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February 2020

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# @username Topics From Canada Followers Auth Eng from CA
1 NELK @nelkboys


Lifestyle 332.1K 2.5M 22.8K Free report
2 KSI @ksi


Music Lifestyle Actors 273.3K 7.9M 23.1K Free report
3 Alicia @aliciamoffet


Lifestyle 292.5K 387K 15.9K Free report
4 Savannah Rose LaBrant @sav.labrant

Savannah Rose LaBrant

Moms Fashion Lifestyle 214.9K 6.2M 25.9K Preview
5 Jaden Smith @c.syresmith

Jaden Smith

Lifestyle Actors 421.5K 14.6M 11.4K Preview
6 Humans of New York @humansofny

Humans of New York

Lifestyle Photography 408.7K 10M 7.1K Preview
7 Lysandre Nadeau @lysandrenadeau

Lysandre Nadeau

Lifestyle Fashion 255.9K 338.7K 16K Preview
8 CATHERINE PEACH 🍑 @catherinepeachh


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 217.5K 274.4K 10.3K Preview
9 Cole LaBrant @cole.labrant

Cole LaBrant

Lifestyle Fashion 145.4K 4.9M 16.7K Preview
10 ConneriesQc.com @conneriesqc


Lifestyle Fashion 318.8K 408.9K 7.2K Preview
11 Natalie M @natalinanoel

Natalie M

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 109.9K 3.3M 17.6K Preview
12 ☆ emma chamberlain ☆ @emmachamberlain

☆ emma chamberlain ☆

Lifestyle 321.1K 8.8M 26.2K Preview
13 HEIR JORDYN @jordynwoods


Modeling Fashion Lifestyle 378.8K 11.3M 7.3K Preview
14 ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔞 𝔗𝔦𝔥𝔞𝔫 @claudiatihan

ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔞 𝔗𝔦𝔥𝔞𝔫

Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 288.9K 1.3M 16K Preview
15 Mindy Kaling @mindykaling

Mindy Kaling

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 427.6K 4.9M 6.6K Preview
16 Colleen Ballinger @colleen

Colleen Ballinger

Lifestyle Moms Comedy 295.8K 7M 8.6K Preview
17 Mariana Mazza @marianacherie

Mariana Mazza

Lifestyle Sports 274.5K 328.9K 5.1K Preview
18 J A C L Y N 😜 @jaclynhill

J A C L Y N 😜

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 231K 6.3M 6.7K Preview
19 Céline Dion @celinedion

Céline Dion

Lifestyle Fashion 449.2K 4.1M 4.9K Preview
20 Rosalie Lessard @rosalielessard_

Rosalie Lessard

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 137.2K 204.1K 12.2K Preview
21 Ayu Tingting @ayutingting92

Ayu Tingting

Singer Lifestyle 814.3K 37.9M 2.1K Preview
22 TRUDY @itstrudys


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 116.1K 174.4K 9.2K Preview
23 CLAUDIE @claudiemercier_


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 141.9K 179.8K 10.3K Preview
24 Eva Gutowski @mylifeaseva

Eva Gutowski

Lifestyle Beauty 234.8K 7.3M 7.4K Preview
25 Chelsea DeBoer @chelseahouska

Chelsea DeBoer

Moms Lifestyle Children 203.9K 5.8M 6.6K Preview
26 caliginous boat @lilyachty

caliginous boat

Humor Lifestyle 282.4K 9.4M 5.5K Preview
27 KHATE @khate.lessard


Lifestyle Sports 127.1K 152.8K 9.8K Preview
28 Justin Baldoni @justinbaldoni

Justin Baldoni

Lifestyle Husband Director 297.4K 2.9M 9.7K Preview
29 Everleigh Rose @everleighrose

Everleigh Rose

Dance Lifestyle Children 172.6K 5M 12.1K Preview
30 Marzia Kjellberg @itsmarziapie

Marzia Kjellberg

Fashion Lifestyle Shopping 194.2K 7.6M 7.7K Preview
31 MATHIEU @mathieupellerin._


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 129.9K 162.7K 10.1K Preview
32 Olivier Primeau @olivierprimeaubc

Olivier Primeau

Lifestyle 389.5K 483.1K 3.8K Preview
33 Carrie Underwood @carrieunderwood

Carrie Underwood

Music Singer Lifestyle 362.1K 9.4M 3K Preview
34 Jimmy Neutch- Shumpert @teyanataylor

Jimmy Neutch- Shumpert

Lifestyle Actors 242.8K 10.2M 5.4K Preview
35 Sarah Hyland @sarahhyland

Sarah Hyland

Lifestyle Actors 286.2K 7.2M 6.8K Preview
36 Lucie Rhéaume Gonzalez @lucierheaume

Lucie Rhéaume Gonzalez

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 161.7K 242.6K 8.9K Preview
37 Brian @fazerug


Lifestyle 176.5K 4.3M 8.9K Preview
38 Julia Rose @its_juliarose

Julia Rose

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 144.4K 4M 11.1K Preview
39 Giannis Antetokounmpo @giannis_an34

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Entertainment Lifestyle Basketball 255.3K 7.4M 15.8K Preview
40 Cindy Kimberly @wolfiecindy

Cindy Kimberly

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 152.5K 6.1M 7.5K Preview
41 ALANIS @alanis.desilets


Lifestyle 207.7K 271.1K 4.8K Preview
42 Marilou @mariloubiz


Lifestyle Fashion 229K 299.2K 3.6K Preview
43 RICIS @riaricis1795


Lifestyle 221.4K 18M 2.7K Preview
44 Lauren Riihimaki @laurdiy

Lauren Riihimaki

Fashion Lifestyle Beauty 251.7K 5.1M 3.7K Preview
45 MAUDE @maudelavoie


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 167K 212.1K 5.3K Preview
46 Starbucks Coffee ☕ @starbucks

Starbucks Coffee ☕

Lifestyle Food 743.2K 18.5M 2.3K Preview
47 Liza Koshy @lizzzak

Liza Koshy

Lifestyle Actors Modeling 197.3K 4.6M 8K Preview
48 Tiboinshape @tiboinshape


Lifestyle 250.3K 3.5M 4.4K Preview
49 MAJA @iammajasalvador


Lifestyle 264.7K 7.5M 2.6K Preview
50 October's Very Own @welcomeovo

October's Very Own

Music Fashion Lifestyle 295.2K 1.3M 3.8K Preview
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