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February 2020

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# @username Topics From United Arab Emirates Followers Auth Eng from AE
1 Abdulaziz @bin_baz


Soccer 1.6M 5.3M 7.5K Free report
2 Karim Benzema @karimbenzema

Karim Benzema

Sports Soccer 1.4M 32.6M 13.6K Free report
3 nasser13hamad @nasser13hamad


Riders 357.2K 1.5M 5.9K Free report
4 M S Dhoni @mahi7781

M S Dhoni

Sports Cricket 268.5K 20.2M 22.3K Preview
5 Sachin Tendulkar @sachintendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket 386.5K 19.8M 7.6K Preview
6 Ramadan Sobhy Official @ramadansobhi51

Ramadan Sobhy Official

Soccer 232.7K 6.7M 3.1K Preview
7 Yuvraj Singh @yuvisofficial

Yuvraj Singh

Cricket 142.2K 8.4M 3.4K Preview
8 مهند الحمدي @mouhnned

مهند الحمدي

Moms Sports 88.1K 1.4M 2.8K Preview
9 أ.د.مانع سعيد العتيبة @dr_alotaiba

أ.د.مانع سعيد العتيبة

Sports 726.6K 1.5M 292 Preview
10 محمد ابوتريكة @aboutrikamohammed

محمد ابوتريكة

Sports Soccer 135.1K 5.8M 2.6K Preview
11 Rohit Sharma @rohitsharma45

Rohit Sharma

Sports 89.1K 12.4M 4.6K Preview
12 Alex - that girl with the cars @supercarblondie

Alex - that girl with the cars

Cars Luxury Racing 157.3K 5.6M 4.9K Preview
13 KL Rahul👑 @rahulkl

KL Rahul👑

Cricket 50.1K 5.2M 4.5K Preview
14 Ali alhajeri & علي مبخوت @alimabkhout07

Ali alhajeri & علي مبخوت

Soccer 81.2K 208.4K 2.2K Preview
15 Zubaira Tukhugov @zubairatukhugov

Zubaira Tukhugov

Sports Mixed martial arts 86K 2.9M 1.9K Preview
16 Ghaith Marwan 🍉 غيث مروان @ghaith_marwan

Ghaith Marwan 🍉 غيث مروان

Basketball 27.9K 393.1K 2.7K Preview
17 Ajmal Khan | AK @ajmal_khan_

Ajmal Khan | AK

Basketball Fashion Lifestyle 123.5K 1.6M 1.5K Preview
18 Nordin Amrabat @n_amrabat_official

Nordin Amrabat

Soccer 45K 1.5M 2K Preview
19 Suresh Raina @sureshraina3

Suresh Raina

Cricket Sports Modeling 59.8K 10M 1K Preview
20 Omar Al Somah ⚽️ عمر السومة @somah

Omar Al Somah ⚽️ عمر السومة

Soccer 64.8K 1.7M 1.9K Preview
21 هــلاهِـــلِّي @ayman_aballi


Soccer 28.2K 781K 1.8K Preview
22 Royal Hashemite Court @rhcjo

Royal Hashemite Court

Basketball 72K 1.1M 733 Preview
23 Nasser Al Neyadi @fazzasky3

Nasser Al Neyadi

Sports 96.7K 197.5K 720 Preview
24 Team India @indiancricketteam

Team India

Sports 118.9K 12.6M 2.2K Preview
25 Mahmoud Kahraba ⚡️ @mkahrabaa1010

Mahmoud Kahraba ⚡️

Soccer 50.3K 2.4M 1.7K Preview
26 اسماعيل مطر @ismaeilmatar10

اسماعيل مطر

Soccer 45.6K 73.9K 1.8K Preview
27 Youssra يسرا @youssra

Youssra يسرا

Basketball Modeling Fashion 100.8K 1.6M 1K Preview
28 دورينــــا ⚽️🏆 @_dawrena

دورينــــا ⚽️🏆

Soccer 106.9K 157.2K 615 Preview
29 HUSSAIN YOUSUF ANWAR 💛H10⚽️ @h.messi.10


Soccer 53.3K 115.1K 1.3K Preview
30 زياد بن حجاب بن نحيت @abinneheet

زياد بن حجاب بن نحيت

Sports 273.9K 2.5M 269 Preview
31 miniminter @miniminter


Soccer N/A 3.5M 145.7K Preview
32 نادي الهلال السعودي @alhilal.f.c

نادي الهلال السعودي

Soccer 135K 2.6M 485 Preview
33 Toyota UAE @toyotauae

Toyota UAE

Racing Cars Bikes 34.3K 49.1K 1.5K Preview
34 Islam_Makhachev @islam_makhachev


Mixed martial arts 54.1K 2M 1.4K Preview
35 Shoaib Malik @realshoaibmalik

Shoaib Malik

Cricket 52.8K 1.2M 1.1K Preview
36 حسن بن محفوظ @hassan_bin_mahfouz

حسن بن محفوظ

Skateboarding 48.5K 1M 1K Preview
37 هولندي 123 @hollandi123

هولندي 123

Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 86.4K 203.3K 727 Preview
38 A Fan Of Cristiano Ronaldo @cr7teaminsta

A Fan Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer 13.7K 15.2K 3.2K Preview
39 Amr Gamal 🦌 @_amrgamal

Amr Gamal 🦌

Soccer 79.8K 3.1M 965 Preview
40 AHMAD KHALIL / أحمد خليل @khalilmix

AHMAD KHALIL / أحمد خليل

Soccer 52.9K 88.7K 950 Preview
41 رغدة تالين كيومجيان🧸® @raghda.k

رغدة تالين كيومجيان🧸®

Sports 22.8K 632.3K 1.9K Preview
42 Eduardo @c.edu3


Sports Soccer 61.8K 1.3M 1.1K Preview
43 Arabian Gulf League 🇦🇪 @agleague

Arabian Gulf League 🇦🇪

Soccer 142.6K 218.5K 326 Preview
44 BIG RAMY @big_ramy


Bodybuilding 78.5K 2.3M 651 Preview
45 Momen zakaria @momen_zakarya88

Momen zakaria

Soccer 52K 1.9M 1.3K Preview
46 Doug Kramer @dougkramer

Doug Kramer

Basketball 64.3K 1.6M 578 Preview
47 Medhi Benatia @m.benatia5

Medhi Benatia

Moms Lifestyle Sports 52.5K 3.1M 795 Preview
48 ICC @icc


Cricket 112.4K 11.4M 387 Preview
49 مهاراتي • مقاطع • ضحك @mharate

مهاراتي • مقاطع • ضحك

Sports 211.8K 2.2M 156 Preview
50 Yasser ALShahrani @iyasser12

Yasser ALShahrani

Soccer 67.4K 1.5M 783 Preview
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