FAQ: Top Most Viewed YouTube Channels

  • Who is the most viewed YouTube influencer?

    The most viewed YouTube influencer is not found.

  • How many subscribers does the most viewed YouTube channel have?

    The most viewed YouTube channel is not found with 0 subscribers.

  • What counts as a view on YouTube?

    A YouTube view is when a viewer clicked the play button to begin the video and watches at least 30 seconds of the video. This helps YouTube understand that the viewer initiated intentional play of the video. If someone reloads their video again and again to increase the view count, those refreshes won’t be count as views.

  • How much money can earn a YouTube channel with 1 million views?

    You can check an estimated price for a YouTube video in our YouTube Analytics. The report provides a price range for a video of a particular creator, as well as other performance metrics. You can find YouTubers who get 1 million video views and then check their integration price.