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Evaluate your direct and indirect rivals and identify the top market players in your country and niche. Market Landscape is a powerful competitor analysis tool that helps you assess the brand’s influencer marketing performance on Instagram, including audience reach and campaign efficiency. Carry out a thorough competitive analysis, compare different brands, and reveal industry leaders and rising stars. Use the insights to fire up your campaigns and win big.

Understand the competitive landscape in other countries

Conduct a Competitive Landscape Analysis Across Different Industries and Countries

Market Landscape provides you with a big-picture view of the market environment and your competitors in a particular niche across the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, and Australia. Analyze the key metrics to measure the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns, including engagement rate, the quality of influencers these brands work with, audience quality, and reach. Identify the top-performing rivals, as well as promising market players you need to keep an eye on.

Beauty Market

Check the Market Landscape map for the beauty industry. Compare the top brands that stand out on Instagram.

Fashion Market

Analyze the influencer marketing environment in the fashion industry. Spot new opportunities for your business growth.

Fitness Market

Reveal your top rivals in the fitness industry and compare their influencer marketing performance. Collect insights and take action.

Luxury Market

Get a full view of the influencer marketing space in the luxury industry. Make data-driven decisions.

Map Out Competitive Landscape and Fuel Your Influencer Marketing with HypeAuditor

Reveal top-performing competitors in your country and industry

Find out who reaches the most large audiences and effectively engages Instagram users with their content. These brands are industry leaders who can serve as a source of inspiration, when you plan your next influencer marketing campaign.

Reveal top-performing competitors in your country and industry

Compare different brands and set industry benchmarks

Compare several brands side by side and benchmark key performance metrics to see who stands out from others and does an excellent job with influencer marketing.

Compare different brands and set industry benchmarks

Evaluate the efficiency of your competitor’s influencer marketing campaigns

Explore how the influencer marketing campaigns of your rivals perform. Check their influencer quality, engagement rate of content with brand mentions, and cost per engagement of sponsored posts featuring their brand name.

Evaluate the efficiency of your competitor’s influencer marketing campaigns

See how quality your competitor’s audience is

Evaluate the quality of the audience your rivals reach with the help of influencers who post content mentioning their brands.

See how quality your competitor’s audience is

Analyze the spread between organic posts and sponsored content

Delve deeper into your rivals’ influencer marketing strategies. Check the ratio between organic posts with their brand mentions and sponsored content. You may find some surprising insights.

Analyze the spread between organic posts and sponsored content

Questions and Answers About Market Landscape

  • How to do a competitive analysis?

    Competitive landscape analysis is a key source of market intelligence that’s necessary to develop your go-to influencer marketing strategy. It helps you to identify your main competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, so you can use it for your own good.

    That’s why we wanted to provide our users with the best solution for market research. Our Market Landscape helps you collect valuable information about your rivals on Instagram who work in a particular industry and country. Simply select your category and location and you’ll get the big picture of your market. Find out who takes the lead in your niche, analyze influencer marketing campaign metrics, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and inform your strategy.

  • What is Market Landscape and how can it help me?

    Market Landscape is a competitor analysis tool designed for brands and businesses that are looking to optimize their Instagram influencer marketing strategy. Choose your category and location from the drop-down menu and you’ll get the big picture of your market. On a competitive landscape map, you’ll see industry players divided into several segments, according to their position on the market.

    The tool provides you with a complete picture of the social media and influencer marketing landscape and shows you how rivals’ campaigns perform, including audience reach and campaign efficiency. You can analyze their performance and discover new opportunities for your influencer marketing, boost your brand awareness, enter new markets and optimize your ROI.

  • How can I define my influencer marketing competitors?

    In Market Landscape, you can evaluate the market size and benchmark your top competitors. When you select your niche and country, you’ll see the most relevant competing brands broken down into four categories, based on their efficiency and reach/visibility on Instagram: Leaders, High Performers, Halfway Performers, and Behind the Curve.

    Better yet, you can analyze their influencer marketing performance with a handful of metrics like engagement rate, reach, audience quality, influencer quality, and cost per engagement.

  • What is a competitive analysis in influencer marketing?

    Competitive analysis is a shortcut to know the influencer marketing environment of your industry. When you start planning your strategy, you need to understand where your brand stands within an influencer marketing space and what your competitors are doing. It can help you figure out a key to their success and come up with new ideas for your campaign.

    What are the top rivals in your market? How do their campaigns perform? How effective is sponsored content that mentions their brand name? When researching your competitors, you’ll answer all these questions and get a better understanding of your market to make smart, data-driven decisions to fuel your influencer marketing strategy.

  • Can you provide a competitive analysis example for influencer marketing?

    Take a look at how HypeAuditor’s Market Landscape can help you research your competitors. Let’s say you work in a beauty industry and want to analyze how other brands perform, in terms of their influencer marketing campaigns.

    In the tool, select the Beauty category and your country (for example, Australia). You’ll see a list of brands that work in this industry in Australia. All brands will be divided into four segments, according to their 1) campaign efficiency, 2) campaign reach and visibility. Leaders are the top-performing beauty brands on Instagram, while High Performers are competitors you should also watch out for. The estimated number of people they reach with the campaigns may be relatively small, however, their influencer marketing campaigns are effective.

    Move on and analyze your rivals’ strategies in detail. We provide you with key metrics that give you a complete picture of how their campaigns perform on Instagram.