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Top 100 Beauty & Fashion Instagram Influencers in Spain

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December 2019

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# @username Topics From Spain Followers Auth Eng from ES
1 Kylie ✨ @kyliejenner

Kylie ✨

Modeling 3.3M 152.5M 45.9K Free report
2 Kendall @kendalljenner


Modeling 3.6M 119.4M 58K Free report
3 el rubius WTF @elrubiuswtf

el rubius WTF

Actors Music Modeling 1.9M 11M 140.1K Free report
4 Ester Expósito @ester_exposito

Ester Expósito

Fashion Actors Lifestyle 1.3M 8.7M 161.6K Preview
5 TheGrefg @grefg_official


Fashion 1.9M 4M 110.4K Preview
6 Georgina Rodríguez @georginagio

Georgina Rodríguez

Actors Fashion Lifestyle 1.7M 14.5M 119.1K Preview
7 Marta Diaz @martaa_diiaz

Marta Diaz

Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 1.1M 1.9M 155.1K Preview
8 ROSALÍA @rosalia.vt


Actors Modeling 1.4M 7.1M 86.3K Preview
9 Antonela Roccuzzo @antonelaroccuzzo

Antonela Roccuzzo

Modeling 1.7M 11.8M 89.9K Preview
10 Jennifer Lopez @jlo

Jennifer Lopez

Modeling Singer Music 3.6M 106.5M 27.4K Preview
11 Ansu Fati @ansufati

Ansu Fati

Actors Modeling 1.1M 2.2M 172.8K Preview
12 BAD | BUNNY @badbunnypr


Actors Lifestyle Modeling 1.2M 20.5M 55.8K Preview
13 Khloé @khloekardashian


Modeling 2.1M 101.3M 24.4K Preview
14 Me llaman Naim 💋🇦🇷🇪🇸 @naimdarrechi

Me llaman Naim 💋🇦🇷🇪🇸

Fashion Actors Lifestyle 1M 1.7M 99.9K Preview
15 Àngela Mármol @amarmolmc

Àngela Mármol

Fashion Lifestyle Actors 746.6K 1.2M 127.7K Preview
16 Úrsula Corberó 🐣 @ursulolita

Úrsula Corberó 🐣

Actors Modeling 1.2M 11.6M 62K Preview
17 N A N K U R U N A I S A 🦂 @labelliido

N A N K U R U N A I S A 🦂

Fashion Lifestyle 894.3K 1.6M 101.1K Preview
18 La Vecina Rubia @lavecinarubia

La Vecina Rubia

Modeling 1.6M 2.3M 47.7K Preview
19 Kourtney Kardashian @kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian

Actors Modeling 1.8M 83.9M 14K Preview
20 Jennifer Aniston @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston

Modeling Actors Fashion 622.8K 21.3M 71.8K Preview
21 Aida Domenech @dulceida

Aida Domenech

Fashion 1.5M 2.7M 33.6K Preview
22 Daddy Yankee @daddyyankee

Daddy Yankee

Music Singer Modeling 1.9M 35.3M 13.1K Preview
23 Paul Labile Pogba @paulpogba

Paul Labile Pogba

Modeling Sports Soccer 1.4M 38.2M 16.7K Preview
24 Shooter @theshootercoc


Modeling 1.1M 2M 45.1K Preview
25 Violeta Mangriñan @violeta_mangrinyan

Violeta Mangriñan

Fashion Actors Modeling 820.6K 1.2M 51.2K Preview
26 Emily Ratajkowski @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski

Modeling 1M 24.8M 21.8K Preview
27 cristipedroche @cristipedroche


Fashion 1.7M 2.5M 22K Preview
28 AlphaSniper97 @alphasniper_yt


Modeling Actors Fashion 740.1K 1.3M 52.3K Preview
29 M A R I N A Y E R S @marinayers


Modeling 858.7K 1.6M 52.5K Preview
30 Pilar Rubio @pilarrubio_oficial

Pilar Rubio

Actors Modeling 2.2M 4.2M 17.2K Preview
31 VICTOR PEREZ @vctorperezz


Actors Fashion Modeling 674.6K 1.3M 54K Preview
32 ORIANA MARZOLI @orianagonzalezmarzoli


Bikini 1.3M 1.8M 46.2K Preview
33 SOFIA💫 @sofia_suescun


Fashion Lifestyle 816.4K 1.2M 33.5K Preview
34 TR1 ⛈ @trueno

TR1 ⛈

Actors Modeling Music 421.9K 3.6M 69.8K Preview
35 Manuel Fernandez @lowlito

Manuel Fernandez

Fashion Travel 638K 1.6M 31.2K Preview
36 Nil Ojeda @nilojeda

Nil Ojeda

Modeling 592.8K 1M 44K Preview
37 Ampeter @ampeterby7_


Actors Fashion Modeling 638.6K 1.2M 37.2K Preview
38 72kilos @72kilos


Journalists Fashion Actors 543.8K 1.4M 28.7K Preview
39 byViruZz @victormelida


Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 885.9K 1.6M 42.5K Preview
40 🌸LoLa lolita🌸 @lolaloliitaaa

🌸LoLa lolita🌸

Fashion Lifestyle 685.8K 1.1M 45.2K Preview
41 Heeeeeey!😊 @heyzulu


Actors Fashion 498.5K 820K 35.4K Preview
42 Kimberly Loaiza @kimberly.loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza

Actors Modeling Fashion 382.4K 15.1M 35.4K Preview
43 Paulo londra @paulolondra

Paulo londra

Actors Modeling 749K 7.2M 41.5K Preview
44 ModernaDePueblo @modernadepueblo


Fashion Actors 765.2K 1.5M 30.9K Preview
45 Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

Chiara Ferragni

Fashion 1.2M 17.8M 13.4K Preview
46 Juan Amodeo @amodeo13

Juan Amodeo

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 958.4K 1.3M 19.1K Preview
47 Netflix España @netflixes

Netflix España

Fashion Actors Modeling 1.2M 2.3M 13.5K Preview
48 Anitta 🎤 @anitta

Anitta 🎤

Singer Music Fashion 516.7K 43.1M 5.3K Preview
49 Minibuyer ✨ @ericruiiz

Minibuyer ✨

Fashion Lifestyle Actors 393.3K 689.8K 41.3K Preview
50 Rocío Osorno @rocio0sorno

Rocío Osorno

Fashion Lifestyle 777.3K 1.2M 19.9K Preview
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