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February 16 2019

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# @username Topics From Indonesia Followers Auth Eng from ID
1 Raditya Dika @raditya_dika

Raditya Dika

Writers Lifestyle 9.6M 11.9M 103.7K Free report
2 RICIS @riaricis1795


Lifestyle 9.6M 11.9M 89.7K Free report
3 Ayu Tingting @ayutingting92

Ayu Tingting

Lifestyle Singer 21.8M 30.1M 19.3K Free report
4 Chelsea Elizabeth Islan @chelseaislan

Chelsea Elizabeth Islan

Actors Lifestyle 5.8M 7.4M 53.3K Preview
5 Barbara Palvin @realbarbarapalvin

Barbara Palvin

Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 439.9K 10.5M 35.6K Preview
6 Sabai Dieter Morscheck @sabaidieter

Sabai Dieter Morscheck

Lifestyle 767.8K 998.9K 13.1K Preview
7 auronplay @auronplay


Lifestyle 354.2K 5M 32.7K Preview
8 Georgina Rodríguez @georginagio

Georgina Rodríguez

Actors Fashion Lifestyle 299.1K 9.3M 23.7K Preview
9 dimasbeck @dimasbeck


Lifestyle 1.3M 1.7M 4.8K Preview
10 Karen Polinesia @ppteamkaren

Karen Polinesia

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 468.6K 5.6M 12.8K Preview
11 Tyler Blevins @ninja

Tyler Blevins

Lifestyle Video Games 403.4K 12.9M 10.5K Preview
12  @artist_eunji

Lifestyle 309.6K 1.9M 13.5K Preview
13 Federico Vigevani @fedevigevani

Federico Vigevani

Lifestyle 161.2K 2.7M 14.6K Preview
14 Mariale Marrero (Mar) @mariale

Mariale Marrero (Mar)

Fashion Beauty Lifestyle 345.3K 5.5M 6.1K Preview
15 Julius Dein @juliusdein

Julius Dein

Lifestyle 363.3K 5.9M 4.6K Preview
16 Brittanya Razavi @brittanya187

Brittanya Razavi

Modeling Lifestyle 310.1K 13.3M 4.8K Preview
17 Lucia Bellido @labelliido

Lucia Bellido

Fashion Beauty Lifestyle 95.8K 1.2M 11.3K Preview
18 Jaime Lorente Lopez @jaimelorentelo

Jaime Lorente Lopez

Actors Lifestyle 133.4K 5.2M 7.9K Preview
19 Fazza @faz3


Lifestyle 206.7K 7.2M 4.8K Preview
20 BELEN @belenrodriguezreal


Actors Fashion Lifestyle 253.4K 8.2M 5.3K Preview
21 Dindra Nashriyah Putri @dindranashriyah

Dindra Nashriyah Putri

Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 244.8K 343.3K 4.4K Preview
22 jenna ortega @jennaortega

jenna ortega

Lifestyle Actors 101.3K 4.2M 5.5K Preview
23 🍒 Nikita Kusuma @nikitakusuma

🍒 Nikita Kusuma

Fashion Lifestyle 295.5K 380.9K 3.9K Preview
24 Pia Wurtzbach @piawurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 342.5K 7.8M 2.7K Preview
25 ELISA MAINO @la_mainoo


Fashion Lifestyle Travel 107.3K 1.5M 5.8K Preview
26 Lorenzo Ostuni @favij

Lorenzo Ostuni

Lifestyle 153.4K 2.8M 3.9K Preview
27 Jess Conte @jess

Jess Conte

Fashion Beauty Lifestyle 64.9K 2.2M 7.1K Preview
28  @marta.losito

Fashion Lifestyle Travel 91.4K 1M 10.2K Preview
29 AishwaryaRaiBachchan @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb


Actors Fashion Lifestyle 97.2K 6.6M 5.3K Preview
30 John Cena @johncena

John Cena

Lifestyle Sports Geek 304.6K 11M 1.6K Preview
31 Stephen Amell @stephenamell

Stephen Amell

Lifestyle Actors 132.7K 5.7M 3.7K Preview
32 🇱🇧🇵🇭 Panda 🐼 @pandorakaaki

🇱🇧🇵🇭 Panda 🐼

Travel Fashion Lifestyle 99.9K 404.3K 3.7K Preview
33 Diah Orin @diah.orin

Diah Orin

Lifestyle Fashion 133.7K 186.7K 2.4K Preview
34 Valentino Bisegna-Matt & Bise @valebise

Valentino Bisegna-Matt & Bise

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 98K 1.9M 3.8K Preview
35 byViruZz @victormelida


Fashion Lifestyle 84.7K 1.5M 4.3K Preview
36 Gülcan & Sahinur Twins @thegstwins

Gülcan & Sahinur Twins

Fashion Lifestyle 73.4K 1.5M 4.9K Preview
37 Lexi Rivera @lexibrookerivera

Lexi Rivera

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 53.9K 2.2M 6.7K Preview
38 Emina Cosmetics @eminacosmetics

Emina Cosmetics

Fashion Beauty Lifestyle 302.8K 364.4K 1.2K Preview
39 Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 @bingbing_fan

Fan Bingbing 范冰冰

Fashion Lifestyle Styling 121.9K 3.8M 2.8K Preview
40 ISABELLA MUELLER @isabella_muenchen


Fashion Lifestyle 14.3K 1.2M 826 Preview
41 B U K I T S A N C A K I | BSCK @bukitsancaki


Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 108K 126.8K 2.6K Preview
42 Valery Altamar @valeryaltamar001

Valery Altamar

Fashion Travel Lifestyle 63.5K 1.4M 4.8K Preview
43 Unicorn Stuff🦄 Start 20.000

Unicorn Stuff🦄 Start 20.000
Fashion Beauty Lifestyle 113.5K 139.2K 1.8K Preview
44 ROSALÍA @rosalia.vt


Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 36.9K 1.5M 3.9K Preview
45 Rosa @rosaperrotta__


Fashion Lifestyle 72.5K 1.3M 3.1K Preview
46 Carina Linn @carinalinn_

Carina Linn

Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 117.1K 491.7K 1.5K Preview
47  @chaaarania

Lifestyle 68.4K 82.6K 2.9K Preview
48 Juventine Wu @juventinew

Juventine Wu

Fashion Lifestyle 112.1K 150.4K 2K Preview
49 Emiliano Sala @emilianosala9

Emiliano Sala

Soccer Lifestyle Sports 13.1K 787.2K 567 Preview
50 #lawakbaline @lawakbaline


Lifestyle 160.2K 176.8K 936 Preview
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