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February 2020

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# @username Topics From China Followers Auth Eng from CN
1 BaekHyun. @baekhyunee_exo


Singer Music 2.8M 16.7M 196.3K Free report
2 Taylor Swift @taylorswift

Taylor Swift

Singer N/A 127.2M 1M Free report
3 LISA @lalalalisa_m


Singer 1.6M 29.6M 104.3K Free report
4 권지용(權志龍) @xxxibgdrgn


Photography Adventure Entertainment 1.9M 17.7M 61K Free report
5 Jay Chou 周杰倫 @jaychou

Jay Chou 周杰倫

Singer 2.6M 5.7M 64.4K Free report
6 G.E.M.鄧紫棋 @gem0816


Songwriting 1.9M 6.3M 51.3K Free report
7 Lay Zhang @layzhang

Lay Zhang

Music Singer Producers 1M 11.3M 49K Free report
8 Jackson Wang 王嘉爾 왕잭슨 @jacksonwang852g7

Jackson Wang 王嘉爾 왕잭슨

Singer 1.9M 16.5M 68K Free report
9 EXO_CY @real__pcy


Singer 572.1K 20.1M 34.8K Free report
10 xianghuanyigedanxiangbuchulai @__4444x__


Lifestyle 826.1K 1.5M 90.3K Free report
11 troye sivan @troyesivan

troye sivan

Songwriting Singer Actors 1.6M 11.1M 46.7K Preview
12 ROSÉ @roses_are_rosie


Singer 623K 22.2M 57.9K Preview
13 JISOO @sooyaaa__


Singer 747.5K 20.9M 51K Preview
14 이지금 @dlwlrma


Singer 652.5K 12.2M 61.9K Preview
15 LeBron James @kingjames

LeBron James

Basketball Sports 1.1M 60.2M 26K Preview
16 Kobe Bryant @kobebryant

Kobe Bryant

Producers Basketball Writers 1.4M 20.9M 81.9K Preview
17 李现 @mr.lixian


655.3K 1.6M 47.8K Preview
18 J @jennierubyjane


Singer Music 635.1K 24.5M 48K Preview
19 Tom Holland @tomholland2013

Tom Holland

Actors 1.3M 33.5M 88.1K Preview
20  @yoona__lim

Actors 657.1K 10.8M 16.9K Preview
21 SUHO @kimjuncotton


322.6K 6.9M 38.1K Preview
22  @skawngur

Actors 555.1K 10.9M 35.6K Preview
23 KRYSTAL @vousmevoyez


Actors Singer 716.9K 8.5M 26.7K Preview
24 Hyun Ah @hyunah_aa

Hyun Ah

Singer Music of Asia 1.4M 12.8M 17.8K Preview
25 Liu Wen 刘雯 @liuwenlw

Liu Wen 刘雯

Fashion Modeling Fashion Design 2.2M 5.1M 9.7K Preview
26 TaeYeon @taeyeon_ss


Singer 575.5K 14.3M 17.4K Preview
27 Wardell Curry @stephencurry30

Wardell Curry

Basketball 769.9K 29.3M 13.6K Preview
28 Roy Wang 王源 @roy_____wang

Roy Wang 王源

Music Actors Singer 543.3K 733.8K 46.4K Preview
29 이성경 @heybiblee


Modeling 529.4K 10.5M 31.8K Preview
30 Jen Wu @hannah_quinlivan

Jen Wu

Actors Modeling Dance 891.8K 2.4M 24.5K Preview
31 Hyekyo Song @kyo1122

Hyekyo Song

Actors 303.6K 9.9M 11.2K Preview
32 柯震東Kai @kaikaiko


Actors 1.7M 3.4M 8.1K Preview
33 SEHUN @oohsehun


Singer 627.9K 18.5M 50.7K Preview
34 JOLIN CAI 蔡依林 @jolin_cai


1.1M 4M 10.6K Preview
35 BamBam @bambam1a


Singer 306.5K 10.8M 16.4K Preview
36 숮이 💄💅👡👠🎀👙🌂👗🌂🎀💋💌 @skuukzky

숮이 💄💅👡👠🎀👙🌂👗🌂🎀💋💌

Photography Fashion Art 365.2K 11.6M 11.5K Preview
37 JJ Lin @jjlin

JJ Lin

Singer 970K 4.3M 14.4K Preview
38 山﨑賢人 @kentooyamazaki


Actors 243.9K 3.6M 17.3K Preview
39 SHAWN YUE // 余文樂 @lok666

SHAWN YUE // 余文樂

Actors N/A 4.3M 23.4K Preview
40 羅志祥 Show Lo @showlo

羅志祥 Show Lo

1.1M 4M 8.3K Preview
41 魏大勋 @weidaxun


507.9K 906.3K 10.7K Preview
42 Vanessa Bryant 🦋 @vanessabryant

Vanessa Bryant 🦋

Basketball Moms Modeling 183.8K 12.6M 21.5K Preview
43 KUN @caixukun


Music Songwriting Singer 280.1K 770.1K 21.6K Preview
44 Jeremy Lin 林書豪 @jlin7

Jeremy Lin 林書豪

Basketball Sports 381.1K 1.9M 17.5K Preview
45 Z.TAO🔴黄子韬 @hztttao


Singer 743.9K 9.6M 11.1K Preview
46 應釆兒 @yingcaier


Actors 615.4K 1.9M 12.4K Preview
47 Edison Chen @edcee3000

Edison Chen

Actors 1.6M 2.8M 3.6K Preview
48 Kevin Durant @easymoneysniper

Kevin Durant

Basketball Sports 326.9K 11.8M 13.3K Preview
49 Henry Lau 刘宪华 헨리 @henryl89

Henry Lau 刘宪华 헨리

Modeling Music Fashion 470.7K 7.2M 12.4K Preview
50 Victoria Song宋茜 @victoria02_02

Victoria Song宋茜

Singer Fashion Music 746.3K 3.3M 8.9K Preview
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