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What do you need to know before conducting an Instagram competitor analysis?

Locate your competitors

To begin, you must determine which Instagram users you wish to investigate to conduct Instagram competitor analysis. The rivals you select for investigation will determine the insights you obtain in the end, so make a prudent selection. Include between three and five competitors, including both large and small, direct and indirect competitors.

In addition, you should target those who are actively utilizing Instagram to expand their business.

Include an account for an industry leader or curator to remain abreast of emerging trends. For example, you can find inspiration for a clothes brand by following Vogue, Dior, Pantone, etc.

Consider that you manage a sustainable apparel brand. You can enter your search terms into the search field and examine the "Account" tab. You will see a list of accounts whose account or profile descriptions contain the word "sustainable."

Gather relevant data

Now that a list of rivals has been compiled, it is time to collect data for your Instagram competitor analysis. Typically, you will want to evaluate your competitors' performance in the following areas: followers, content, and engagement rate.

Follower count is an effective indicator for gauging brand loyalty. You can compare your followers to those of your immediate competitors to determine the brand's relative popularity.

You can consider:

  • The total amount of followers your competitors have.

  • Follower growth: the rate at which their followers are expanding

Analyzing the content of your competitors enables you to uncover the weaknesses in your own Instagram content strategy and locate areas for improvement.

You will need to monitor:

  • Total number of posts on your competitors' accounts

  • Posting frequency: how frequently your rivals post on Instagram

  • This contains static photos, movies, and carousels, among others.

Next, you'll want to comprehend how the audience of your competitors interacts with their material. Engagement rate is the number of engagements divided by the number of impressions.

Engagement per post: the sum of all engagements on each post.

Build a comprehensive report

After that, you will have accumulated a substantial quantity of metrics. It is time to compile these metrics into an Instagram competitor analysis report. You may have noticed that Supermetrics is constantly praising Google Data Studio for data visualization. The program is incredibly user-friendly and provides a multitude of charts and graphs for your report. The best aspect is that you can automate data to your Data Studio report using Supermetrics.

Review your findings

Now that you have a quality report, it is important to study your Instagram competitor analysis data and apply the findings. Some questions to consider:

  • How do your Instagram results compare to those of your competitors?

  • What content is most successful on Instagram?

  • Which hashtags are most effective for your industry?

  • Are there any noteworthy industry trends?

Let's imagine that your competitors repurpose their blog content into Instagram carousels and get astronomical levels of engagement. If you haven't considered this, it might be a good idea to include it in your content mix.

Or, if you see an increase in the number of followers your competitors have, you can determine if they've made any recent changes. Perhaps they are partnering with influential individuals. Alternatively, they may be holding a giveaway promotion to attract people to follow their accounts.

Instagram Competitor Analysis Questions

  • What is Instagram competitor analysis?

    Competitor analysis Instagram is a deep research process that allows an influencer marketer to compare their Instagram performance to the market competitors and establish certain benchmarks. With the help of Instagram competitor analysis, one can easily get a visual comparison between two companies while gaining insights and enhancing influencer marketing strategy.

  • Why is it important to conduct an Instagram competitor analysis?

    One of the main reasons why you should make an Instagram competitors analysis is that by studying the Instagram activity of your competitors, you gain a certain perspective on how they run their campaigns. You learn how well your material is performing in relation to other brands. Comparing your firm to a successful organization of equal size and resources will help you establish your own Instagram business objectives.

  • How to check Instagram competitor analysis?

    There are a few steps that an influencer marketer has to follow in order to check their Instagram competitor analysis:

    1. Identify your main market competitors

    2. Collect data on your competitors

    3. Analyze your own company activities

    4. Compare and see where you are currently lacking.

    A more detailed analysis you can find above in the FAQ section.

  • What are the tools used in competitor analysis?

    There are certainly a lot of online resources and tools available for a person to conduct a transparent Instagram competitor analysis. However, if you combine the following tools together, you can ultimately get a quality experience in developing a strong influencer marketing strategy:

    1. SEMrush

    2. HypeAuditor

    3. Feedly

    4. Mailcharts


    6. Sprout Social

  • How do I audit my competitors on Instagram?

    You can conduct a comprehensive examination of each competitor's profile using a program like Social Status. This will enable you to determine how they are performing and what content strategy is effective for them.

    This tool can even be used to compare your performance to that of your competitors. This will allow you to find areas for development and increase your Instagram performance.