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October 2019

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# @username Topics From Italy Followers Auth Eng from IT
1 Capo Plaza @capoplaza

Capo Plaza

Fashion Music Travel 1.1M 1.5M 120.6K Free report
2  @marta.losito

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 886.8K 1.4M 98.8K Free report
3 Sadie Sink @sadiesink_

Sadie Sink

Lifestyle Actors Travel 1.2M 9.9M 137.5K Free report
4 Edoardo Esposito 👼🏻 @sespo

Edoardo Esposito 👼🏻

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 838.1K 1.2M 80.4K Preview
5 Netflix Italia @netflixit

Netflix Italia

Travel Fashion Photography 1.9M 2.7M 31K Preview
6 Pio e Amedeo @pioeamedeo83

Pio e Amedeo

Travel 1.6M 2.3M 34K Preview
7 ALICE DE BORTOLI Official @alice.debortoli


Fashion Travel Lifestyle 731.6K 1M 68.1K Preview
8 Stephan El Shaarawy @stewel92

Stephan El Shaarawy

Fashion Travel 2.1M 3.7M 31.5K Preview
9 Sascha Burci - Anima @lookatsascha

Sascha Burci - Anima

Travel Photography Creator 1.6M 2.2M 31.9K Preview
10 Riccardo Dose🐘 @riccardodose

Riccardo Dose🐘

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 946.9K 1.3M 51.4K Preview
11 Damiano Er Faina @damiano_er_faina

Damiano Er Faina

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 758.5K 974.1K 77.1K Preview
12 Clio @cliomakeup_official


Fashion Travel Lifestyle 1.8M 2.7M 26.8K Preview
13 Bada$$ Fish ☏ ⁶⁶⁶ 🇮🇹🐡 @fishball_sg

Bada$$ Fish ☏ ⁶⁶⁶ 🇮🇹🐡

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.3M 2M 41.6K Preview
14 Emis Killa 🇮🇹 👑 @emis_killa

Emis Killa 🇮🇹 👑

Fashion Travel 1.2M 1.6M 40.2K Preview
15 miriam leone @mirimeo

miriam leone

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 688.6K 971.3K 51.9K Preview
16 Simone Paciello @awed__

Simone Paciello

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.2M 1.6M 38.4K Preview
17 Marracash @kingmarracash


Travel Fashion 743.2K 1.1M 54.9K Preview
18 Fabio Rovazzi @rovazzi

Fabio Rovazzi

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.1M 1.6M 35.7K Preview
19 Fabri Fibra @fabri_fibra

Fabri Fibra

Fashion Travel Modeling 751.9K 1.1M 47.6K Preview
20 Matteo Pelusi - Matt & Bise @matteopelusi

Matteo Pelusi - Matt & Bise

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.3M 1.7M 31.1K Preview
21 Tommaso Cassissa @tommycassi

Tommaso Cassissa

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 631.3K 881.3K 49.2K Preview
22 PAOLA TURANI @paolaturani


Fashion Travel Lifestyle 861.5K 1.3M 39.2K Preview
23 National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic

Photography Travel Nature 4.2M 124.8M 4.6K Preview
24 Camihawke @camihawke


Travel 703.1K 1M 47.4K Preview
25 Denis Dosio 🇧🇷 @denisdosio

Denis Dosio 🇧🇷

Travel Photography Fashion 431.9K 578.4K 66.5K Preview
26 ☀️ @mariasole_pollio


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 726.9K 1M 38.8K Preview
27 Simone Vandelli @saimon_mh

Simone Vandelli

Fashion Travel Photography 429.9K 576.2K 62K Preview
28 Comix @comixofficial


Fashion Travel 737.8K 1M 39.3K Preview
29 Laura Pausini Official @laurapausini

Laura Pausini Official

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 1.8M 2.9M 21.5K Preview
30 Gabriele Vagnato @gabrielevagnato

Gabriele Vagnato

Travel Fashion 494.4K 701.5K 40.9K Preview
31 Karen Rebecca Casiraghi @kokeshi.karen

Karen Rebecca Casiraghi

Fashion Travel 457.3K 644.2K 57.7K Preview
32 Swami Caputo @swamicaputo

Swami Caputo

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 611.2K 818.3K 38.8K Preview
33 MADMAN @sickmadman


Photography Travel 703.9K 995.7K 35.5K Preview
34 Luche @luche_official


Travel Fashion 596.5K 806.4K 43.8K Preview
35 Rocco Hunt @poetaurbano

Rocco Hunt

Fashion Travel 660.6K 851.7K 37.4K Preview
36 Michelle Cavallaro @michellecavallaroo

Michelle Cavallaro

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 603.4K 836.6K 28.2K Preview
37 Salvatore Cinquegrana @surry

Salvatore Cinquegrana

Fashion Travel Modeling 1.2M 1.7M 17.5K Preview
38 Valentina Dallari @valentinadallari_

Valentina Dallari

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 866.1K 1.2M 24.2K Preview
39 Filippo Bisciglia @filippobisciglia

Filippo Bisciglia

Fashion Travel 713.1K 972.3K 21.9K Preview
40 Claudia @claudiadionigi


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 813.8K 1.2M 22.2K Preview
41 Daniele Rugani @daniruga

Daniele Rugani

Soccer Fashion Travel 612.7K 1M 31.6K Preview
42 Il Pancio @ilpancio

Il Pancio

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 555.8K 752.7K 28.3K Preview
43 ELISA TOFFOLI Official @elisatoffoli


Fashion Travel Lifestyle 897.9K 1.3M 18.2K Preview
44 LeDonatella • SHOWGIRLS👯• DJ🎧• @ledonatellaofficial

LeDonatella • SHOWGIRLS👯• DJ🎧•

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 801.6K 1.1M 21.4K Preview
45 Luca Onestini @lucaonestini_11

Luca Onestini

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 983.3K 1.4M 18.5K Preview
46 Federico Betti - MikeShowSha @mike_showsha

Federico Betti - MikeShowSha

Basketball Fashion Travel 897.1K 1.2M 19.4K Preview
47 Giulia Penna @giuliapenna_official

Giulia Penna

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 934.2K 1.3M 17.9K Preview
48 Scuderia Ferrari @scuderiaferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Racing Travel Cars 1.3M 4M 15.9K Preview
49 Angela Nasti @angelanastiofficial

Angela Nasti

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 584.4K 812.9K 29.9K Preview
50 Alessandro Cattelan @alecattelan

Alessandro Cattelan

Travel 956.5K 1.4M 16.9K Preview
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