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Competitive intelligence is an important research component of any influencer marketing strategy. Market Landscape is an easy-to-use competitor analysis tool that allows you to discover key market players for the Beauty industry in Australia, assess their influencer marketing performance on Instagram, identify their strengths and weaknesses and spot gaps you might have in your own strategy.

Understand the competitive landscape in the Beauty industry in other countries

Perform a Competitive Analysis in the Beauty industry in Australia

Map out the social media landscape and supercharge your influencer marketing activities. Market Landscape offers you a quick and simple solution for conducting a comprehensive Instagram competitive analysis in the Beauty industry in Australia. Make the most of your research and collect important information about the top-performing brands in your niche. Evaluate the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns: engagement rate, the quality of Instagram creators they partner with, audience quality, and reach.

Fashion Market
Analyze the influencer marketing environment in the fashion industry. Spot new opportunities for your business growth.
Fitness Market
Reveal your top rivals in the fitness industry and compare their influencer marketing performance. Collect insights and take action.
Luxury Market
Get a full view of the influencer marketing space in the luxury industry. Make data-driven decisions.

Get Competitive Data for Your Go-To Influencer Marketing Strategy

Identify top-performing brands in the Beauty industry in Australia

Discover which of your competitors reaches a massive audience and appeals to them with an effective message. Identify the leading Beauty brands and learn from their strategies to add relevant hooks to your next influencer marketing campaign.

Identify Competitors

Compare Beauty brands and use industry benchmarks

Compare key market players, in terms of their influencer marketing performance. See who benefits the most from partnerships with Instagram creators and take a closer look at their strategies

Compare Brands Side by Side

Assess the efficiency of your rivals’ influencer marketing campaigns

Check the performance of competitors’ campaigns. Monitor their key metrics, including the quality of influencer they work with, engagement rate of content with brand mentions, and cost per engagement of sponsored posts with brand mentions.

Evaluate the Competition

Get a better idea of how quality your competitors’ audience is

Even if your rivals reach large audiences on Instagram, it doesn’t necessarily mean these audiences are relevant. Check the quality of followers other brands reach with the help of creators.

Get Deeper Campaign Insights

Check the spread between organic posts and sponsored content

See the ratio between organic posts that mention your competitors and sponsored content. The high score may indicate that their influencer marketing campaign went viral.

Take a Snapshot of Competitive Landscape

Questions and Answers About Competitive Landscape

  • Why is a competitive analysis important in influencer marketing?

    Studying your enemies can help you better understand the entire battlefield. Competitive analysis is one of the most important elements of any successful influencer marketing strategy. If you know who your biggest rivals are, you can collect information about what they do well and then develop your own strategy to outperform the competition.

  • How to conduct a competitive analysis for influencer marketing?

    One of the first steps of the competitive analysis process is identifying your key competitors. We are always looking for ways to make the life of our customers easier. Our Market Landscape is a smart and easy solution for identifying the best-performing brands in your market.

    The tool will show you competitors divided into four main categories, based on their influencer marketing performance on Instagram. Analyze their key performance metrics, discover new opportunities to grow your business and inform your influencer marketing strategy.

  • How competitive is the Beauty industry on Instagram?

    To get a better idea of how competitive the Beauty industry in Australia, try out Market Landscape, a powerful competitive analysis tool. Map out the social media and influencer marketing landscape, identify the leading Beauty brands and promising companies with high potential.

  • How to identify competitors in the Beauty industry in influencer marketing?

    Discover your top competitors in the Beauty industry with HypeAuditor’s Market Landscape. The tool will show you competing brands divided into four segments, based on their efficiency and reach/visibility of their influencer marketing campaigns Instagram: Leaders, High Performers, Halfway Performers, and Behind the Curve.

    Leaders are the top-performing Beauty brands on Instagram and High Performers are competitors who run effective influencer marketing campaigns, however their reach is limited. The audience is interested in their content, so you should also keep an eye on them.

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