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July 2019

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# @username Topics From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 Juliana Paes. Actress. Brazil @julianapaes

Juliana Paes. Actress. Brazil

Actors Visualizations Travel 16.1M 19.5M 120.8K Free report
2 Rafael Uccman @rafaeluccman

Rafael Uccman

Lifestyle Fashion Travel 3.3M 3.6M 259.1K Free report
3 Lívia Inhudes @liviainhudes

Lívia Inhudes

Travel 5.3M 6M 68.7K Free report
4 Romana Novais Achkar @romananovais

Romana Novais Achkar

Travel 1.9M 2.3M 125.4K Preview
5 TACIELE @tacielealcolea


Moms Beauty Travel 5M 5.7M 49.7K Preview
6 National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic

Travel Photography Nature 4.6M 114.7M 5.9K Preview
7 Mauro Nakada @mauronakada

Mauro Nakada

Travel 1.3M 1.5M 26.3K Preview
8 🌻Paula Stephânia @stephaniablog

🌻Paula Stephânia

Travel 1.2M 1.5M 9.6K Preview
9 Ph Loures @phillipeloures

Ph Loures

Travel 497.8K 557K 14.1K Preview
10 Paixão Por Viajar @paixaoporviajar

Paixão Por Viajar

Travel 1.4M 1.6M 5.9K Preview
11 David Michigan ⚡️ @davidmichigan

David Michigan ⚡️

Modeling Travel Art 4.9M 9.2M 10.7K Preview
12 Isabela Souza @isasouza

Isabela Souza

Actors Travel Photography 216.1K 484.6K 26.9K Preview
13 MariMoon <3 @marimoon

MariMoon <3

Travel 644.1K 744.1K 7.9K Preview
14 Forbes Brasil @forbesbr

Forbes Brasil

Travel 1.3M 1.5M 4.1K Preview
15 Fotocracia. @fotocracia


Travel 478.5K 583.3K 11.6K Preview
16 Luka @lukalangabriel


Travel Photography Fashion 1.4M 2.6M 18.7K Preview
17 Dan @unitedwealthfinance


Photography Travel 213.5K 387.2K 13K Preview
18 Livia | Bali | Viagem @liviajando

Livia | Bali | Viagem

Travel 711.8K 1.1M 4.8K Preview
19 Destinos Imperdíveis ✈️ @destinosimperdiveis

Destinos Imperdíveis ✈️

Travel 612K 985.6K 3.5K Preview
20 Hotel Urbano - Hurb @hurb

Hotel Urbano - Hurb

Travel Adventure Hotels 1.3M 1.5M 2.1K Preview
21 Nordestinos 🌵 @n0rdestinos

Nordestinos 🌵

Travel 649.3K 705.7K 6.8K Preview
22 ÉRIKA SANTOS @erikasantos


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1M 1.3M 2.2K Preview
23 Um44k Frases 🎶💭❤ @um44k_frases

Um44k Frases 🎶💭❤

Travel 520.8K 580.5K 4.9K Preview
24 MRPOPULAR @mrpopu1ar


Fashion Travel 29.5K 1.1M 359 Preview
25 Couple | Luxury | travel @hey.travel

Couple | Luxury | travel

Travel Fashion Adventure N/A 1.2M 8.4K Preview
26 ISABELLA MUELLER @isabella_muenchen


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 504K 1.2M 32.9K Preview
27 Travels pelo Mundo @travelspelomundo

Travels pelo Mundo

Travel 974.8K 1.2M 2.3K Preview
28 Discovery @discovery


Photography Nature 449.3K 9.5M 4.2K Preview
29 Lugares Que Eu Gostaria de Ir @gostariadeiroficial

Lugares Que Eu Gostaria de Ir

Travel 523.3K 637.7K 3.6K Preview
30 Renault Brasil @renaultbrasil

Renault Brasil

Travel 291.3K 329.5K 5.6K Preview
31 BBC News | Brasil @bbcbrasil

BBC News | Brasil

Travel 573.9K 678.6K 2.6K Preview
32 CVC Viagens @cvcviagens

CVC Viagens

Travel 1.5M 1.7M 1.2K Preview
33 Pousadas Top @pousadas.top

Pousadas Top

Travel Hotels 438.7K 504.9K 4.3K Preview
34  @jhaddadj

Travel 400.1K 460.5K 9.5K Preview
35 Top Das Fotos @topdasfotos

Top Das Fotos

Travel 735.8K 850.6K 4K Preview
36 Nature @nature


Travel Photography Adventure 311.9K 3.9M 4.5K Preview
37 National Geographic Brasil @natgeobrasil

National Geographic Brasil

Travel 476.7K 612.5K 2.5K Preview
38 ARTEM SHESTAKOV ✈ @artshestakov


Travel 407.5K 1.2M 5.4K Preview
39 Paulo Berner @pauloberner

Paulo Berner

Travel Fashion Lifestyle 816.5K 1.1M 17.2K Preview
40 LATAM Airlines @latamairlines

LATAM Airlines

Travel 843.4K 1.5M 2.3K Preview
41 Instagram Travel Guide @instravel

Instagram Travel Guide

Travel Adventure Photography 610.3K 1.2M 4.9K Preview
42 Lucas Estevam @estevampelomundo

Lucas Estevam

Travel 311.6K 418K 4.4K Preview
43 Viagens® @viagens


Travel 918K 1.2M 1.3K Preview
44 Sara Hardel @sarahardel

Sara Hardel

Travel Fashion 142.5K 198.9K 11.7K Preview
45 123Milhas @123milhas


Travel 900.7K 1.1M 1.4K Preview
46 Jornal O Globo @jornaloglobo

Jornal O Globo

Travel 1.3M 1.5M 938 Preview


Travel 500.4K 585.2K 2.3K Preview
48 Rachel Chen ∥ Travel × Life @vintagedolls

Rachel Chen ∥ Travel × Life

Fashion Lifestyle Travel N/A 888.6K 8.9K Preview
49 Alexander Ludwig @alexanderludwig

Alexander Ludwig

Photography Travel Adventure 239.7K 2.2M 6.7K Preview
50 Roteiro VIP @roteirovip

Roteiro VIP

Travel 822.1K 989.6K 1.2K Preview
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