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March 20 2019

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# @username Topics From Canada Followers Auth Eng from CA
1 nike @nike


Apparel Sports Streetwear 2.2M 85.7M 7.8K Free report
2 Nike Basketball @nikebasketball

Nike Basketball

Basketball Shoes Sports 342.5K 10.6M 2.6K Free report
3 ALDO shoes @aldo_shoes

ALDO shoes

Shoes 557.6K 2.2M 1.2K Free report
4 Jade Roper Tolbert @jadelizroper

Jade Roper Tolbert

Fashion Shopping Lifestyle 103K 1.1M 3.9K Preview
5 G O A T @goat


Shoes Streetwear Fashion 109.4K 2.4M 1.6K Preview
6 Sneaker News @sneakernews

Sneaker News

Shoes 258.6K 8.1M 473 Preview
7 Bath & Body Works @bathandbodyworks

Bath & Body Works

Shopping 209.3K 4.4M 688 Preview
8 Foot Locker @footlocker

Foot Locker

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 380.7K 9.7M 387 Preview
9 Saje Natural Wellness @sajewellness

Saje Natural Wellness

Shopping 113.7K 194K 707 Preview
10 Stüssy @stussy


Streetwear 114.8K 3.4M 771 Preview
11 Louise Pentland @louisepentland

Louise Pentland

Shopping Design Fashion 93K 2.5M 624 Preview
12 Stadium Goods @stadiumgoods

Stadium Goods

Shoes Fashion 67.8K 1.3M 952 Preview
13 BEKAH MARTINEZ @whats_ur_sign


TV Host Fashion Shopping Children 32.6K 551.1K 1.9K Preview
14 A BATHING APE® @bape_us


Shoes Streetwear Sports 128.4K 3.9M 462 Preview
15 Rick Campanelli @rick_campanelli

Rick Campanelli

Moms Fashion Shopping 55.2K 89.2K 804 Preview
16 Charmed Aroma @charmedaroma

Charmed Aroma

Fashion Jewelry Accessories 106.6K 190.2K 314 Preview
17 Smash + Tess @smashtess

Smash + Tess

Fashion Shopping Moms 67.1K 93.4K 378 Preview
18 Jill Dillard @jillmdillard

Jill Dillard

TV Host Fashion Shopping Lifestyle 96.5K 1.6M 675 Preview
19 Snuggle Me Organic @snuggle_me_organic

Snuggle Me Organic

Shopping 69.5K 754.9K 857 Preview
20 Flight Club @flightclub

Flight Club

Shoes Streetwear 102.4K 2.5M 397 Preview
21 Fashion Kids @fashionkids

Fashion Kids

Events Shopping Fashion Accessories 121K 3.6M 334 Preview
22 beccacosmetics @beccacosmetics


Shopping 138.8K 3.5M 289 Preview
23 New Balance @newbalance

New Balance

Shopping 179.4K 3.1M 213 Preview
24 Sneaker Con @sneakercon

Sneaker Con

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 163.8K 2.9M 401 Preview
25 Michaels Stores @michaelsstores

Michaels Stores

Shopping 105.8K 1.2M 354 Preview
26 THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽 @foreverandforava

THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽

Shopping Children Fashion 42.7K 1.3M 1.2K Preview
27 Supreme Leaks News @supreme_leaks_news

Supreme Leaks News

Streetwear Fashion 54.2K 1.6M 933 Preview
28 StockX @stockx


Shoes Streetwear 52.4K 1.6M 718 Preview
29 YEEZY MAFIA @yeezymafia


Shoes Streetwear Fashion 47.9K 1.5M 1K Preview
30 Yeezy Busta @yeezybusta

Yeezy Busta

Shoes Streetwear Fashion 34K 753.7K 1.5K Preview
31 A BATHING APE® OFFICIAL @bape_japan


Shoes Streetwear Music 72.4K 1.8M 433 Preview
32 arounna @bookhou


Events Design Illustrator Shopping 45.6K 188.2K 508 Preview
33 Champs Sports @champssports

Champs Sports

Shoes Streetwear 101.6K 1.6M 293 Preview
34 Pusheen @pusheen


Design Shopping Moms 52.5K 1.5M 565 Preview
35 StockX Sneakers @stockxsneakers

StockX Sneakers

Shoes Streetwear 34.8K 735.1K 806 Preview
36 WWW.GLITTERSLIMES.COM @glitter.slimes


Art Shopping 71.2K 2.2M 383 Preview
37 Baby Luyendyk🎀 @babyluyendyk

Baby Luyendyk🎀

Shopping Fashion 13.5K 215.6K 2.1K Preview
38 Putting Pirate @puttingpirate

Putting Pirate

Accessories 42.2K 964.2K 520 Preview
39 HYPEBEAST Kicks @hypebeastkicks


Shoes Fashion 93.2K 1.9M 298 Preview
40 KicksOnFire @kicksonfire


Basketball Shoes Streetwear 131.4K 3M 268 Preview
41 Bleacher Report Kicks @brkicks

Bleacher Report Kicks

Basketball Shoes 58.3K 1.1M 420 Preview
42 Blazendary ツ +++ @giancarlopurch

Blazendary ツ +++

Shoes 24.3K 502.2K 1.4K Preview
43 The labrant Family💗 @cole_and_sav

The labrant Family💗

Modeling Shopping 18.3K 554.2K 845 Preview
44 Whistle & Flute Clothing @whistleandflute

Whistle & Flute Clothing

Shopping Children Accessories 61.1K 143.6K 267 Preview
45 THE PEACE COLLECTIVE @peacecollective


Music Fashion Shopping Design 59.9K 76.9K 247 Preview
46 Leo Mandella @gullyguyleo

Leo Mandella

Design Modeling Streetwear 21.5K 715.2K 1.2K Preview
47 FILA @filausa


Activewear 52.7K 2M 406 Preview
48 adidas Hockey @adidashockey

adidas Hockey

Sports Fashion Streetwear 26.7K 165.8K 682 Preview
49 Desiree (Hartsock) Siegfried @desireesiegfried

Desiree (Hartsock) Siegfried

Moms Shopping 36.7K 549.2K 446 Preview
50 Heydy Lopez 🌿 @heydylopez_

Heydy Lopez 🌿

Moms Shopping Lifestyle 32.2K 62K 496 Preview
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