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June 2019

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# @username Topics From Italy Followers Auth Eng from IT
1 TML @tmlplanet


Humor 3.8M 5.1M 97.5K Free report
2 Pastorizia Never Dies @pastorizianeverdiesreal

Pastorizia Never Dies

Humor 1.9M 2.6M 66.8K Free report
3 BastardiDentro @bastardidentro


Entertainment 1.7M 2.2M 29.5K Free report
4 ipantellas @ipantellas


Humor 1.7M 2.2M 28.8K Preview
5 Alpha Woman @alpha_woman_official

Alpha Woman

Humor 1.1M 1.5M 39.5K Preview
6 BOOM. Friendzoned. ® @boomfriendzoned

BOOM. Friendzoned. ®

Entertainment 1.1M 1.4M 33.1K Preview
7 Emi's Life 🇮🇹 @_emilife

Emi's Life 🇮🇹

Humor 696.1K 1.5M 45.9K Preview
8 Trash Italiano @trash_italiano

Trash Italiano

Humor 1.1M 1.4M 25.3K Preview
9 Frank Matano @frankmatano

Frank Matano

Humor 1.6M 2.2M 15.5K Preview
10 Oroscopo ⚤ @oroscopoo

Oroscopo ⚤

Entertainment 937.2K 1.2M 26.9K Preview
11 Adolescenza official @adolescenza.official

Adolescenza official

Humor 942.6K 1.2M 26.3K Preview
12 Non sono bello ma spaccio @nonsonobellomaspaccio_official

Non sono bello ma spaccio

Entertainment 865.4K 1.2M 23.5K Preview
13 Pera Games @pera_games_

Pera Games

Comics 420.5K 535.6K 36.5K Preview
14 Justin Timberlake @justintimberlake

Justin Timberlake

Music Singer Entertainment 1.5M 55.6M 9.4K Preview
15 Marvel Entertainment @marvel

Marvel Entertainment

Comics Film Art 1.4M 38.3M 4.4K Preview
16 Alpha Man Official @alpha_man_real

Alpha Man Official

Humor 816.8K 1.1M 20.4K Preview
17 Io Sono Vaginatariano @vaginatarianoofficial

Io Sono Vaginatariano

Entertainment 538.1K 722.4K 26.2K Preview
18 Il Superuovo @ilsuperuovo

Il Superuovo

Humor 425.9K 573.1K 29K Preview
19 Anche Oggi Si Rimorchia Domani @eancheoggisirimorchiadomani

Anche Oggi Si Rimorchia Domani

Entertainment 609.8K 793.3K 21.7K Preview
20 Droghiere @droghiere


Humor 497.2K 649.2K 20.9K Preview
21 LØVE 💌 @biondo


Events 514.5K 753.6K 47.5K Preview
22 Legolize @legolize_official


Entertainment 374.2K 520.7K 20.7K Preview
23 Fattanza in abbondanza ™ @official_fattanza

Fattanza in abbondanza ™

Entertainment 523.6K 727.1K 21.2K Preview
24 Kris Wilson Italia @kriswilson.italiaofficial

Kris Wilson Italia

Entertainment 390K 511.8K 17.7K Preview
25 Karim Musa @yotobi

Karim Musa

Entertainment 236.3K 308.9K 24.9K Preview
26 Rovinare rapporti. @rovinare_rapporti

Rovinare rapporti.

Humor 482.2K 632K 13.2K Preview
27 Nash Grier @nashgrier

Nash Grier

Lifestyle Modeling Entertainment 649.6K 10.1M 9.8K Preview
28 Only Oroscopo @onlyoroscopo

Only Oroscopo

Entertainment 416.9K 546.8K 12.4K Preview
29 YEHUDA DeVIR OFFICIAL @jude_devir


Comics Geek Anime 186.8K 4.7M 13.7K Preview
30 Jim Parsons @therealjimparsons

Jim Parsons

Actors Humor 323.4K 7.1M 11.9K Preview
31 Chiamarsi MC @chiamarsi_mc_official

Chiamarsi MC

Humor 300.1K 408.7K 16.4K Preview
32 Stan Lee @therealstanlee

Stan Lee

Writers Comics Producers 278.8K 10.9M 10K Preview
33 Charlie Puth @charlieputh

Charlie Puth

Songwriting Entertainment Music 347.6K 12.9M 10K Preview
34 Memes🇮🇹 @ricky_cristini


Humor 450.3K 606.1K 8K Preview
35 insegreto - ufficiale @insegreto_it

insegreto - ufficiale

Entertainment 234.8K 306.2K 12.6K Preview
36 Messaggi Subliminali @messaggisubliminali

Messaggi Subliminali

Humor 225.4K 300.9K 10.7K Preview
37 RidiGratis @ridigratis


Entertainment 614.9K 811K 4.1K Preview
38 Lo Studente in Crisi @studenteincrisi

Lo Studente in Crisi

Humor 181.2K 228.5K 10.4K Preview
39 Rovinare Rapporti Ufficiale @rovinarerapporti_ufficiale

Rovinare Rapporti Ufficiale

Entertainment 279.7K 364.2K 5.6K Preview
40 thefatjewish @thefatjewish


Art Music Entertainment 227.8K 10.4M 6.1K Preview
41 Silvia Caruso @silvialicius

Silvia Caruso

Modeling Entertainment Music 362.4K 2.1M 6.7K Preview
42 Disney @disney


Movies Entertainment 483.1K 17.6M 2.3K Preview
43 Celeste Barber @celestebarber

Celeste Barber

Actors Writers Humor 203.1K 5.8M 6.2K Preview
44 Gabriel Picolo @_picolo

Gabriel Picolo

Comics Illustrator 79.6K 2.3M 8.3K Preview
45 50 Cent @50cent

50 Cent

Entertainment Music Singer 240.2K 23.3M 980 Preview
46 Cassandra Calin @cassandracalin

Cassandra Calin

Comics 105.1K 1.8M 8.8K Preview
47 Naomi Campbell @naomi

Naomi Campbell

Music Entertainment Modeling 391.4K 7.3M 2K Preview
48 HEY RVSSIAN 🇯🇲 @rvssian


Singer Music Entertainment 128.5K 768.3K 2.7K Preview


Humor 392.7K 556.2K 1.9K Preview
50 Grey's Anatomy Official @greysabc

Grey's Anatomy Official

TV Shows Entertainment 228.8K 5.6M 2.6K Preview
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