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January 2020

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# @username Topics From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr @neymarjr

ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr

Soccer 85.7M 131.9M 666.5K Free report
2 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer 16.3M 198.7M 299.5K Free report
3 Caio Castro @caiocastro

Caio Castro

Surfing Actors Adventure 16.4M 19.1M 141.1K Free report
4 Gabriel Barbosa 🇧🇷 @gabigol

Gabriel Barbosa 🇧🇷

Soccer 6.2M 7.2M 326.6K Preview
5 Ronaldo de Assis Moreira @ronaldinho

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

Soccer 22.2M 50.8M 141.2K Preview
6 Alfinetadas Dos Famosos 📌 @alfinetei

Alfinetadas Dos Famosos 📌

Sports 10M 11.5M 137.3K Preview
7 Leo Messi @leomessi

Leo Messi

Soccer 10.6M 141.3M 177.6K Preview
8 Andres Iniesta @andresiniesta8

Andres Iniesta

Sports Soccer 23.2M 33M 134.5K Preview
9 G. Medina @gabrielmedina

G. Medina

Surfing 6.4M 8.3M 156.5K Preview
10 Roberto Firmino @roberto_firmino

Roberto Firmino

Sports Soccer 6.2M 12.5M 200.1K Preview
11 Vinicius Jr. ⚡️🇧🇷 @viniciusjunior

Vinicius Jr. ⚡️🇧🇷

Soccer 4M 8.8M 193K Preview
12 Philippe Coutinho @phil.coutinho

Philippe Coutinho

Soccer 5.8M 22M 100.5K Preview
13 Dani Alves @danialves

Dani Alves

Sports Soccer 16.5M 30.3M 76.8K Preview
14 BH27 @brunohenrique27oficial


Soccer 2.8M 3.2M 212.2K Preview
15 Kaká @kaka


Sports Soccer 4.9M 16.5M 84.2K Preview
16 Gabriel Jesus @dejesusoficial

Gabriel Jesus

Sports Soccer 9.1M 14.2M 78.5K Preview
17 Filipe Luís Kasmirski @filipeluis

Filipe Luís Kasmirski

Soccer 4.1M 4.9M 117.4K Preview
18 Flamengo @flamengo


Soccer 6.6M 7.4M 66.7K Preview
19 Marcelo Vieira Jr. @marcelotwelve

Marcelo Vieira Jr.

Soccer 10.9M 43.5M 99.8K Preview
20 Nike Football (Soccer) @nikefootball

Nike Football (Soccer)

Soccer Sports Footwear 10.7M 43.8M 72K Preview
21 Adriano imperador @adrianoimperador

Adriano imperador

Soccer 4.8M 5.6M 91.9K Preview
22 Giorgian de Arrascaeta @g10dearrascaeta

Giorgian de Arrascaeta

Soccer 2.5M 2.8M 164.5K Preview
23 Denilson Show @denilsonshow

Denilson Show

Soccer 4.9M 5.6M 80.5K Preview
24 Thiago Silva @thiagosilva

Thiago Silva

Sports Soccer 10.6M 16.6M 42.3K Preview
25 Lucas Paquetá @lucaspaqueta

Lucas Paquetá

American football Health Sports 2.6M 3.8M 125.7K Preview
26 Alisson Becker @alissonbecker

Alisson Becker

Soccer 2.4M 6.4M 121.7K Preview
27 Fred Desimpedidos @fred

Fred Desimpedidos

Sports 4.2M 4.8M 73.1K Preview
28 James Rodríguez @jamesrodriguez10

James Rodríguez

Soccer Sports 3.8M 44.8M 85.4K Preview
29 RAFINHA @r_13official


Soccer 2.6M 3M 105K Preview
30 Kylian Mbappé @k.mbappe

Kylian Mbappé

Soccer 4.8M 37.9M 131.6K Preview
31 UEFA Champions League @championsleague

UEFA Champions League

Soccer Sports 5.4M 53.9M 40.3K Preview
32 Diego Ribas da Cunha @diegoribas10

Diego Ribas da Cunha

Soccer 3.5M 4M 70.2K Preview
33 Everton Ribeiro @evertonri

Everton Ribeiro

Soccer 2.4M 2.8M 88.3K Preview
34 Ronaldo @ronaldo


Soccer Sports 5.8M 15.6M 31.3K Preview
35 nike @nike


Sports Apparel Streetwear 15.7M 99.2M 15.9K Preview
36 adidas Football (Soccer) @adidasfootball

adidas Football (Soccer)

Soccer Sports 3.9M 31.8M 38.3K Preview
37 Real Madrid C.F. @realmadrid

Real Madrid C.F.

Soccer 3M 83.1M 24.3K Preview
38 Eduardo Fernando @edukof

Eduardo Fernando

Soccer 2.5M 3M 52.1K Preview
39 Luan Guilherme @luanguillherme

Luan Guilherme

Soccer 1.1M 1.3M 111.5K Preview
40 Zlatan Ibrahimović @iamzlatanibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Soccer 1.7M 40.9M 19.7K Preview
41 Pablo Marí @pablomv5

Pablo Marí

Soccer 1.1M 1.3M 103.7K Preview
42 Rodrygo Goes - RG 🇧🇷 @rodrygogoes

Rodrygo Goes - RG 🇧🇷

Soccer 1.2M 2.5M 89.3K Preview
43 falcao12oficial @falcao12oficial


Soccer 4.8M 6.2M 23.7K Preview
44 Luis Suarez @luissuarez9

Luis Suarez

Soccer 2M 37.1M 20.5K Preview
45 Sadio Mane @sadiomaneofficiel

Sadio Mane

Soccer 1M 6.4M 69.5K Preview
46 Casemiro @casemiro


Soccer Sports 2.5M 11.6M 45.3K Preview
47 LeBron James @kingjames

LeBron James

Basketball Sports 2M 55.3M 26.9K Preview
48 SE Palmeiras @palmeiras

SE Palmeiras

Soccer 1.9M 2.2M 45.8K Preview
49 Richarlison @richarlison


Soccer 1.8M 2.4M 51.7K Preview
50 Nyvi Estephan @nyviestephan

Nyvi Estephan

Sports 1.2M 1.4M 72.5K Preview
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