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Compare Instagram accounts to choose the best
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You can compare up to 5 Instagram creators at a time to find the one who works best for you

Compare Instagram accounts

Key features of Instagram Account Comparison

Audience Quality Comparison

Find out which Instagram account has the highest Audience Quality Score and the biggest number of quality audiences.

  • Audience Quality Score
  • The number of Quality Audience members
  • Audience Type
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Growth Rate

Who is the rising star on Instagram? Compare influencers’ growth rate to find the fastest-growing creators for your campaigns or hire them as ambassadors.

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Audience Demographics

With audience comparison analyses, you can find influencers with the biggest percentage of your target audience among their active audiences. For example, you can easily find which influencer has the biggest audience of 25+ women from the US.

  • Top countries
  • Age & Gender
  • Top cities
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Compare Engagement

Find out whose Instagram content gets more likes and comments and compare how the influencers perform over time.

  • Engagement Rate
  • Authentic Engagement
  • Comment authenticity
  • Average likes & comments per post
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Content Performance & Brand Mentions

Compare influencers’ content performance. Find out who can engage their audience the best. Analyze the brands and products they have worked with before and their sponsored post performance.

  • Post frequency
  • Brands mentioned
  • Top engaging posts
  • Sponsored posts performance
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Instagram Audience Quality Comparison

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