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Top Most Subscribed Education Youtube channels in the United States

Updated: July 2020

Here’s a list of the top 100 most subscribed Education YouTubers and channels in the United States. Find out who is the #1 YouTuber in the United States and get a list of the most popular Education YouTube channels in 2020. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

Rank Channel Category From United States Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell @Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Education 35.81% 12.2M 4.1M 311.2K 15.7K Preview
2 CGP Grey @CGPGrey

CGP Grey

Education 41.99% 4.3M 2M 116.3K 5.4K Preview
3 Doctor Mike @Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

Education 45.3% 5.8M 1.9M 97.1K 4.3K Preview
4 Tom Scott @enyay

Tom Scott

Education 28.65% 2.7M 1.8M 111.6K 5.8K Preview
5 Odd Tinkering @Odd Tinkering

Odd Tinkering

Education 36.25% 1.3M 3.2M 61.4K 4.2K Preview
6 Dr. Beau Hightower @bohtower36366

Dr. Beau Hightower

Education 45.71% 956.1K 2.5M 48.3K 4.4K Preview
7 TED-Ed @TEDEducation


Education 31.23% 11.8M 1.6M 76.2K 5K Preview
8 TierZoo @TierZoo


Education 42.99% 2M 1.2M 77.9K 4.7K Preview
9 AnthonyPadilla @AnthonyPadilla


Education 44.5% 4.4M 950.5K 82K 4.7K Preview
10 my mechanics @my mechanics

my mechanics

Education 29.17% 1.5M 1.6M 69.4K 4.9K Preview
11 Meet Arnold @Meet Arnold

Meet Arnold

Education 33.26% 3M 1.6M 52.6K 4.1K Preview
12 Overly Sarcastic Productions @RedEyesTakeWarning

Overly Sarcastic Productions

Education 47.31% 1.3M 614.8K 70.8K 4.1K Preview
13 Chubbyemu @Chubbyemu


Education 43.54% 1.4M 724.9K 37.5K 6.5K Preview
14 apandah @apandah


Education 46.61% 485.1K 646.9K 63.5K 3.4K Preview
15 AlternateHistoryHub @AlternateHistoryHub


Education 47.63% 1.8M 619.8K 44.6K 4.5K Preview
16 PsychedSubstance @PsychedSubstance


Education 43.83% 2M 943.8K 30.9K 4K Preview
17 LegalEagle @LegalEagle


Education 56.97% 1.1M 653.5K 26.3K 4.2K Preview
18 Wendover Productions @Wendoverproductions

Wendover Productions

Education 39.98% 2.6M 890K 31K 2.2K Preview
19 The King of Random @01032010814

The King of Random

Education 48.38% 12.5M 834.3K 25.5K 2.4K Preview
20 Jim Browning @Jim Browning

Jim Browning

Education 33.46% 1.1M 450.5K 37.7K 4.1K Preview
21 TysyTube Restoration @TysyTube Restoration

TysyTube Restoration

Education 30.86% 812.6K 1.5M 33K 1.4K Preview
22 Donut Operator @Donut Operator

Donut Operator

Education 63.42% 1.6M 395.5K 26.1K 3.1K Preview
23 akidearest @akidearest


Education 37.75% 2.5M 368.5K 42.6K 3.1K Preview
24 Graham Stephan @Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan

Education 66.41% 2.1M 348.3K 31.1K 2.2K Preview
25 Lindybeige @lindybeige


Education 28.96% 1M 609.9K 27.4K 2.6K Preview
26 PoliceActivity @PoliceActivity


Education 58.28% 2.1M 427.6K 14.7K 3.2K Preview
27 Mark Felton Productions @Mark Felton Productions

Mark Felton Productions

Education 33.11% 770K 714.2K 25.7K 1.9K Preview
28 Eleanor Neale @Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale

Education 36.53% 965.1K 404.3K 29.4K 3K Preview
29 Kevin O'Leary @KevinOLearyDotCom

Kevin O'Leary

Education 53.81% 239.1K 625.8K 21K 1.5K Preview
30 Simple History @Simple History

Simple History

Education 33.82% 2.8M 544.9K 25.9K 1.9K Preview
31 Vsauce2 @Vsauce2


Education 43.25% 4.2M 437K 23.8K 2K Preview
32 Karolina Żebrowska @czekoladaimaslo

Karolina Żebrowska

Education 39.3% 643.1K 239.4K 31.5K 2.8K Preview
33 Knowledgia @Knowledgia


Education 17.86% 349.1K 663.5K 16.1K 4.2K Preview
34 Company Man @Company Man

Company Man

Education 68.74% 882.2K 360.9K 12.9K 2.4K Preview
35 Nostalgia Nerd @nostalgianerdvideos

Nostalgia Nerd

Education 30.5% 325.1K 516.2K 19.4K 2.3K Preview
36 Defunctland @Defunctland


Education 71.95% 750.5K 322.9K 14.2K 2K Preview
37 skippy62able @skippy62able


Education 56.87% 2.6M 302.1K 15K 2K Preview
38 History Matters @History Matters

History Matters

Education 27.08% 489.1K 405.5K 23.9K 1.9K Preview
39 Valuetainment @patrickbetdavid


Education 48.62% 2.4M 226K 13.4K 3.2K Preview
40 Meet Kevin @KevinPaffrath

Meet Kevin

Education 78.51% 665.1K 273.4K 7.3K 2.9K Preview
41 Adam Neely @havic5

Adam Neely

Education 41.32% 1.1M 275.9K 22.8K 1.7K Preview
42 PBS Space Time @PBS Space Time

PBS Space Time

Education 42.45% 2M 340.7K 16.1K 1.7K Preview
43 Active Self Protection @Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection

Education 61.72% 1.8M 307.7K 12.6K 1.7K Preview
44 Mr Scientific @Mr Scientific

Mr Scientific

Education 19.98% 832.1K 426.9K 21K 2K Preview
45 Paul Davids @Luapper

Paul Davids

Education 28.49% 1.8M 442K 17.5K 1.5K Preview
46 reallygraceful @reallygraceful


Education 56.6% 326.1K 130K 14.7K 2.9K Preview
47 CosmicSkeptic @alexjoconnor


Education 40.86% 347.6K 131.1K 7.1K 8.3K Preview
48 The 8-Bit Guy @adric22

The 8-Bit Guy

Education 42.64% 1.1M 251.1K 14.2K 2K Preview
49 Epic History TV @Epic History TV

Epic History TV

Education 31.73% 727.1K 285.9K 12.7K 2K Preview
50 Brew @Brew


Education 49.44% 599.1K 298.9K 13.8K 1.1K Preview
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