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February 21 2019

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# @username Topics From Italy Followers Auth Eng from IT
1 Ultimo @ultimopeterpan


Music Fashion Travel Modeling 1.2M 1.5M 168.7K Free report
2 Andrea Cerioli @iamandreacerioli

Andrea Cerioli

Fashion Travel 968.2K 1.3M 95.2K Free report
3 Pio e Amedeo @pioeamedeo83

Pio e Amedeo

Travel 1.5M 1.9M 60.9K Free report
4 National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic

Photography Travel Nature 4.3M 100.6M 10.2K Preview
5  @marta.losito

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 687.2K 1M 77.1K Preview
6 Valerio @valerio.mazzei


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 531.3K 702.5K 88.8K Preview
7 Fashion Killa 🇮🇹 👑 @emis_killa

Fashion Killa 🇮🇹 👑

TV Shows Fashion Travel Lifestyle 1.1M 1.5M 52.8K Preview
8 ♛ Taylor MEGA ♛ @taylor_mega

♛ Taylor MEGA ♛

Fashion Travel Modeling 1M 1.3M 62.1K Preview
9 ELISA MAINO @la_mainoo


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.1M 1.5M 52.9K Preview
10 Edoardo Esposito 👼🏻 @sespo

Edoardo Esposito 👼🏻

Fashion Travel 571.1K 788.6K 78.9K Preview
11 Sascha Burci - Anima @lookatsascha

Sascha Burci - Anima

Travel Photography Creator 1.5M 2M 38.5K Preview
12 Matteo Pelusi - Matt & Bise @matteopelusi

Matteo Pelusi - Matt & Bise

Fashion Travel Photography 1.2M 1.6M 36.5K Preview
13 Camihawke @camihawke


Travel 573K 755K 50K Preview
14 MSP☀️ @mariasole_pollio


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 684.7K 941.7K 39K Preview
15 Valentina Ferragni @valentinaferragni

Valentina Ferragni

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 1M 2.5M 26K Preview
16 YUNG ALIEN @zoda


Fashion Modeling Travel 570.9K 727.1K 50.6K Preview
17 Elena d'Amario @elenadamario

Elena d'Amario

Fashion Travel 587.2K 775K 35.3K Preview
18 Arianna @ariannacirrincione


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 370.5K 470.3K 65.2K Preview
19 PAOLA TURANI @paolaturani


Fashion Travel Modeling 727.3K 988.7K 26.9K Preview
20 Salvatore Cinquegrana @surry

Salvatore Cinquegrana

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.2M 1.6M 19.7K Preview
21 米歇爾 @michellecavallaroo


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 530.8K 707.5K 33.2K Preview
22 Calciatori Ignoranti @calciatoriignoranti

Calciatori Ignoranti

Travel Fashion 827.5K 1.1M 26.5K Preview
23 Camilla Mangiapelo @ma.pina

Camilla Mangiapelo

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 986.3K 1.3M 19.9K Preview
24 Alessandro Cattelan @alecattelan

Alessandro Cattelan

Travel Fashion 971.8K 1.3M 21.4K Preview
25 Sofì e Luì @mecontrote

Sofì e Luì

Travel 891.7K 1.4M 23K Preview
26 Mahmood @mahmoodworld


Fashion Travel 379.5K 474.3K 62.7K Preview
27 Giulia Penna @giuliapenna_official

Giulia Penna

Actors Fashion Travel 843.6K 1.1M 22.5K Preview
28 Giulia Salemi @giuliasalemi

Giulia Salemi

Fashion Travel Photography 648.4K 849.5K 27.8K Preview
29 Nicole M @nicolemazzocato

Nicole M

Fashion Travel 754K 1.4M 16.6K Preview
30 Cristiano Caccamo @cristianocaccamo

Cristiano Caccamo

Actors Travel Fashion Photography 470K 611.2K 33.4K Preview
31 miriam leone @mirimeo

miriam leone

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 577.5K 762.8K 23.6K Preview
32 jessica Melena @jessicamelena

jessica Melena

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 556.6K 712.2K 26.3K Preview
33 Pietro Tartaglione @pietro_tartaglione

Pietro Tartaglione

Travel 503K 701.6K 31.1K Preview
34 Mattia Perin @mattiaperin

Mattia Perin

Soccer Fashion Travel 544.3K 777.3K 27.8K Preview
35 Andrea Conti🇮🇹 @contiandrea12

Andrea Conti🇮🇹

Soccer Fashion Travel 387.9K 495.2K 37.6K Preview
36 Måneskin @maneskinofficial


Music Travel 558.9K 712.9K 25.9K Preview
37 Saul Nanni @saulnanni

Saul Nanni

Actors Fashion Travel Modeling 515.9K 807.9K 34.2K Preview
38 ELISA TOFFOLI Official @elisatoffoli


Music Travel 934.7K 1.2M 16.8K Preview
39 THE KOLORS @thekolors_stash


Music Fashion Travel Lifestyle 618.6K 800.5K 21.4K Preview
40 Luciano Ligabue @ligabue_official

Luciano Ligabue

Travel Fashion Music 546.7K 745K 19.5K Preview
41 Ivana Mrazova Official @ivana_mrazova

Ivana Mrazova Official

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 822K 1.1M 16.8K Preview
42 Maryna @marynaofficial


Fashion Travel 482K 633.3K 26.2K Preview
43 Andrea Belotti @gallobelotti

Andrea Belotti

Travel Fashion 615.4K 808.3K 20.3K Preview
44 X Factor Italia @xfactoritalia

X Factor Italia

Travel Fashion 849K 1.1M 16.3K Preview
45 Federico Betti - MikeShowSha @mike_showsha

Federico Betti - MikeShowSha

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 876.4K 1.1M 15.5K Preview
46 LeDonatella @ledonatellaofficial


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 736.2K 988.7K 16.3K Preview
47 $ANTANA @darkwaynesantana777


Fashion Travel 493.4K 646K 28.6K Preview
48 sofia @sofiaviscardi


Travel Fashion Photography 1.1M 1.5M 12.4K Preview
49 ᴇʟᴇᴏɴᴏʀᴀ ʀᴏᴄᴄʜɪɴɪ @ele.rc

ᴇʟᴇᴏɴᴏʀᴀ ʀᴏᴄᴄʜɪɴɪ

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 729.2K 952.4K 16.7K Preview
50 Ivan Zaytsev @zaytsev_official

Ivan Zaytsev

Fashion Modeling Travel 496.2K 754.6K 21.6K Preview
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