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    CEO of never dressing appropriately for the weather. ✌🏽

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    Seattle via coffee shops and cafes. ☕️ A trip to Seattle wouldn’t be complete without risking your health and having coffee 3x a day.

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    Def the Rose in this relationship.

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    Partnering with @hims has been an educational journey. 👨🏽‍🏫 Did you know that, according to the American Hair Loss Association, 66% of men start to lose their hair by age 35? Hair loss is totally (like completely) normal, but you never hear anyone talking about it. If you're currently experiencing hair loss or other issues, @hims is a one stop shop for hair loss, skincare and sexual wellness for men—seriously, they have an answer to almost everything. I've been using some of the products from their hair power pack to help keep my hair thick and healthy—because prevention is key! If you want to learn more or want to try some of your own products, head to www.forhims.com/brandonosorio for a free online consultation. 💪🏽 #sponsored #himsnation

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