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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the world. From Ed Sheeran to PewDiePie and T-Series, find out who tops the list. Cómo funciona ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Categoría País de la Audiencia Suscriptores Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 DM - Desi Melodies @DM - Desi Melodies

DM - Desi Melodies

Music India 3.5M 324M 5.1M 194.6K Vista previa
2 Micro TDH @Micro TDH

Micro TDH

Music Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 2.3M 53M 507.8K 20.3K Vista previa
3 Like Nastya Vlog @Like Nastya Vlog

Like Nastya Vlog

Entertainment Russia 41.3M 49.8M 302.8K 0 Vista previa
4 jbalvinVEVO @jbalvinVEVO


Music Colombia 13.8M 47.8M 492.9K 17.4K Vista previa
5 Bryant Myers @Bryant Myers

Bryant Myers

Music Colombia 5.3M 37.6M 774.4K 30.5K Vista previa
6 Bad Bunny @Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny

Music United States 20.5M 34.3M 1.1M 37.6K Vista previa
7 BillieEilishVEVO @BillieEilishVEVO


Music United States 835.1K 32.5M 1.2M 70.5K Vista previa
8 Hau Hoang @Hau Hoang

Hau Hoang

Music Viet Nam 4.9M 32.3M 355.9K 18K Vista previa
9 Billie Eilish @Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Music United States 23.2M 30M 1.2M 69.7K Vista previa
10 airtel India @INAirtel

airtel India

Entertainment India 812.6K 29.3M 56.9K 1.1K Vista previa
11 Anitta @AnittaOficial


Music Brazil 13M 27.1M 979.2K 36.4K Vista previa
12 PrinceRoyceVEVO @PrinceRoyceVEVO


Music United States 6M 26.8M 114.9K 3.5K Vista previa
13 Little Big @Little Big

Little Big

Music Russia 4.7M 24.4M 930.6K 45.9K Vista previa
14 KanyeWestVEVO @KanyeWestVEVO


Music United States 3.7M 22.9M 636.4K 36K Vista previa
15 Tyga @TygaTygaTV


Music United States 8M 22.2M 653.9K 13.6K Vista previa


Music Colombia 4M 22M 193.2K 3.4K Vista previa
17 Soolking Officiel @Soolking Officiel

Soolking Officiel

Music Algeria 5M 21.6M 584.8K 35.5K Vista previa
18 YoungBoy Never Broke Again @YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Music United States 6.4M 21.2M 419K 24.2K Vista previa
19 DJ Gabriel Do Borel @DJ Gabriel Do Borel

DJ Gabriel Do Borel

Music Brazil 639K 21.2M 519.9K 7.6K Vista previa
20 iMalayTV @iMalayTV


Movies and TV Indonesia 347.2K 21.1M 180.2K 5.2K Vista previa
21 Motorola US @Motorola US

Motorola US

Technology & Science United States 85.9K 19.6M 0 5.5K Vista previa
22 Gillette India @gilletteindia

Gillette India

How-to & Style India 36K 19M 2.4K 300 Vista previa
23 MrBeast @MrBeast6000


Entertainment United States 26.7M 18.9M 832.8K 44.7K Vista previa


Music Spain 4.6M 18.6M 580.8K 41.8K Vista previa
25 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes @checkgate

Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

Education United States 66.8M 17.1M 117.4K 649 Vista previa
26 Pu Pongsit Official @pongsitofficial

Pu Pongsit Official

Music Thailand 2M 17.1M 186.9K 6.6K Vista previa
27 VehliJantaRecords @VehliJantaRecords


Music India 2.4M 16.7M 475.4K 21.8K Vista previa
28 Kanye West @kanyewest

Kanye West

People & Blogs United States 5.8M 16.5M 576.1K 33.5K Vista previa


Music Viet Nam 1.1M 16.4M 307.4K 16.1K Vista previa
30 K-ICM Official @K-ICM Official

K-ICM Official

Music Viet Nam 4.7M 16.2M 771K 142.7K Vista previa
31 Illslick thelegandary @Illslick thelegandary

Illslick thelegandary

Music Thailand 3.9M 16M 315.3K 35.4K Vista previa
32 100 Pipers Music CDs @100pipersindia

100 Pipers Music CDs

Entertainment India 114.6K 15.8M 32.8K 2 Vista previa
33 Jkk Entertainment @Jkk Entertainment

Jkk Entertainment

Movies and TV India 12.8M 15.5M 91.9K 1.1K Vista previa
34 Farina @farinaofficialsite


Music Colombia 1.4M 15.5M 257.6K 8.9K Vista previa
35 FarinaVEVO @FarinaVEVO


Music Colombia 8.7K 15.5M 257.6K 8.9K Vista previa
36 shane @shane


Movies and TV United States 23.1M 15.3M 952.1K 133.5K Vista previa
37 Club Factory @Club Factory

Club Factory

Entertainment India 871.5K 14.6M 239.5 3 Vista previa
38 Dude Perfect @corycotton

Dude Perfect

Sports United States 47.4M 14.2M 541.8K 14.4K Vista previa
39 Jhené Aiko @SailingSoulAiko

Jhené Aiko

Music United States 2M 14.2M 365.1K 13.2K Vista previa
40 LaliMusicaVEVO @LaliEsMusicaVEVO


Music Argentina 561.1K 14.2M 306.4K 28.8K Vista previa
41 JheneAikoVEVO @JheneAikoVEVO


Music United States 1.1M 14M 363.5K 13.2K Vista previa
42 Zomato @zomatodotcom


People & Blogs India 37.6K 13.9M 34 0 Vista previa
43 Mentos India @IndiaMentos

Mentos India

Movies and TV India 15.6K 13.5M 264 3 Vista previa
44 Zouhair Bahaoui | زهير بهاوي @ZouhairBahaoui

Zouhair Bahaoui | زهير بهاوي

Music Morocco 3.9M 13.4M 359.7K 19.9K Vista previa
45 JhayCortez @JhayCortez


Music United States 1.7M 13.4M 235.2K 4K Vista previa
46 Jo Malone London @JoMaloneLondon2012

Jo Malone London

Movies and TV United Kingdom 3.3K 13.4M 415 6 Vista previa
47 Uber Latinoamérica @Uber Latinoamérica

Uber Latinoamérica

Technology & Science 143.4K 13.3M 490 0 Vista previa
48 Gradur @GradyOG


Music France 1.8M 13.2M 229.3K 6.1K Vista previa
49 Jaiden Animations @Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

Movies and TV United States 7.1M 13.1M 666.5K 75K Vista previa
50 Ame Digital @Ame Digital

Ame Digital

Entertainment Brazil 17.5K 13.1M 1.7K 12 Vista previa
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