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October 2019

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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 Fortnite @fortnite


Video Games United States 22.3M 756.7K Free report
2 Tyler Blevins @ninja

Tyler Blevins

Lifestyle Video Games United States 14.8M 296.7K Free report
3 Rockstar Games @rockstargames

Rockstar Games

Xbox Game Development Video Games United States 15.3M 134.1K Free report
4  @xsqueezie

Video Games France 5.4M 373.4K Free report
5 PlayStation @playstation


Video Games Business Entertainment United States 20.7M 88.2K Free report
6 Jacksepticeye @jacksepticeye


Producers Music Video Games United States 6.5M 209K Free report
7 Xbox @xbox


Xbox Video Games United States 9.6M 126.3K Free report
8 Dude Perfect @dudeperfect

Dude Perfect

Humor Comedy Video Games United States 9.9M 103.9K Free report
9 Call of Duty @callofduty

Call of Duty

Game Development Entertainment United States 8.8M 86.2K Free report
10 JYPnation @jypentertainment


Video Games Indonesia 3.4M 143K Free report
11 PUBG MOBILE @pubgmobile


Video Games India 5.4M 89.5K Preview
12 League of Legends 🥳 @leagueoflegends

League of Legends 🥳

Video Games United States 3.1M 137.6K Preview
13 Ubisoft @ubisoft


Video Games United States 5.6M 50.6K Preview
14 DrLupo @drlupo


Video Games United States 4.4M 62.7K Preview
15 Clash of Clans @clashofclans

Clash of Clans

Video Games India 5.4M 51.5K Preview
16 PacyBits @pacybits


Video Games United Kingdom 3M 82K Preview
17 Nintendo of America @nintendo

Nintendo of America

Game Development Video Games Entertainment United States 5.7M 41.4K Preview
18 rafael lange @cellbitos

rafael lange

Video Games Brazil 2.6M 82.5K Preview
19 Alastair (Ali-A) @alia

Alastair (Ali-A)

Video Games United States 2.6M 73K Preview
20 The Walking Dead @amcthewalkingdead

The Walking Dead

Comics Video Games Art United States 6.8M 23K Preview
21 Overwatch @playoverwatch


Video Games United States 1.9M 80.4K Preview
22 СТРИМЕРША КАРИНА @sharishanya


Video Games Russia 934.8K 63.6K Preview
23 Simon Unge @unge

Simon Unge

Video Blogger Video Games Germany 2.1M 40.6K Preview
24 Chance Sutton @imchancesutton

Chance Sutton

Video Games United States 2.1M 37.7K Preview
25 Corentin H - Gotaga @imgotaga

Corentin H - Gotaga

Video Games France 891.4K 47.2K Preview
26 Fedelobo @soyfedelobo


Video Games Mexico 916.9K 41.9K Preview
27 Destiny 2 @destinythegame

Destiny 2

Video Games United States 1.3M 34.5K Preview
28 M Ikhsan @ikhsan_lemon

M Ikhsan

Video Games Indonesia 1.4M 30.1K Preview
29 Hay Day @hayday

Hay Day

Video Games United States 2.7M 8.7K Preview
30 Marcelo david @coldzera

Marcelo david

Video Games Geek Brazil 508.4K 36.9K Preview
31 فورتنايت بـ العربي | Fortnite @fortnite.sa

فورتنايت بـ العربي | Fortnite

Video Games Saudi Arabia 1.3M 16.4K Preview
32 Naughty Dog @naughty_dog_inc

Naughty Dog

Video Games United States 542K 22.3K Preview
33 EVOS ESPORTS @evosesports


Video Games Indonesia 2.1M 7.6K Preview
34  @gamingbible

Video Games United Kingdom 1.3M 11.3K Preview
35 PC Gaming @pcgaming

PC Gaming

Game Development Art United States 798.3K 12K Preview
36 dky @dky_tuturu


Video Games Indonesia 392.1K 22.6K Preview
37 INDONESIAN GAMER ! @indonesiangamer


Video Games Indonesia 752.2K 12.5K Preview
38 Blizzard Entertainment @blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment

Video Games United States 639.5K 11.4K Preview
39 Episode @episode


Video Games United States 1.3M 7.2K Preview
40 Team RRQ @teamrrq

Team RRQ

Video Games Indonesia 1.3M 6.7K Preview
41 Funnygamevidz @funnygamevidz


Humor Memes Video Games United States 554K 10.5K Preview
42 Ridwan Hanif @ridwanhr

Ridwan Hanif

Video Games Indonesia 384.8K 9.4K Preview
43 Nona Berlian Laboni @nonaberlian14

Nona Berlian Laboni

Video Games Indonesia 303.1K 11.9K Preview
44 Twitch Fortnite @twitchfortnite_

Twitch Fortnite

Technology Video Games France 302.5K 9.3K Preview
45 mobilelegends WTF🔥 @mobilelegendswtf

mobilelegends WTF🔥

Video Games Indonesia 680.1K 4.1K Preview
46 Ubisoft @ubisoftnl


Video Games Netherlands 603.9K 4.1K Preview
47 PlayStation Middle East @playstation_me

PlayStation Middle East

Video Games Saudi Arabia 950.5K 2.1K Preview
48 Team Secret @teamsecret

Team Secret

Video Games Indonesia 410.5K 4.6K Preview
49 Sledgehammer Games @sledgehammergames

Sledgehammer Games

Video Games United States 956.6K 1.9K Preview
50 Warpath @randikadwiputra


Video Games Indonesia 381.9K 3.9K Preview
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