo_shoes Shoes USA 1.9M 7.4K Preview
42 newbalance / @newbalance Shopping USA 3M 4.5K Preview
43 CHILDSPLAYCLOTHING.COM / @childsplayclothing Shopping Russia 1.2M 10.9K Preview
44 Family Fizz 💥 / @familyfizz Moms Fashion Shopping United Kingdom 366.1K 35.5K Preview
45 Lojas Americanas / @lojasamericanas Shopping Brazil 3.2M 4K Preview
46 FILA / @filausa Activewear Italy 1.5M 8.1K Preview
47 Manolo Blahnik / @manoloblahnikhq Shoes USA 2.6M 4.6K Preview
48 Takashi Murakami / @takashipom Shoes Fashion Streetwear USA 870.2K 12.9K Preview
49 HYPEBEAST Kicks / @hypebeastkicks Shoes Fashion USA 1.6M 7K Preview
50 Nice Kicks / @nicekicks Shoes Fashion Streetwear India 3.2M 3.3K Preview
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