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February 2020

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# @username Topics From Indonesia Followers Auth Eng from ID
1 Natasha Wilona @natashawilona12

Natasha Wilona

Beauty Modeling Fashion 18.7M 23.8M 178.5K Free report
2 Syifa Hadju @syifahadjureal

Syifa Hadju

Modeling 6.4M 7.9M 213.2K Free report
3 Pevita Pearce @pevpearce

Pevita Pearce

Actors Beauty Fashion 9.7M 12.5M 132.6K Free report
4 Prilly Latuconsina @prillylatuconsina96

Prilly Latuconsina

Photography Fashion Actors 25.3M 33.4M 49.9K Preview
5 AGNEZ MO @agnezmo


Music Singer Modeling 15M 20.8M 82.4K Preview
6 Jessica Mila Agnesia @jscmila

Jessica Mila Agnesia

Travel Beauty Modeling 12.4M 15.6M 88.8K Preview
7 Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah @aurelie.hermansyah

Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah

Beauty Business Product 9.9M 13.7M 95.7K Preview
8 Megan @megandomani1410


Photography Business Fashion 5.1M 6.5M 127.8K Preview
9 Cut Meyriska @cutratumeyriska

Cut Meyriska

Modeling 5.6M 7.7M 108.8K Preview
10 Chelsea Olivia Wijaya @chelseaoliviaa

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya

Actors Celebrities Beauty 15.4M 21.7M 36.9K Preview
11 Rizky Nazar @rizkynazar20

Rizky Nazar

Actors Modeling Art 3.5M 4.7M 120.5K Preview
12 ANGGA ALDI YUNANDA @anggayunandareal16


Modeling 4.4M 5.5M 108.1K Preview
13 vanesha prescilla @vaneshaass

vanesha prescilla

Actors Modeling 3.1M 4.2M 143.2K Preview
14 차은우 @eunwo.o_c


Modeling Fashion 2.1M 5.8M 284.8K Preview
15 Cut Beby Tshabina @bebytsabina

Cut Beby Tshabina

Music Business Beauty 4.2M 5.5M 121.4K Preview
16 박서준 @bn_sj2013


Modeling Actors 2.8M 10.2M 194.3K Preview
17 Ariel Tatum @arieltatum

Ariel Tatum

Photography Modeling Actors 5.5M 6.9M 65.7K Preview
18 Zaskia Sungkar @zaskiasungkar15

Zaskia Sungkar

Actors Fashion 14M 19.8M 23.3K Preview
19 이성경 @heybiblee


Modeling 2.5M 10.5M 152.7K Preview
20 Fateh Halilintar @fatehhalilintar

Fateh Halilintar

Travel Modeling Product 2.3M 2.9M 129.5K Preview
21 숮이 💄💅👡👠🎀👙🌂👗🌂🎀💋💌 @skuukzky

숮이 💄💅👡👠🎀👙🌂👗🌂🎀💋💌

Photography Fashion Art 3.1M 11.6M 111.5K Preview
22 Michelle Ziudith w @michelleziu

Michelle Ziudith w

Fashion Photography Business 5.9M 7.8M 41.6K Preview
23 An Actress Lah Pokoknya @cassandraslee

An Actress Lah Pokoknya

Shopping Beauty Business 6.2M 8.1M 39.1K Preview
24 Sandra Dewi @sandradewi88

Sandra Dewi

Modeling 11.5M 17M 19.6K Preview
25 LUCAS @lucas_xx444


Modeling Art Music 1M 2.8M 218.4K Preview
26 전소미 @somsomi0309


Singer Modeling Styling 2M 6M 109.4K Preview
27 Ricky Harun @rickyharun

Ricky Harun

Actors Modeling Founder 9.2M 11.3M 21.7K Preview
28 Nikita Willy @nikitawillyofficial94

Nikita Willy

Modeling Fashion 5.4M 7.3M 35.2K Preview
29 NCT 127 Official Instagram @nct127

NCT 127 Official Instagram

Modeling Singer 2.5M 6.8M 104.6K Preview
30 Ranty Maria @rantymaria

Ranty Maria

Photography Beauty Travel 4.5M 5.7M 36.4K Preview
31 Nabila Syakieb @nsyakieb85

Nabila Syakieb

Actors Modeling Fashion 4.1M 5.4M 38.2K Preview
32 Tasya Farasya @tasyafarasya

Tasya Farasya

Beauty 2.4M 2.9M 65.5K Preview
33 spongebob @aurakasih


Modeling Fashion Singer 7.8M 10.2M 17.7K Preview
34 Paul Labile Pogba @paulpogba

Paul Labile Pogba

Modeling Sports Soccer 3.5M 39.5M 35.7K Preview
35 Dian Sastrowardoyo @therealdisastr

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Modeling 4.9M 6.5M 28.2K Preview
36 Ochi Rosdiana @ochi24

Ochi Rosdiana

Photography Music Beauty 2.9M 3.7M 45.1K Preview
37 ollaramlan @ollaramlanaufar


Modeling 10.1M 14.6M 11.9K Preview
38 Sharena Delon @mrssharena

Sharena Delon

Actors Moms Modeling 4.2M 5.6M 30.2K Preview
39 Robert Downey Jr. Official @robertdowneyjr

Robert Downey Jr. Official

Fashion 4.5M 45.7M 132.5K Preview
40 김소현 @wow_kimsohyun


Actors Music Modeling 2.7M 8.3M 65.3K Preview
41 Elina Joerg @elinaaaaajoerg

Elina Joerg

Modeling Travel 2.7M 3.4M 44K Preview
42 Amanda Gabriella Manopo Lugue @amandamanopo

Amanda Gabriella Manopo Lugue

Lifestyle Business Beauty 4.8M 6.4M 24.7K Preview
43 cita citata @cita_citata

cita citata

Modeling 8M 11.8M 13.3K Preview
44 Dewi Perssik Real @dewiperssikreal

Dewi Perssik Real

Photography Modeling 8.6M 11.4M 13.1K Preview
45 Red Velvet Official @redvelvet.smtown

Red Velvet Official

Music of Asia Music Fashion 3M 8.6M 48K Preview
46 TWICE @twicetagram


Music Modeling Band 2M 11.8M 88.7K Preview
47 Amanda Rawles @amandarawles

Amanda Rawles

Modeling 2.1M 2.7M 47.5K Preview
48 Hanggini Purinda Retto @hanggini

Hanggini Purinda Retto

Singer Modeling Beauty 1.8M 2.3M 54.9K Preview
49 caitlin halderman @caitlinhalderman

caitlin halderman

Lifestyle Photography Beauty 1.1M 1.4M 87.8K Preview
50  @irfanhakim75

Modeling 8.9M 11.7M 10.6K Preview
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