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Top 100 Travel & Events Youtube channels in Mexico

sorted by HypeAuditor Score

November 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Travel & Events YouTubers and channels in the Mexico. Find out who tops the list. Cómo funciona ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Categoría Desde Mexico Suscriptores Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments


Travel & Events 56.59% 768.1K 264.6K 14.8K 1.6K Vista previa
2 Ford Quarterman @Ford Quarterman

Ford Quarterman

Travel & Events 49.75% 250K 167.7K 10.7K 1.2K Vista previa
3 alanxelmundo @alanxelmundo


Travel & Events 23.68% 2.3M 194.8K 7.4K 592 Vista previa
4 Gris Aminah En Turquía @grissy82mx

Gris Aminah En Turquía

Travel & Events 36.89% 196.6K 88K 5.6K 788.5 Vista previa
5 Where the Jones @Where the Jones

Where the Jones

Travel & Events 37.6% 44.9K 65.8K 5K 1K Vista previa
6 Somos Unnies @Somos Unnies

Somos Unnies

Travel & Events 49.84% 125.6K 86.3K 4.6K 530.5 Vista previa
7 Bryan Se La Sabe @Bryan Se La Sabe

Bryan Se La Sabe

Travel & Events 34.04% 514.1K 76.4K 10.1K 333 Vista previa
8 Lozu Life @Lozu Life

Lozu Life

Travel & Events 47.29% 1.1M 119.4K 5K 162 Vista previa
9 Joss and Janik @Joss and Janik

Joss and Janik

Travel & Events 26.97% 370.1K 66.7K 4.7K 421 Vista previa
10 Viajefest @Viajefest


Travel & Events 51.8% 528.1K 46.1K 2.5K 376 Vista previa
11 Kinetic Kennons @gjk0020

Kinetic Kennons

Travel & Events 42.81% 171.5K 37.7K 2.8K 292.5 Vista previa
12 IMvlogs @IMvlogs


Travel & Events 50.49% 29.1K 23.2K 2.5K 220 Vista previa
13 Enrique Álex @enriquealex87

Enrique Álex

Travel & Events 19.9% 388.5K 43.1K 2.1K 220 Vista previa
14 Mariebelle TV @Mariebelle TV

Mariebelle TV

Travel & Events 56.79% 102.5K 19.6K 1.2K 172 Vista previa
15 Sin Postal @Sin Postal

Sin Postal

Travel & Events 69.31% 46.7K 24.1K 829.5 174 Vista previa


Travel & Events 50% 38.5K 13.4K 1.3K 191 Vista previa
17 David Assad @David Assad

David Assad

Travel & Events 58.18% 26.1K 13.4K 1.2K 134 Vista previa
18 RnC Fabrica @RnC Fabrica

RnC Fabrica

Travel & Events 15.74% 996.1K 22.8K 2.8K 117 Vista previa


Travel & Events 53.85% 69.5K 22.1K 488.5 164 Vista previa
20 Soy Nativo @Soy Nativo

Soy Nativo

Travel & Events 47.78% 36.4K 11K 678 144.5 Vista previa
21 Mariel de Viaje @marielgalana

Mariel de Viaje

Travel & Events 31.98% 332.1K 18.5K 585.5 79 Vista previa
22 Salvador Piña @salvadorpina

Salvador Piña

Travel & Events 37.5% 12.6K 22.8K 306.5 45 Vista previa
23 Colombianos En Mexico @colombianosenmexico

Colombianos En Mexico

Travel & Events 56.12% 50.8K 9.6K 435.5 42 Vista previa
24 Mexicana en Israel @erikazf

Mexicana en Israel

Travel & Events 30.46% 112.6K 7.3K 616 104 Vista previa
25 Donde Bailo MX @Donde Bailo MX

Donde Bailo MX

Travel & Events 20.51% 15.2K 28.6K 309.5 35 Vista previa
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