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December 2019

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# @username Topics From Germany Followers Auth Eng from DE
1 Nusr_et#Saltbae @nusr_et


Chef 888.5K 24.4M 11.2K Free report
2 Burak Özdemir @cznburak

Burak Özdemir

Chef 267.1K 12.8M 8K Free report
3 Sally (offizielle Seite) @sallyswelt

Sally (offizielle Seite)

Moms Lifestyle Fashion 433K 621.5K 2.2K Free report
4 So Yummy @soyummy

So Yummy

Food Recipes Cooking 339.1K 10M 3.4K Preview
5 Kochrezepte @kochrezepte


Food Chef Restaurants 398.4K 574.6K 1.9K Preview
6 Starbucks Coffee ☕ @starbucks

Starbucks Coffee ☕

Food Lifestyle 437.7K 18.5M 1.6K Preview
7 Pamela Reif @pamgoesnuts

Pamela Reif

Recipes Food Vegan 147.2K 276.9K 5.1K Preview
8 Misha Collins @misha

Misha Collins

Baking Actors 195.1K 4.2M 3.1K Preview
9 Anne Kissner ❤ BodyKiss @anne_bodykiss

Anne Kissner ❤ BodyKiss

Fitness Lifestyle Food 152.9K 230.1K 3.8K Preview
10 Mandy-Kay Bart @mandykaybart

Mandy-Kay Bart

Lifestyle Fitness Food 193K 249.6K 2.7K Preview
11 Tasty @buzzfeedtasty


Food Cooking Restaurants 1.2M 35.3M 623 Preview
12 Steffen Henssler @steffen_henssler

Steffen Henssler

Chef 268.7K 342.4K 1.6K Preview
13 Antoni Porowski @antoni

Antoni Porowski

Food Recipes Health 72.6K 4.3M 2.2K Preview
14 Big Boost Burger @bigboostburger

Big Boost Burger

Restaurants 85.9K 110.1K 3.2K Preview
15 Anna🎀 @mrsannnna


Lifestyle Fitness Food 63.1K 88.1K 3.5K Preview
16 Low-Carb Rezepte von Benni @lowcarbbenni

Low-Carb Rezepte von Benni

Chef 134.9K 173K 1.5K Preview
17 Vegan ist ungesund @veganistungesund

Vegan ist ungesund

Lifestyle Fitness Food 70.2K 96.7K 2.8K Preview
18 Toni | Küstenkind⚓️| 🦄und 🧐 @twoandahalfunicorn

Toni | Küstenkind⚓️| 🦄und 🧐

Lifestyle Fitness Food 77.7K 100.9K 2.7K Preview
19 ROCCO STARK @roccostark


Lifestyle Fitness Food 108.9K 132.5K 2.2K Preview
20 Christian Marc Wolf @wolf.performance.coaching

Christian Marc Wolf

Fitness Lifestyle Food 69.4K 95.4K 2.7K Preview
21 E L L A @ellathebee


Lifestyle Fitness Food 49.2K 67.4K 3.1K Preview
22 Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver

Chef 362.9K 7.6M 635 Preview
23  @ninamarleen

Lifestyle Fitness Food 94.3K 132.5K 1.9K Preview
24 Chefkoch @chefkoch


Lifestyle Food Fashion 221.5K 328.7K 668 Preview
25 Thermomix Deutschland @thermomix_de

Thermomix Deutschland

Lifestyle Fitness Food 162.6K 229.1K 940 Preview
26 PCWelt @pcwelt


Lifestyle Fitness Food 79K 108.8K 2K Preview
27 Proper Tasty @proper_tasty

Proper Tasty

Food Restaurants Recipes 361.2K 10M 667 Preview
28 DINNER 🍕 @dinner


Food Restaurants Chef 175.6K 3.8M 574 Preview
29 Nina Kaupp 👑💕 @nina_kaupp

Nina Kaupp 👑💕

Lifestyle Fitness Food 96.8K 141.6K 1.9K Preview
30 Utopia.de @utopia.de


Lifestyle Food Fashion 102.4K 140.5K 1.3K Preview
31 Maxim Kaizett @maxim_kaizett

Maxim Kaizett

Lifestyle Fitness Food 77.9K 86.5K 2.2K Preview
32 Gordon Ramsay @gordongram

Gordon Ramsay

Chef 175.4K 7.8M 945 Preview
33 Fabian Nießl @fabianniesslfitness

Fabian Nießl

Fitness Lifestyle Food 121.8K 198.2K 2K Preview
34 Knusperstübchen I Sarah Zahn @dasknusperstuebchen

Knusperstübchen I Sarah Zahn

Lifestyle Food Fitness 99.8K 137.9K 1.2K Preview
35 Love Food @love_food

Love Food

Food Restaurants Chef 240K 7.1M 496 Preview
36 Cuba Libre 🐴 @cubilox

Cuba Libre 🐴

Lifestyle Fitness Food 50.6K 67.7K 2.1K Preview
37 Tasty Japan @tastyjapan

Tasty Japan

Food Cooking Chef 188.9K 6.3M 656 Preview
38 Jose Comics @jose_comics

Jose Comics

Lifestyle Fitness Food 45.5K 65.3K 1.8K Preview
39 Nefis Yemek Tarifleri @nefisyemektarifleri

Nefis Yemek Tarifleri

Chef Lifestyle Nutrition 261.7K 6.7M 667 Preview
40 Michaela Vais | Food Blogger ♡ @elavegan

Michaela Vais | Food Blogger ♡

Food Recipes Vegan 104.5K 982K 858 Preview
41 Ein guter Plan @einguterplan

Ein guter Plan

Lifestyle Fitness Food 60K 79.1K 1.2K Preview
42 Rituals Cosmetics @ritualscosmetics

Rituals Cosmetics

Beauty Fashion Organics 112.6K 541.1K 702 Preview
43 Just Spices @justspices

Just Spices

Lifestyle Fitness Food 166.8K 246.9K 536 Preview
44 Simon Mathis @simon.mathis_

Simon Mathis

Lifestyle Fitness Food 152.2K 348.6K 1.1K Preview
45 Bianca Zapatka | Vegan Food @biancazapatka

Bianca Zapatka | Vegan Food

Food Recipes Vegan 91.9K 515.6K 1.1K Preview
46 Strobel @str0beli


Food Lifestyle 38.9K 48.6K 2.3K Preview
47 Emmi | emmikochteinfach.de @emmikochteinfach

Emmi | emmikochteinfach.de

Lifestyle Food Fitness 72.5K 102.4K 1.3K Preview
48 Yvonne | Blog & Privat @experimenteausmeinerkueche

Yvonne | Blog & Privat

Lifestyle Fitness Food 106.3K 146.4K 751 Preview
49 Zuckerzimtundliebe @zuckerzimtundliebe


Food 80.8K 105.6K 1.3K Preview
50 EAT SMARTER @eatsmarter_de


Lifestyle Fitness Food 148.7K 206.2K 519 Preview
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