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Top 100 Home & Garden Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

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June 2019

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# @username Topics From Malaysia Followers Auth Eng from MY
1 KAISON Malaysia @kaisonmalaysia

KAISON Malaysia

Design Interior Design Decoration 180K 273.4K 395 Free report
2 IKEA Malaysia @ikeamalaysia

IKEA Malaysia

Design Interior Design Decoration 170.4K 282.1K 210 Free report
3 Aslan Bey @ramona_zamzam

Aslan Bey

Design Interior Design Travel 93.3K 404.2K 189 Free report
4 Huda Ali @hudz_ali

Huda Ali

Design Fashion Interior Design 4.9K 80.9K 56 Preview
5 Belinda Lee 李心钰 @leebelinda

Belinda Lee 李心钰

Fashion Design Interior Design 6.1K 87.3K 41 Preview
6 OMMO HOME DECO & STYLING @ommohome.my


Design Interior Design Fashion 31.3K 52.2K 42 Preview
7 Belle Home Decor/ Styling @bellehomestyling

Belle Home Decor/ Styling

Design Interior Design Decoration 43.1K 70.6K 25 Preview
8 Heesz @heeszfurniture


Design Interior Design Furniture 14.4K 23.5K 46 Preview
9 MUJI無印良品 @muji_global


Design Interior Design Lifestyle 83.3K 1.6M 256 Preview
10 CANTIKWALL @cantikwall


Design Interior Design 48.7K 84.9K 12 Preview
11 Charlene C @dearchar_

Charlene C

Design Decoration Interior Design 9.9K 64.1K 59 Preview
12 homedeco linaizzati🏠 @linaizzati

homedeco linaizzati🏠

Design Interior Design 19.7K 42.1K 79 Preview
13 Home & Lifestyle @spruce.my

Home & Lifestyle

Decoration Design Interior Design 14.1K 28.1K 21 Preview
14 Laurea Home Furnishing @laureahomefurnishing

Laurea Home Furnishing

Design Interior Design Decoration 31.5K 48.6K 12 Preview
15 IDEASHOME.MY @ideashome.my


Design Decoration Interior Design 31.5K 49.5K 9 Preview
16 Nad @nadcorelle


Design Interior Design Food 48.2K 64.2K 4 Preview
17 DecorAlisverisShoppingNotes @alisverisnotlari


Design Interior Design 36.3K 57.1K 32 Preview
18 Home Decor @lylahomes @lylahomes

Home Decor @lylahomes

Design Interior Design Decoration 22.7K 40.9K 5 Preview
19 nano tech Automotive @service_sale

nano tech Automotive

Design Interior Design 12.5K 22.5K 2 Preview
20 Swaga Boutique @swagaboutique1

Swaga Boutique

Design Fashion Interior Design 10.9K 12.1K Calculating Preview
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