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August 2019

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# @username Topics From Malaysia Followers Auth Eng from MY
1 Nur Nabila Mohd Razali @nabila.razali

Nur Nabila Mohd Razali

Racing 1.1M 1.6M 12.7K Free report
2 Khairy Jamaluddin @khairykj

Khairy Jamaluddin

Soccer 682.8K 959.1K 17.7K Free report
3 SAFAWI RASID @safawirasid29


Sports 307.8K 428K 20.6K Free report
4 Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah @hafizh_syahrin

Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah

Bikes Riders 363.5K 574.5K 9.5K Preview
5 Manchester United @manchesterunited

Manchester United

Soccer 734.8K 30.9M 2.5K Preview
6 Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid @gabansaleh19

Mohd Al-Amirul Ashshahid

Motorcycle Racing 341.4K 447.6K 7K Preview
7 BANGKITBOTAK @harrisannuar


Soccer 264.7K 382.9K 9.1K Preview
8 ASYRAF WANGSA WALK @asyrafrozami


Soccer 235.6K 328.2K 8.5K Preview
9 Premier League @premierleague

Premier League

Soccer Sports N/A 29.7M 123.7K Preview
10 Mesut Özil @m10_official

Mesut Özil

Soccer Training Sports N/A 20.9M 395.2K Preview
11 Liverpool Football Club @liverpoolfc

Liverpool Football Club

Soccer N/A 18.9M 175.9K Preview
12 Aidil Zafuan @_aidil.zafuan_

Aidil Zafuan

Soccer 360.7K 512.4K 4.7K Preview
13 🛠E$RM0T0R⚡️E$RGARAGE🛠 @esr_motor


Riders Motorcycle 183K 230.3K 10.8K Preview
14 Chelsea FC @chelseafc

Chelsea FC

Soccer Journalists Sports N/A 18.3M 147.3K Preview
15 MohdIzhamTarmiziRoslan @izhamtarmizi24


Soccer 302.3K 393.6K 5.4K Preview
16 羅志祥 Show Lo @showlo

羅志祥 Show Lo

Basketball 208.5K 3.8M 3.4K Preview
17 ha dong hoon @quanhaha79

ha dong hoon

Music Singer Sports 175K 3M 3K Preview
18 Alexis Sanchez @alexis_officia1

Alexis Sanchez

Soccer Sports 208.4K 10M 4.9K Preview
19 Arsenal Official @arsenal

Arsenal Official

Soccer 311.7K 15.4M 3K Preview
20 ITZY @itzy.all.in.us


Sports 96.8K 2.2M 14.3K Preview
21 Mohd Badhri Radzi @captain_piya16

Mohd Badhri Radzi

Soccer 289.2K 393.7K 3.2K Preview
22 A i N Å S U @ainasuzaily

A i N Å S U

Sports 188.5K 282.3K 4.3K Preview
23 KFLN @fahmiapexs


Soccer 361.3K 525.9K 2.5K Preview
24 Rizal Ramli @rizalashramrnt

Rizal Ramli

Racing 133.7K 211.1K 5.4K Preview
25 FAMILIA RIDER GROUP @familiaridergroup


Motorcycle Racing 428.2K 541.5K 2.3K Preview
26 Serahsocool @intanserah


Soccer 133.5K 190.7K 8K Preview
27 David De Gea @d_degeaofficial

David De Gea

Soccer Sports N/A 10.8M 240.6K Preview
28 HARIMAU MALAYA @malaysiasoccer


Soccer 233.8K 372.2K 2.7K Preview
29 JOHOR DARUL TA’ZIM FC @officialjohor


Soccer 498.6K 687.9K 1.1K Preview
30 Nazmi Faiz @nazmifaizmansor

Nazmi Faiz

Soccer 126.5K 175.3K 4.6K Preview
31 Jen Wu @hannah_quinlivan

Jen Wu

Basketball Sports 97.7K 2.1M 2.7K Preview
32 MotoGP @motogp


Motorcycle Racing 220.7K 7.8M 1.3K Preview
33 Durexxx_machine @durexxmachine


Riders Bikes Motorcycle Racing 121.4K 153.3K 5.6K Preview
34 Muhammad @chemad7


Soccer 212.9K 269K 2.9K Preview
35 Ammar Alfian @ammar_alfian

Ammar Alfian

Actors Bodybuilding Fitness 145.5K 220.9K 2.8K Preview
36 valeyellow46 @valeyellow46


Racing Riders Motorcycle Racing 132.9K 7.4M 2.6K Preview
37 Koleksi Viral @koleksi_viral

Koleksi Viral

Racing 240.4K 319K 2.5K Preview
38 Ezzaty Abdullah @ezzatyabdullah

Ezzaty Abdullah

Soccer Actors 359.8K 575.1K 979 Preview
39 Matt Davies @matttdavies

Matt Davies

Soccer 92.2K 142.3K 3.9K Preview
40 Adib Khalid @adib_khalid

Adib Khalid

Sports 172.7K 243.8K 3.9K Preview
41 Maher Zain @maherzainofficial

Maher Zain

Tennis Music 147.8K 4.6M 1.2K Preview
42 Official_Syaiful @syaiful_zero


Soccer 210.6K 287K 1.5K Preview
43 B R E N D A N. G A N @brendangan

B R E N D A N. G A N

Soccer 88.2K 133.8K 3.8K Preview
44 Jordan盛天俊 @jordanzai


Basketball 63.1K 100.5K 3.3K Preview
45 NADIA ZUKI @_kakyaa_


Sports 139.9K 197.3K 2.7K Preview
46 Syahmi Safari @syahmisafari20

Syahmi Safari

Soccer 65.2K 89.1K 3K Preview
47 SYAHMI HAFIY @oohamii


Soccer 50.1K 74.2K 3K Preview
48 Aaron Ramsey @aaronramsey

Aaron Ramsey

Soccer Sports 108.2K 3.6M 2.8K Preview
49 Luqmansam @luqmansham_10


Soccer 44.9K 64.2K 5.1K Preview
50 muhammad farhan @farhanroslan19

muhammad farhan

Soccer 105.6K 142.8K 2.9K Preview
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