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Top 100 Beauty & Fashion Instagram Influencers in Russia

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August 2019

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# @username Topics From Russia Followers Auth Eng from RU
1 Карина Лазарьянц @karinakross

Карина Лазарьянц

TV Host Actors Fashion Design 3.2M 4.5M 389.2K Free report
2 Kendall @kendalljenner


Modeling N/A 115.1M 2.2M Free report
3 Ellen Sheidlin @sheidlina

Ellen Sheidlin

Modeling Fashion 2.4M 4.3M 113.5K Free report
4 АНАСТАСИЯ ИВЛЕЕВА @nastyaivleeva


Fashion 2.4M 3.6M 150.1K Preview
5 Апасный @apasnayaryka


Fashion Gym Modeling 1.4M 3M 149.9K Preview
6 Kylie ✨ @kyliejenner

Kylie ✨

Modeling 4.1M 144.2M 74.1K Preview
7 Polina Gagarina @gagara1987

Polina Gagarina

Art Beauty 5.3M 7.3M 49.9K Preview
8 irinashayk @irinashayk


Modeling 4.3M 12.6M 54.2K Preview
9 Goar Avetisyan @goar_avetisyan

Goar Avetisyan

Beauty 4.1M 6.3M 68.1K Preview
10 НИКА ВАЙПЕР ЛУЧШИЙ БЛОГЕР2019* @nika_viper


Modeling TV Host 2.1M 3.3M 93.2K Preview
11 Robert Downey Jr. @robertdowneyjr

Robert Downey Jr.

Fashion 1.2M 42.6M 54.3K Preview
12 Cole Sprouse @colesprouse

Cole Sprouse

Modeling Editing 1.5M 28M 66.5K Preview
13 Маша Вэй 👶🏻 Maria Way @maria__way

Маша Вэй 👶🏻 Maria Way

Modeling Fashion 3M 5.1M 46.1K Preview
14 Артем Чекалин @artem_chek

Артем Чекалин

Fashion Gym Modeling 1.5M 1.9M 81.2K Preview
15 Reshetova Anastasia @volkonskaya.reshetova

Reshetova Anastasia

Modeling 1.7M 2.7M 69.1K Preview
16 АНЯ ПРОТАСОВА @reira_reira


Lifestyle Fashion 1.7M 2.4M 67.9K Preview
17 KATERINA @kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk___kkkk


Modeling Fashion 754K 1.3M 107.1K Preview
18 Gigi Hadid @gigihadid

Gigi Hadid

Modeling TV Host 1.5M 49.2M 29.7K Preview
19 Emily Ratajkowski @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski

Modeling 2.1M 23.9M 55.6K Preview
20 Cara Delevingne @caradelevingne

Cara Delevingne

Modeling 2.4M 43M 26.4K Preview
21 Дарья Клюкина @klyukina_d

Дарья Клюкина

Modeling 2M 2.7M 50.6K Preview
22 Alena Shishkova @missalena.92

Alena Shishkova

Modeling 3.9M 6.5M 20.9K Preview
23 Ханна❤️ @offi_hanna


Modeling Photography Art 1.9M 2.8M 40.7K Preview
24 Lily Collins @lilyjcollins

Lily Collins

Lifestyle Design Modeling 478.9K 17M 15K Preview
25 Руслан Баргаев @bargaev_ruslan

Руслан Баргаев

Fashion Modeling Styling 1.1M 1.6M 73.3K Preview
26 Влад Бумага @a4omg

Влад Бумага

Modeling 1.1M 2.8M 51K Preview
27 Alexander Petrov @actorsashapetrov

Alexander Petrov

Actors Modeling Art 1.7M 2.1M 32.2K Preview
28 🦋 @bellahadid


Modeling 925.8K 25.5M 15K Preview
29 Ева Миллер 🦄 Eva Miller @miller.ev

Ева Миллер 🦄 Eva Miller

Modeling Singer Music 767K 1.4M 50.6K Preview
30 НЕ ТУПОЙ КАЧок @tema_fit


Fashion Gym Modeling 743.3K 990.8K 51.4K Preview
31 Mari Melnikova @maryme.23

Mari Melnikova

Modeling 1.3M 2.5M 32.5K Preview
32 Амина @tenderlybae


Modeling 494.5K 972.2K 48.6K Preview
33 L'ONE @l_one_mars


Fashion 1.2M 1.9M 33K Preview
34 Лев Маликов @leomalikov

Лев Маликов

Fashion Gym Modeling 948.5K 1.7M 50.4K Preview
35 Ravshana Kurkova @rav_shana

Ravshana Kurkova

Actors Modeling 1.5M 2.4M 27.8K Preview
36 NEW! Маски для Stories! 🥑 @irenaponaroshku

NEW! Маски для Stories! 🥑

Modeling Actors 1.7M 2.2M 25.5K Preview
37 АРИНА ДАНИЛОВА @arinadanilova_official


Fashion 942.4K 1.5M 44.3K Preview
38 JONY (RAAVA MUSIC) @jony.me


Modeling Music Singer 620.6K 898.8K 64.9K Preview
39 Это та Лина, у которой талия? @ms.sunspot

Это та Лина, у которой талия?

Fashion Gym Modeling 715.6K 1M 51.5K Preview
40 LISA @lalalalisa_m


Singer Modeling Hip hop music N/A 24M 2.4M Preview
41 Keti Topuria @keti_one_official

Keti Topuria

Modeling Singer 1.5M 2.3M 27.1K Preview
42 Sveta Bilyalova @svetabily

Sveta Bilyalova

Lifestyle Modeling Beauty 1.1M 6.4M 29.2K Preview
43 🧚‍♀️СО МНОЙ ИСПОЛНЯЮТСЯ МЕЧТЫ @elena_blinovskaya


Modeling 1.3M 1.7M 27.5K Preview
44 Yulia Baranovskaya @baranovskaya_tv

Yulia Baranovskaya

Modeling Fashion 1.5M 1.8M 23K Preview
45 KARRAMBABY КАРИНА KaRaMbaby @karrrambaby


Fashion Modeling 317.8K 546.7K 59.7K Preview
46 #FEDUK | #RNDM @fedukone


Music Singer Modeling 846.3K 1.3M 36.7K Preview
47 Муха Биттуев @bittuevv

Муха Биттуев

Music Modeling Actors 831.9K 1.2M 45.5K Preview
48 FAYA @feeviun


Modeling Art 471.3K 872.1K 42.5K Preview
49 Туфа @tufa777


Fashion Styling Modeling 664.8K 966.4K 38.4K Preview
50 Barbara Palvin @realbarbarapalvin

Barbara Palvin

Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 393.3K 12.6M 28.3K Preview
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