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February 2020

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# @username Topics From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 CARLINHOS MAIA @carlinhosmaiaof


Humor Lifestyle 14.9M 16.6M 215.3K Free report
2 Sincero Oficial @sincerooficial

Sincero Oficial

Humor Comedy 14.2M 17.2M 131.2K Free report
3 Lucas Lira @lucas_lira

Lucas Lira

Humor Lifestyle Comedy 4.4M 5M 339.2K Free report
4 Luciano Huck @lucianohuck

Luciano Huck

TV Host TV Shows Entertainment 14.8M 17.7M 93.5K Preview
5 Everson Silva @tirullipa

Everson Silva

Humor 12.8M 15.7M 44.9K Preview
6 C H O Q U E I ® @choquei

C H O Q U E I ®

Events 6.6M 7.4M 68.1K Preview
7 Você Sabia? @vocesabia

Você Sabia?

Entertainment 4.5M 5.4M 86.8K Preview
8 Fatos Desconhecidos @fatosdesconhecidos

Fatos Desconhecidos

Entertainment 5.5M 6.4M 51.2K Preview
9 Gina Indelicada @ginaindelicada

Gina Indelicada

Humor 3.8M 4.4M 63.1K Preview
10 Lukas Marques @lukasmarques

Lukas Marques

Humor 2.6M 3M 74.4K Preview
11 Alex Mapeli 🇧🇷 @alexmapeli

Alex Mapeli 🇧🇷

Events 4.2M 5.3M 47.9K Preview
12 Ticiane Pinheiro 🅰️+ @ticipinheiro

Ticiane Pinheiro 🅰️+

Humor 5.5M 7.6M 26.8K Preview
13 Bode Gaiato @bodegaiato

Bode Gaiato

Humor 3.4M 3.9M 42.9K Preview
14 T H I A G O V E N T U R A @othiagoventura


Humor 3.4M 3.9M 41.5K Preview
15 Marvel Studios @marvelstudios

Marvel Studios

Film Comics 3.5M 25.6M 63.8K Preview
16 South America Memes @southamericamemes

South America Memes

Memes 2.4M 2.7M 48.3K Preview
17 Luccas Neto @luccasneto

Luccas Neto

Humor Actors 4M 4.6M 26.6K Preview
18 Everson zoio 👁 @eversonzoio

Everson zoio 👁

Humor 2.4M 2.8M 42.6K Preview
19 Tiririca @tiriricanaweb


Entertainment 3.3M 3.7M 18.4K Preview
20 Esse Dia Foi Foda @essediafoifoda

Esse Dia Foi Foda

Humor 2.8M 3.3M 20.7K Preview
21 9GAG: Go Fun The World @9gag

9GAG: Go Fun The World

Humor Memes Entertainment 3.7M 51.6M 19.4K Preview
22 Divas do humor ® @divasdohumor

Divas do humor ®

Humor 4.1M 4.6M 11.4K Preview
23 Cafajestando @cafajestando


Memes 2.6M 3M 15.6K Preview
24  @migasualoca

Humor 2.2M 2.5M 17.7K Preview
25 Velhos Tempos @velhostempos

Velhos Tempos

Entertainment 2M 2.4M 17.8K Preview
26 Cifras @cifras.com.br


Music Entertainment 3.1M 3.7M 11.5K Preview
27 Murilo Couto @murilocouto

Murilo Couto

Humor 2M 2.3M 15.8K Preview
28 Nash Grier @nashgrier

Nash Grier

Modeling Lifestyle Entertainment 1.6M 10.4M 38K Preview
29 Disney Ironica @ironicadisney

Disney Ironica

Memes 2.3M 2.9M 12.9K Preview
30 Marco Luque @marcoluque

Marco Luque

Humor 1.9M 2.3M 10K Preview
31 Otariano @otariano


Humor 2.2M 2.5M 8.6K Preview
32 MrPoladoful - Gabriel Dantas @mrpoladoful

MrPoladoful - Gabriel Dantas

Humor 1.5M 1.7M 12.7K Preview
33 ⠀ ⠀ Beatriz Abdon | DIY ✂️ @ideiaseinspiracoes

⠀ ⠀ Beatriz Abdon | DIY ✂️

Photography Entertainment 3.8M 4.4M 3.7K Preview
34 Gominho @gominho


Humor 1.6M 1.9M 7.7K Preview
35 David Harbour @dkharbour

David Harbour

Actors Theatre 396.9K 5.5M 20.3K Preview
36 PlayStation @playstation


Video Games Business Entertainment 1.6M 22.9M 11.5K Preview
37 Jonas Brothers @jonasbrothers

Jonas Brothers

Music Singer Entertainment 588K 8.1M 14.6K Preview
38 Suricate @suricateseboso


Humor 1.4M 1.6M 7.2K Preview
39 Theo Comanda @theocomanda

Theo Comanda

Parties 270.3K 325.9K 22K Preview
40 YEHUDA DeVIR OFFICIAL @jude_devir


Anime Comics Geek 439.6K 5.3M 26.6K Preview
41 Lil Whind 💸💸💸💸💸 @lilwhind

Lil Whind 💸💸💸💸💸

Singer Music Entertainment 185.8K 208.5K 59.7K Preview
42 권지용(權志龍) @xxxibgdrgn


Photography Adventure Entertainment 483.8K 17.7M 16.1K Preview
43 Psicologa Ironica @psicologaironica

Psicologa Ironica

Humor 1.9M 2.2M 4.8K Preview
44 Stan Lee @therealstanlee

Stan Lee

Producers Comics Writers 791.2K 11.9M 12.1K Preview
45 Humor | Memes | Vídeos ™️ @mefazrir

Humor | Memes | Vídeos ™️

Humor 1.2M 1.3M 7.7K Preview
46 Porta dos Fundos @portadosfundos

Porta dos Fundos

Humor 1.6M 1.9M 4.7K Preview
47 QuavoHuncho @quavohuncho


Music Entertainment Singer 807.2K 15.6M 6.9K Preview
48 Grey's Anatomy Official @greysabc

Grey's Anatomy Official

TV Shows Entertainment 942.3K 6.2M 9.2K Preview
49 Marvel Entertainment @marvel

Marvel Entertainment

Comics Film Art 3.5M 45.4M 9.1K Preview
50  @jessicabeppler

Music Entertainment 314.1K 1.7M 20.1K Preview
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