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    No better way to start the day. Combining movement and mindfulness gives us a far greater chance of ensuring better health and well-being. #TheQuestContinues #SwisseWellness

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    Putting in serious work with the worlds fittest man @rossedgley some interesting facts about Ross he swam round Great Britain, ran a marathon whilst pulling a car, completed a triathlon carrying a 100lb tree, climbed a rope for 24hrs until he’d scaled the height of Everest (8,848m) and did it all for charity #legend

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    Happy V-day @elsapatakyconfidential 😘😘😘

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    Check out our new program Centr 6. It’s a mixture of Functional strength and cardio workouts . All you need is a set of delicious dumbbells, half a cup of motivation and a sprinkle of good old fashioned arghhhhhhhh!!! Goes like this:-6 exercises,6 reps, 6 rounds across a 6 week block , pop in the oven and enjoy the new shredded you. Boom. Comes out Feb 3rd on @centrfit Do it solo or grab a few mates and get involved !

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