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Top 100 Comedy Youtube channels in India

sorted by HypeAuditor Score

November 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Comedy YouTubers and channels in the India. Find out who tops the list. Cómo funciona ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Categoría Desde India Suscriptores Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Round2hell @Round2hell


Comedy 82.46% 10.6M 19M 1.3M 84.6K Vista previa
2 ashish chanchlani vines @ashchanchlani

ashish chanchlani vines

Comedy 70.79% 14.9M 18.1M 1.4M 75.2K Vista previa
3 CarryMinati @AddictedA1


Comedy 75.01% 8.5M 7.7M 970.3K 37.1K Vista previa
4 Elvish yadav @Elvish yadav

Elvish yadav

Comedy 83.26% 5.3M 3.7M 250.6K 37.7K Vista previa
5 The Bong Guy @The Bong Guy

The Bong Guy

Comedy 60% 2M 2.6M 425.1K 40.1K Vista previa
6 Abhishek Upmanyu @upmanyukaran

Abhishek Upmanyu

Comedy 78.53% 2.2M 7.4M 436.5K 9K Vista previa
7 Mic Set @Mic Set

Mic Set

Comedy 75.54% 3.8M 4.4M 336.8K 11.9K Vista previa
8 Jkk Entertainment @Jkk Entertainment

Jkk Entertainment

Comedy 78.25% 12.3M 33.1M 197.1K 2.4K Vista previa
9 Angry Prash @Angry Prash

Angry Prash

Comedy 76.22% 3.4M 2.9M 276.1K 9.5K Vista previa
10 Your Bong Guy @Your Bong Guy

Your Bong Guy

Comedy 58.41% 771.1K 2M 250K 15.9K Vista previa
11 We Are One @We Are One

We Are One

Comedy 84.95% 1.7M 4.3M 138.4K 6.7K Vista previa
12 Triggered Insaan @Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan

Comedy 61.03% 2.4M 1.4M 239K 11.2K Vista previa
13 Be YouNick @beyounick

Be YouNick

Comedy 84.97% 3.4M 2.3M 208.5K 5.3K Vista previa
14 Aakash Gupta @Aakash Gupta

Aakash Gupta

Comedy 85.5% 718.2K 2.9M 186.3K 3.9K Vista previa
15 Eruma Saani @Eruma Saani

Eruma Saani

Comedy 78.12% 2.2M 2.6M 179.6K 4.1K Vista previa
16 RealSHIT @RealSHIT


Comedy 85.04% 2.7M 1.5M 130.6K 5.5K Vista previa
17 Slayy Point @Slayy Point

Slayy Point

Comedy 77.11% 1.3M 1.4M 129.6K 6.3K Vista previa
18 Aashqeen @Aashqeen


Comedy 77.53% 2.5M 878.7K 109.3K 9.4K Vista previa
19 Parithabangal @Parithabangal


Comedy 85.31% 1.7M 1.6M 103.4K 3.8K Vista previa
20 Humorously Yours Team @humorouslyyourstube

Humorously Yours Team

Comedy 86.23% 219.1K 2.4M 120K 2.1K Vista previa
21 Kenny Sebastian @kennethseb

Kenny Sebastian

Comedy 81.04% 1.9M 1.8M 97.1K 3.5K Vista previa


Comedy 79.76% 13.3M 8.8M 56.9K 1.3K Vista previa


Comedy 75.53% 3.4M 8.3M 51.7K 1.1K Vista previa
24 Nazar Battu @Nazar Battu

Nazar Battu

Comedy 87.06% 3.3M 1.6M 83.8K 3K Vista previa
25 Nakkalites @Nakkalites


Comedy 83.13% 2.2M 1.5M 68K 1.9K Vista previa
26 BeingIndian @BeingIndianchannel


Comedy 76.11% 2.7M 1.2M 56.8K 3.4K Vista previa
27 The RawKnee Show @The RawKnee Show

The RawKnee Show

Comedy 76% 1.1M 635.9K 77.1K 4.3K Vista previa
28 My Village Show @melukolpu

My Village Show

Comedy 82.31% 1.1M 2.2M 48.6K 1.6K Vista previa
29 Random Chikibum @Random Chikibum

Random Chikibum

Comedy 78.1% 384.5K 1.6M 70.4K 1.4K Vista previa


Comedy 82.73% 1.8M 861.2K 66.2K 1.9K Vista previa
31 Anshu Mor @Anshu Mor

Anshu Mor

Comedy 82.91% 229.1K 1.6M 69.8K 926 Vista previa
32 Marwadi Masti @Marwadi Masti

Marwadi Masti

Comedy 86.55% 664K 1.1M 28.9K 2.8K Vista previa
33 Hari Baskar @Hari Baskar

Hari Baskar

Comedy 82.76% 214.6K 589.4K 53.6K 2.7K Vista previa
34 This is sumesh @This is sumesh

This is sumesh

Comedy 77.08% 1.7M 719.3K 52K 2.4K Vista previa
35 Sothanaigal @Sothanaigal


Comedy 79.65% 1.2M 1.2M 59.3K 1.2K Vista previa
36 KirtiChow @KirtiChow


Comedy 75.85% 287.1K 247.8K 37.4K 7.3K Vista previa
37 Half Engineer @Half Engineer

Half Engineer

Comedy 87.63% 1.8M 774.7K 47.7K 1.5K Vista previa
38 Sushant Maggu @Sushant Maggu

Sushant Maggu

Comedy 85.28% 755.5K 621.1K 49.7K 1.4K Vista previa
39 Simran Dhanwani @Simran Dhanwani

Simran Dhanwani

Comedy 77.16% 524.2K 1.2M 38.4K 1K Vista previa
40 Kangra Boys @Kangra Boys

Kangra Boys

Comedy 88.2% 546.1K 640.6K 39.4K 1.4K Vista previa
41 Only Desi @Only Desi

Only Desi

Comedy 73.42% 322K 356.4K 38.5K 3K Vista previa
42 Rajeev Nigam @Rajeev Nigam

Rajeev Nigam

Comedy 83.87% 343.6K 546.7K 31.2K 2K Vista previa
43 Ankur Kashyap Vlogs @Ankur Kashyap Vlogs

Ankur Kashyap Vlogs

Comedy 59.8% 840.2K 262.4K 47.8K 3.5K Vista previa


Comedy 81.22% 888.1K 630.7K 36.4K 1.3K Vista previa
45 Appurv Gupta @FunnyEngineerAppurv

Appurv Gupta

Comedy 86.26% 356.1K 1.1M 45.8K 575 Vista previa
46 DSS Production @DSS Production

DSS Production

Comedy 76.05% 3.3M 2.5M 25.6K 460 Vista previa
47 Amit Kumar @Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Comedy 63.16% 124.2K 755.6K 36.4K 1.3K Vista previa
48 Samreen Ali @Samreen Ali

Samreen Ali

Comedy 59.43% 1.8M 603.5K 28.1K 2.1K Vista previa
49 MindlessLaunde @MindlessLaunde


Comedy 75.15% 163.2K 1.3M 33K 675.5 Vista previa
50 Chauhan Vines @Chauhan Vines

Chauhan Vines

Comedy 87.34% 1M 459.1K 32.4K 1.5K Vista previa
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