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Top 100 Restaurants, Food & Grocery Instagram Influencers in Germany

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February 16 2019

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# @username Topics From Germany Followers Auth Eng from DE
1 Nusr_et#Saltbae @nusr_et


Chef 1.1M 19.8M 20.4K Free report
2 Saskia Beecks @saskiabeecks67

Saskia Beecks

Lifestyle Fitness Food 389.1K 498K 12.6K Free report
3 Janina Uhse @janinauhse

Janina Uhse

Lifestyle Fashion Food 482.8K 703.4K 7.1K Free report
4 Tasty @buzzfeedtasty


Food Lifestyle Restaurants 986.2K 28.9M 2.9K Preview
5 ✨Pini✨ @lenavanille


Lifestyle Fitness Food 269.2K 362.1K 7.1K Preview
6 Sally (offizielle Seite) @sallyswelt

Sally (offizielle Seite)

Lifestyle Food Fashion 397.4K 539.4K 3.2K Preview
7 So Yummy @soyummy

So Yummy

Food Recipes Restaurants 327.4K 8.5M 4.8K Preview
8 Sally (offizielle Seite) @sallyswelt

Sally (offizielle Seite)

Lifestyle Food Fashion 397.4K 539.4K 3.2K Preview
9 Burak Özdemir @cznburak

Burak Özdemir

Chef 208.6K 6.1M 8.6K Preview
10 Jana @janasdiary


Lifestyle Fitness Food 113.8K 152K 10.6K Preview
11 Jill, Mia & Emma @lebenslust__

Jill, Mia & Emma

Lifestyle Fitness Food 149K 195.6K 4.6K Preview
12 Proper Tasty @proper_tasty

Proper Tasty

Food Recipes Chef 426.7K 8.6M 2.2K Preview
13 Food @foodys


Food 564.1K 10.7M 1.5K Preview
14 snoopdogg @snoopdogg


Music Food Chef 689.5K 29.1M 413 Preview
15 Victoria van Violence @victoriavanviolence

Victoria van Violence

Lifestyle Fitness Food 131K 190.5K 3.9K Preview
16 Steffen Henssler @steffen_henssler

Steffen Henssler

Chef 245.8K 312.8K 1.9K Preview
17 YOGA & FIT LIFESTYLE @madymorrison


Lifestyle Fitness Food 120.5K 173.6K 3.6K Preview
18 Jule ⚓️ Kiel @datjulschen

Jule ⚓️ Kiel

Lifestyle Fitness Food 133.1K 168.1K 3.3K Preview
19 Big Boost Burger @bigboostburger

Big Boost Burger

Restaurants 78.3K 99.2K 4.3K Preview
20 Ruth Moschner @ruthmoschner

Ruth Moschner

Lifestyle Fitness Food 184.3K 229.3K 2.3K Preview
21 Jessi Faust @jessi_faust

Jessi Faust

Lifestyle Fashion Food 132.5K 167.8K 3.3K Preview
22 Aurel @aurel.ivo


Lifestyle Fitness Food 84.8K 106.8K 4.3K Preview
23 Pamela Reif @pamgoesnuts

Pamela Reif

Food Health Recipes 96.5K 201.2K 5.1K Preview
24 🍀Beatrice & Lacros & Little Q🍀 @beatrice_mary_

🍀Beatrice & Lacros & Little Q🍀

Lifestyle Fitness Food 84K 111.8K 4.1K Preview
25 JAX @jax.vita


Fitness Lifestyle Food 84.4K 130.5K 4.9K Preview
26 Luisa Sophie 🎀 @luisazuckerwatte_

Luisa Sophie 🎀

Lifestyle Fitness Food 95.7K 122K 3.3K Preview
27 Nina 👑💕 @nina_kaupp

Nina 👑💕

Music Lifestyle Fitness Food 107.9K 143.5K 3K Preview
28 Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver

Chef 326.7K 7M 1.1K Preview
29 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐀 💅🏼 @kritisieren


Lifestyle Fitness Food 69.9K 105.7K 4.5K Preview
30 👑 A N N A 👑 @mrsannnna

👑 A N N A 👑

Lifestyle Fitness Food 57.3K 77.4K 3.6K Preview
31 Anna Wilken @aniybond

Anna Wilken

Lifestyle Fitness Food 146.9K 198.7K 2.2K Preview
32 DINNER 🍕 @dinner


Food Restaurants Cooking 243.9K 4.2M 774 Preview
33 Dismero und Kristin @derdismero

Dismero und Kristin

Lifestyle Fitness Food 58.4K 74.8K 3.3K Preview
34 Julian Zietlow @julianzietlow

Julian Zietlow

Lifestyle Fitness Food 108.4K 139.1K 2.5K Preview
35 Kim, 22 🕊 @kimmieous

Kim, 22 🕊

Lifestyle Fitness Food 111.4K 177.1K 2.5K Preview
36 TIPSY BARTENDER @tipsybartender


Cooking Recipes Food 86.7K 3.8M 1.4K Preview
37 Johannes KS Haller @johannes_haller

Johannes KS Haller

Lifestyle Fitness Food 122.9K 157.5K 1.8K Preview
38 Love Food @love_food

Love Food

Food Cooking Recipes 422.4K 7.1M 790 Preview
39 Twisted @twisted


Food Chef Cooking 185.7K 3.4M 1.3K Preview
40 Leckerschmecker

Lifestyle Food Fashion 148K 269.4K 1.1K Preview
41 ROXI ♥️ Roxana Strasser @roxisecke

ROXI ♥️ Roxana Strasser

Lifestyle Fitness Food 102.6K 142.8K 2.2K Preview
42 Benjamin Oltmann (Abnehmtipps) @lowcarbbenni

Benjamin Oltmann (Abnehmtipps)

Chef 76.3K 95.4K 1.7K Preview
43 Gesa Krause @gesa_krause

Gesa Krause

Lifestyle Fitness Food 78.5K 108.5K 2.1K Preview
44 jυѕтιn† 🖤 @justinschulzae

jυѕтιn† 🖤

Fitness Lifestyle Food 53.6K 74.3K 2.7K Preview
45 Our Food Stories @_foodstories_

Our Food Stories

Events Food Recipes Cooking 157.7K 1.1M 1.3K Preview
46 Sarah Zahn @dasknusperstuebchen

Sarah Zahn

Lifestyle Food Fitness 96.1K 125.9K 1.5K Preview
47 Chefclub DE @chefclubde

Chefclub DE

Food Lifestyle 50.1K 193.1K 2.9K Preview
48 luderchris @luderchris


Lifestyle Fitness Food 40.3K 49.2K 2.6K Preview
49 Munich Foodguide @FoodguideApp @munichfoodguide

Munich Foodguide @FoodguideApp

Lifestyle Food Fashion 144.9K 72.7K 715 Preview
50 Meal Plan @healthyfoodadvice

Meal Plan

Food 220.7K 3.6M 763 Preview
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