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April 2019

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# @username Topics From Germany Followers Auth Eng from DE
1 nike @nike


Apparel Sports Streetwear 2.8M 86.5M 10.2K Free report
2 adidas Originals @adidasoriginals

adidas Originals

Fashion Shoes Streetwear 1.7M 33.1M 6.3K Free report
3 cengo🦈 @cen


Lifestyle Fashion Streetwear 1.2M 1.7M 9.5K Free report
4 SNIPES | sneakers & streetwear @snipes

SNIPES | sneakers & streetwear

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 435.2K 1.3M 3K Preview
5 vans @vans


Skateboarding Shoes Sports 541.3K 15.6M 2.1K Preview
6 Nike Sportswear @nikesportswear

Nike Sportswear

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 347.3K 6.9M 3.3K Preview
7  @vaditim

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 68.7K 95.8K 4.2K Preview
8 EMP - LIVE LOUD! 🤘🏼 @emp_de


Shopping 202.7K 261.3K 1.5K Preview
9 WESTWING Deutschland @westwingde

WESTWING Deutschland

Shopping 332.3K 527.2K 1.1K Preview
10 H&M Home @hmhome

H&M Home

Design Children Shopping 310.9K 3.1M 1.5K Preview
11 Kapten & Son @kaptenandson

Kapten & Son

Accessories 289.7K 730.5K 976 Preview
12 SNEAKERADDICTED @snkraddicted


Streetwear Shoes Fashion 188.1K 283.5K 2.2K Preview
13 Supreme Leaks News @supreme_leaks_news

Supreme Leaks News

Streetwear Fashion 79K 1.7M 1.4K Preview
14 Stüssy @stussy


Streetwear 184.1K 3.4M 1.2K Preview
15 Lacoste @lacoste


Activewear Shoes 334.6K 4.2M 554 Preview
16 YEEZY MAFIA @yeezymafia


Shoes Streetwear Fashion 78.1K 1.7M 1.6K Preview
17 EIS | Es rappelt im Karton. 📦 @eisde

EIS | Es rappelt im Karton. 📦

Shopping 67.3K 84.5K 1.4K Preview
18 Foot Locker Europe @footlockereu

Foot Locker Europe

Fashion Streetwear Shoes 225.4K 1.5M 1.4K Preview
19 asphaltgold GmbH & Co. KG @asphaltgold_sneakerstore

asphaltgold GmbH & Co. KG

Shoes 240.6K 409.8K 384 Preview
20 Foot Locker @footlocker

Foot Locker

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 221.7K 9.9M 234 Preview
21 Prinz Sportlich @prinz_sportlich

Prinz Sportlich

Shoes Streetwear 85.4K 106.2K 1.7K Preview
22 BLKVIS @blkvis


Streetwear Shoes Fashion 133.5K 398.3K 551 Preview
23 Loryn Brantz @lorynbrantz

Loryn Brantz

Moms Shopping 41.5K 548.4K 2.3K Preview
24  @yeezyboosts

Streetwear Fashion Shoes 75.3K 1.1M 986 Preview
25 StockX @stockx


Shoes Streetwear 52.1K 1.6M 1.1K Preview
26 A BATHING APE® @bape_us


Shoes Streetwear Sports 131.3K 4M 511 Preview
27 G O A T @goat


Shoes Streetwear Fashion 40.5K 2.5M 839 Preview
28 THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽 @foreverandforava

THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽

Children Fashion Shopping N/A 1.3M 35.4K Preview
29 beccacosmetics @beccacosmetics


Shopping 108.8K 3.6M 446 Preview
30 UK’s Biggest Hypebeast 🇬🇧 @aripetrou

UK’s Biggest Hypebeast 🇬🇧

Fashion Streetwear Modeling 32.3K 348.6K 2.4K Preview
31 Sneaker News @sneakernews

Sneaker News

Shoes 159.7K 8.1M 230 Preview
32 Yeezy Busta @yeezybusta

Yeezy Busta

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 20K 761.8K 789 Preview
33 Flight Club @flightclub

Flight Club

Shoes Streetwear 48.2K 2.6M 269 Preview
34 Crep Protect @crepprotect

Crep Protect

Shoes 85.8K 1.1M 693 Preview
35 sneakergram @sneakergram


Shoes Streetwear Lifestyle 53.7K 566.3K 454 Preview
36 JD Sports Deutschland @jdsportsde

JD Sports Deutschland

Shopping 91.5K 113.9K 441 Preview
37 mymuesli @mymuesli


Shopping 70.6K 99.3K 388 Preview
38 Blazendary ツ +++ @giancarlopurch

Blazendary ツ +++

Shoes 16.6K 503.2K 1.1K Preview
39 Scuf Gaming @scufgaming

Scuf Gaming

Accessories 72.6K 1.2M 272 Preview
40 StockX Sneakers @stockxsneakers

StockX Sneakers

Shoes Streetwear 32.8K 791.5K 1K Preview
41 M.J.GONZALES® @m.j.gonzales


Fashion Lifestyle Streetwear 88.1K 173K 876 Preview
42 Leo Mandella @gullyguyleo

Leo Mandella

Design Modeling Streetwear 32K 711.4K 1.6K Preview
43 Ray-Ban @rayban


Accessories N/A 5.2M 10.5K Preview
44 Brandy Melville @brandymelvilleusa

Brandy Melville

Streetwear 86.1K 3.9M 694 Preview
45 Putting Pirate @puttingpirate

Putting Pirate

Accessories 43.2K 964.3K 536 Preview
46 Hildegunn Taipale @hilvees

Hildegunn Taipale

Moms Fashion Shopping 38.1K 456.6K 893 Preview
47 StockX Streetwear @stockxstreetwear

StockX Streetwear

Streetwear Fashion Shoes 19.4K 489.8K 712 Preview
48 Louise Pentland @louisepentland

Louise Pentland

Design Shopping Children 56K 2.5M 393 Preview
49 ROG Global @asusrog

ROG Global

Shopping 56.2K 1.1M 482 Preview
50 BSTN Store @bstnstore

BSTN Store

Shoes Apparel 104.8K 295K 252 Preview
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