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Top 100 Music Youtube channels in Poland

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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Music YouTubers and channels in the Poland. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Poland Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 RoksanaWegielVEVO @RoksanaWegielVEVO


Music 79.22% 318.1K 1.8M 67.7K 5.5K Preview
2 chillwagon @chillwagon


Music 79.77% 496.2K 2.1M 85.1K 4.2K Preview
3 Roksana Węgiel @Roksana Węgiel

Roksana Węgiel

Music 81.76% 370K 1.1M 45.5K 4K Preview
4 Śpiewam Bo lubię @Śpiewam Bo lubię

Śpiewam Bo lubię

Music 85.03% 69.8K 581.2K 21.9K 3.3K Preview
5 KaliGanjaMafia @KaliGanjaMafia


Music 83.92% 1.7M 2.3M 87K 3.2K Preview
6 Ola Ciupa @Ola Ciupa

Ola Ciupa

Music 79.41% 37.4K 2.7M 59.6K 3K Preview
7 BORCREW OFFICIAL @PaluchOfficial


Music 85.92% 1.5M 2M 74.1K 3K Preview
8 Kamerzysta @Kamerzysta


Music 79.82% 2.2M 702.8K 55K 2.8K Preview
9 olszakumpel - chillwagon @olszakumpel - chillwagon

olszakumpel - chillwagon

Music 89.09% 65.5K 1.1M 55.3K 2.6K Preview


Music 83.7% 272K 1.4M 56.7K 2.4K Preview
11 Young Igi @Young Igi

Young Igi

Music 86.61% 690.2K 1.6M 56.9K 2.3K Preview
12 Żabson To Ziomal @ZabaPol

Żabson To Ziomal

Music 85.42% 724K 2.3M 75K 2.2K Preview
13 Smolasty @Smolasty


Music 82.51% 440K 2.1M 57.2K 2.2K Preview


Music 82.83% 59.3K 438.6K 14.2K 1.8K Preview
15 Mateusz Ciawlowski @Mateusz Ciawlowski

Mateusz Ciawlowski

Music 83.62% 310.5K 143.7K 13.6K 1.3K Preview
16 Nosem Janusza @Nosem Janusza

Nosem Janusza

Music 84.98% 93.7K 375.4K 9.8K 1.2K Preview
17 nigdystopTV @nigdystopTV


Music 86.25% 240K 889.1K 39.7K 1.2K Preview
18 SŁAWOMIR gwiazda Rock Polo @SŁAWOMIR gwiazda Rock Polo

SŁAWOMIR gwiazda Rock Polo

Music 85.08% 805.2K 978.4K 13.5K 1K Preview
19 Koka Beats @KokaBeatsTV

Koka Beats

Music 85.37% 222.4K 776.6K 26.5K 1K Preview
20 Cheatz @Cheatz


Music 87.17% 123.5K 131K 8.1K 926 Preview
21 restaurant posse @restaurant posse

restaurant posse

Music 87.8% 175.4K 305.9K 14.2K 879.5 Preview
22 SBM Label @SolarBialas

SBM Label

Music 88.68% 1.9M 759.8K 33.2K 848 Preview
23 QueQuality @QueQuality


Music 89.36% 1.8M 294.9K 16.2K 767 Preview
24 Dharni @Dharni


Music 36.06% 447K 192.6K 19.2K 719 Preview
25 Dawid Kwiatkowski @dawidkwiatkowskiVEVO

Dawid Kwiatkowski

Music 85.6% 461.5K 356.5K 20.3K 699 Preview
26 Kizo Oficjalnie @Kizo Oficjalnie

Kizo Oficjalnie

Music 85.18% 294.5K 454.3K 23K 691 Preview
27 Verba Official @FilmMotion

Verba Official

Music 86.92% 505.4K 291.3K 8.8K 682 Preview
28 Sobel @Sobel


Music 98.11% 17.5K 260.9K 15.1K 669 Preview
29 NewBadLabel @NewBadLabel


Music 85.16% 1.4M 340.7K 16.9K 654.5 Preview
30 Igor Herbut @Aigorek

Igor Herbut

Music 89.29% 14.2K 468.6K 14.3K 640 Preview
31 Zeamsone @ZeamsOne


Music 87.04% 386.6K 366.5K 11.7K 622 Preview
32 4Dreamers @4Dreamers


Music 82.31% 167.6K 195.7K 8.8K 618 Preview
33 4DreamersVEVO @4DreamersVEVO


Music 82.44% 157.4K 189.2K 8.7K 606 Preview
34 Zetpewu Bakajoko @bekerwuku

Zetpewu Bakajoko

Music 84.58% 61.9K 543K 18.4K 602 Preview
35 Gromeeofficial @gromeeofficial


Music 82.23% 178.5K 247.3K 8.9K 572 Preview
36 TKM Official @TKM Official

TKM Official

Music 89.63% 298K 296.7K 12.9K 545 Preview
37 smokestorygroup @smokestorygroup


Music 83.21% 484.5K 445.7K 19K 534 Preview
38 Young Kai @Young Kai

Young Kai

Music 83.78% 14.6K 52.9K 3.2K 532 Preview
39 Magda Bereda @MAGDAmelodies

Magda Bereda

Music 81.7% 712K 100.3K 8.2K 531 Preview
40 Kaja Jabłońska @Kaja Jabłońska

Kaja Jabłońska

Music 92.05% 10.2K 79.4K 4.9K 520 Preview
41 DawidPodsiadloVEVO @DawidPodsiadloVEVO


Music 82.93% 340K 665.2K 15.9K 518 Preview
42 DoktorSWAG @DoktorSWAG


Music 87.77% 74.7K 743.3K 20.2K 516 Preview
43 Pawbeats TV @Pawbeats

Pawbeats TV

Music 80.37% 14.8K 808.9K 21.3K 502 Preview
44 Narkopop @BalaganeVEVO


Music 84.53% 127.6K 374K 9.8K 502 Preview
45 Edzio @tvEDZIO


Music 88.79% 42.5K 129.9K 10.3K 500 Preview
46 Major Specnaz @Major Specnaz

Major Specnaz

Music 83.09% 245.5K 330K 10.8K 480.5 Preview
47 PopkillerTV @popkillerpl


Music 90.08% 236.1K 208.9K 9.9K 479 Preview
48 Hashashins @Hashashins


Music 90.91% 126.5K 175.8K 5.5K 461 Preview
49 Dezy @Masterczulekk


Music 85.15% 1.1M 242.8K 19.6K 444 Preview
50 młody yerba @młody yerba

młody yerba

Music 88.81% 24.9K 41.5K 3.8K 418 Preview
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