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December 2019

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# @username Topics From France Followers Auth Eng from FR
1 Nabilla Vergara @nabilla

Nabilla Vergara

Modeling 2.8M 5.1M 119.7K Free report
2 Kendall @kendalljenner


Modeling 3.4M 119.8M 76.9K Free report
3 Khloé @khloekardashian


Modeling 1.9M 101.6M 27.7K Free report
4 Kourtney Kardashian @kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian

Actors Modeling 2.5M 84.3M 24.1K Preview
5 Ines Reg @inesregmec

Ines Reg

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 1.1M 1.8M 107.5K Preview
6 Paul Labile Pogba @paulpogba

Paul Labile Pogba

Modeling Sports Soccer 1.8M 38.4M 20.2K Preview
7 Caroline Receveur @carolinereceveur

Caroline Receveur

Fashion 2.1M 3.5M 40.4K Preview
8 Gambi @gambinojetski


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 609.1K 1M 113.9K Preview
9 Emily Ratajkowski @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski

Modeling 1.4M 24.9M 32K Preview
10 Angèle 🌹 @angele_vl

Angèle 🌹

Lifestyle Fashion 1.3M 2.5M 56.6K Preview
11 MILLA JASMINE @millajasmineoff


Lifestyle Fashion Beauty 1.2M 2.3M 57.2K Preview
12 Kevin GUEDJ @kevinguedj


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 1.2M 2.1M 55.5K Preview
13 Iris Mittenaere @irismittenaeremf

Iris Mittenaere

Modeling 1.3M 2.3M 44.1K Preview
14 Paola Locatelli @paolalct

Paola Locatelli

Modeling Music Fashion 619.8K 1.3M 62.2K Preview
15 Stéphanie Durant 🌵 @stephaniedurant

Stéphanie Durant 🌵

Fashion 1.5M 2.5M 27.7K Preview
16 BILLIONAIRE 💵 @iam_billionaire


Lifestyle Fashion 944.9K 1.9M 43.6K Preview
17 aka Léna Situations @lenamahfouf

aka Léna Situations

Lifestyle Sports Fashion 567.2K 1M 66.6K Preview
18 Chelsea Correia 👧🏻 @chelsea_gcl

Chelsea Correia 👧🏻

Lifestyle Fashion 521.9K 1M 71.3K Preview
19 Maeva Ghennam @maevaa.ghennam

Maeva Ghennam

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 657.6K 1.2M 52K Preview
20 Mastu @mastuu_


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 524.4K 1.1M 55.5K Preview
21 Romane, pour les intimes* @romy

Romane, pour les intimes*

Lifestyle Fashion Sports 700.3K 1.3M 43.2K Preview
22 Michou @michou_yt


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 423.9K 840.8K 45.7K Preview
23 𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐒 @sananas2106


Lifestyle Fashion Beauty 1.3M 2.3M 24.1K Preview
24 Coralie Porrovecchio @porrovecchiocoralie

Coralie Porrovecchio

Fashion 1.1M 2.1M 24.8K Preview
25 Zola @binkszola


Music Fashion 442.4K 908.2K 55.2K Preview
26 A L I X @alix_dmx


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 580.2K 1M 49.3K Preview
27 Le Bonheur est une Femme @fidji_ruiz

Le Bonheur est une Femme

Lifestyle Fashion 757.1K 1.5M 36.2K Preview
28 Emy_ltr @emy_ltr


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 635K 1.1M 44.7K Preview
29 Hillary @hillaryoff


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 897.8K 1.7M 29.1K Preview
30 Danae Bessin @danae

Danae Bessin

Beauty 568.4K 966.9K 45.6K Preview
31 RAPHAEL @raphoupeps


Lifestyle Fashion 905.1K 1.6M 33.8K Preview
32 Jesta ASSADI HILLMANN @jesta_hillmann


Lifestyle Fashion 658.6K 1.1M 39.8K Preview
33 Tiagotantifamily @tiagotanti


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 483.4K 832.7K 40.5K Preview
34 Gigi Hadid @gigihadid

Gigi Hadid

Modeling TV Host 1.4M 51M 12.1K Preview
35 Bigflo_real @bigflo_real


Lifestyle Fashion Sports 720.9K 1.3M 31.8K Preview
36 Oli @oli_real


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 739.9K 1.3M 31.3K Preview
37 Nikola Lozina @nikolalozina

Nikola Lozina

Modeling 981.2K 1.8M 22.6K Preview
38 S𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖆 🌹 @shera

S𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖆 🌹

Beauty 645.9K 1.3M 33.2K Preview
39 Cole Sprouse @colesprouse

Cole Sprouse

Modeling Editing 729.8K 29.8M 21.4K Preview
40 Bella @bellahadid


Modeling 1M 27.2M 11.6K Preview
41 Astrid Nelsia 🍜 @nelsia_astrid

Astrid Nelsia 🍜

Lifestyle Fashion 616.8K 1.2M 29K Preview
42 PNL @pnlmusic


Lifestyle Fashion 856.9K 2.1M 33.7K Preview
43 Enzo Prissant @enzotaistoi

Enzo Prissant

Lifestyle Fashion 402.2K 824.2K 35.6K Preview
44 Gaelle Garcia Diaz @gaellegd

Gaelle Garcia Diaz

Modeling 561.4K 1.1M 29.2K Preview
45 jules @sundyjules


Lifestyle Fashion 623.1K 1.2M 28.1K Preview
46 Inoxtag @inoxtagytb


Lifestyle Sports Fashion 354.8K 680.3K 37.1K Preview
47 Mr. boris becker @mr_boris_becker

Mr. boris becker

Lifestyle Fashion 454K 995K 33.6K Preview
48 LANAKAMURANCE @ayanakamura_officiel


Lifestyle Fashion 721.8K 1.9M 22.7K Preview
49 Shay Mitchell @shaymitchell

Shay Mitchell

Fashion Modeling Art 1.1M 26.6M 20.3K Preview
50 Jennifer Aniston @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston

Modeling Actors Fashion N/A 21.7M 2.6M Preview
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