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Top 100 Home & Garden Instagram Influencers in Australia

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October 2019

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# @username Topics From Australia Followers Auth Eng from AU
1 Joanna Stevens Gaines @joannagaines

Joanna Stevens Gaines

Design Decoration Interior Design 383.6K 11.5M 6.4K Free report
2 THREE BIRDS RENOVATIONS @threebirdsrenovations


Interior Design 250.2K 452.3K 1.6K Free report
3 IKEA Australia @ikea_australia

IKEA Australia

Design Interior Design Decoration 275K 421.7K 768 Free report
4 Sophie Hinchliffe @mrshinchhome

Sophie Hinchliffe

Decoration Interior Design Home Decor 131.9K 2.8M 3.5K Preview
5 freedom Australia @freedom_australia

freedom Australia

Design Interior Design Decoration 270.1K 394.2K 749 Preview
6 Architecture & Design @thelocalproject

Architecture & Design

Interior Design 217.8K 500.9K 1.5K Preview
7 Kyal and Kara @kyalandkara

Kyal and Kara

Interior Design 157.9K 231.4K 939 Preview
8 Addicted to Bargains @addicted_to_bargains

Addicted to Bargains

Decoration Design Interior Design 141.8K 205.5K 795 Preview
9 magnolia @magnolia


Design Interior Design 154.4K 4.6M 1.1K Preview
10 The Cool Hunter @thecoolhunter_

The Cool Hunter

Design Interior Design 118.5K 676.5K 1.9K Preview
11 Roomporn ™ @roomporn

Roomporn ™

Design Interior Design 75.6K 1.4M 2.1K Preview
12 MR. KATE 👀 @mrkate


Design Decoration Interior Design 39.1K 929.6K 1.7K Preview
13 Interior Design & Home Decor @inspire_me_home_decor

Interior Design & Home Decor

Design Interior Design 92.2K 5.7M 335 Preview
14 Vogue Living @vogueliving

Vogue Living

Design Interior Design Fashion 215.8K 1.6M 948 Preview
15 Bunnings Warehouse @bunnings

Bunnings Warehouse

Decoration Design Interior Design 117.5K 177.5K 424 Preview
16 Inside Out @insideoutmag

Inside Out

Design Interior Design Decoration 227.8K 408.5K 386 Preview
17 Tarina Wood @oh.eight.oh.nine

Tarina Wood

Design Decoration Interior Design 169.9K 311.7K 2.1K Preview
18 Jools Oliver @joolsoliver

Jools Oliver

Design Interior Design 64.4K 547.1K 967 Preview
19 🌱 Alisa & Lysandra @alisa_lysandra

🌱 Alisa & Lysandra

Interior Design 134.6K 195.9K 527 Preview
20 Jim Chapman @jimchapman

Jim Chapman

Design Interior Design 128.9K 2M 480 Preview
21 T H E S T A B L E S @the_stables_


Decoration Design Interior Design 101.8K 168.9K 1.1K Preview
22 Iryna Federico @fromgreatbeginnings

Iryna Federico

Decoration Design Interior Design 73.2K 100.3K 658 Preview
23 West Elm Australia @westelmaus

West Elm Australia

Design Interior Design Dogs 143.8K 216.8K 324 Preview
24 Bec & George Douros @becandgeorge

Bec & George Douros

Interior Design 84.3K 129.2K 436 Preview
25 Interior Design Lover @interiorslover

Interior Design Lover

Design Interior Design Furniture 79.3K 158.7K 573 Preview
26 Talisa Tossell's Slimes @talisa.tossell

Talisa Tossell's Slimes

DIY 55.9K 1.4M 967 Preview
27 shaynnablaze @shaynnablaze


Design Interior Design Decoration 95.3K 136.6K 328 Preview
28 The Design Files @thedesignfiles

The Design Files

Design Architecture Interior Design 212.4K 363.6K 260 Preview
29 Coco Republic @cocorepublic

Coco Republic

Design Interior Design Furniture 183.7K 301.9K 249 Preview
30 Fenton & Fenton @fenton_and_fenton

Fenton & Fenton

Design Art Interior Design 154.3K 266.8K 341 Preview
31 Bed Bath N' Table @bedbathntable

Bed Bath N' Table

Design Interior Design 143.4K 209.5K 234 Preview
32 Hunting for George @huntingforgeorge

Hunting for George

Interior Design 110.8K 221.2K 437 Preview
33 Domain @domain.com.au


Design Interior Design Furniture 86.5K 144.5K 310 Preview
34 Mega Mansions @mega_mansions

Mega Mansions

Design Interior Design Furniture 63.7K 1.9M 487 Preview
35 Gauri Khan @gaurikhan

Gauri Khan

Design Interior Design 52.6K 3.1M 727 Preview
36 Pottery Barn Australia @potterybarnaus

Pottery Barn Australia

Design Interior Design Decoration 104.8K 149.3K 243 Preview
37 A Designers Mind @adesignersmind

A Designers Mind

Design Interior Design 182.1K 1.4M 385 Preview
38 D A R R E N P A L M E R @darrenpalmerofficial


Design Interior Design Dogs 93.9K 135.6K 413 Preview
39 Architectural Digest @archdigest

Architectural Digest

Design Interior Design 173.3K 4.8M 525 Preview
40 The Wood Room @thewoodroom

The Wood Room

Design Interior Design Furniture 30.6K 41.1K 708 Preview
41 The Block Shop @theblockshop

The Block Shop

Design Interior Design Decoration 103.2K 149.4K 201 Preview
42 A L I C I A @hudson_and_harlow


Decoration Design Interior Design 69K 110.1K 1.1K Preview
43 Early Settler Furniture @earlysettlerfurniture

Early Settler Furniture

Design Interior Design Decoration 52.9K 79K 256 Preview
44 Interior Design & Decor @homeadore

Interior Design & Decor

Design Interior Design Furniture 139K 2.8M 586 Preview
45 Mocka Australia @mockaaustralia

Mocka Australia

Design Interior Design Decoration 127.9K 186.9K 154 Preview
46 Kmart New Finds @kmart_new_finds

Kmart New Finds

Design Interior Design Decoration 69.7K 103.3K 300 Preview
47 Ronnie And Georgia @ronnieandgeorgia

Ronnie And Georgia

Design Decoration Interior Design 53.2K 70.3K 331 Preview
48 𝑺𝒖𝒔𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑻𝒐𝒍𝒐 ⚓️ @coastalhamptonstyle

𝑺𝒖𝒔𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑻𝒐𝒍𝒐 ⚓️

Design Interior Design Decoration 70.3K 250.3K 656 Preview
49 Aesop @aesopskincare


Design Architecture Interior Design 90.8K 584.7K 662 Preview
50 Adore Home Magazine @adoremagazine

Adore Home Magazine

Design Interior Design Decoration 116.7K 182.4K 282 Preview
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