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February 2020

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# @username Topics From United States Followers Auth Eng from US
1 LeBron James @kingjames

LeBron James

Basketball Sports 34.7M 60.4M 723.6K Free report
2 Wardell Curry @stephencurry30

Wardell Curry

Basketball 13.5M 29.3M 277.9K Free report
3 Kobe Bryant @kobebryant

Kobe Bryant

Producers Basketball Writers 8.9M 21M 511.7K Free report
4 Odell Beckham Jr @obj

Odell Beckham Jr

American football Sports 10M 14.1M 251.3K Preview
5 ESPN @espn


Basketball Sports 10.7M 15.4M 181K Preview
6 Kevin Durant @easymoneysniper

Kevin Durant

Basketball Sports 7.3M 11.8M 297K Preview
7 SportsCenter @sportscenter


Basketball Sports Soccer 11.6M 16M 160.4K Preview
8  @kyrieirving

Sports Basketball 8.7M 13.9M 229.7K Preview
9 Tom Brady @tombrady

Tom Brady

Sports Training American football 4.9M 7.3M 286.3K Preview
10 House of Highlights @houseofhighlights

House of Highlights

Basketball Sports 10.6M 16.1M 125K Preview
11 Kevin Durant @easymoneysniper

Kevin Durant

Basketball Sports 7.3M 11.8M 297K Preview
12 NBA @nba


Basketball Sports 21.3M 45.8M 71.4K Preview
13 nike @nike


Sports Apparel Streetwear 38.1M 101.9M 43.8K Preview
14 Bleacher Report @bleacherreport

Bleacher Report

Basketball 8.6M 12.2M 107.5K Preview
15 Los Angeles Lakers @lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Basketball 7M 12.6M 176K Preview
16 Conor McGregor Official @thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor Official

Mixed martial arts 8.5M 35.5M 146K Preview
17 Lonzo Ball @zo

Lonzo Ball

Basketball Sports 5.2M 7.7M 175.5K Preview
18 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer 11.5M 205M 222K Preview
19 Floyd Mayweather @floydmayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Boxing 10.8M 23M 116K Preview
20 NFL @nfl


Sports American football 12M 16.9M 55.9K Preview
21 Zion Williamson @zionwilliamson

Zion Williamson

Basketball 3.1M 4.8M 256K Preview
22 dwyanewade @dwyanewade


Basketball Sports 10.4M 16.2M 67.6K Preview
23 Paul George @ygtrece

Paul George

Basketball Sports 5.1M 8.9M 118.6K Preview
24 Giannis Antetokounmpo @giannis_an34

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Entertainment Lifestyle Basketball 3M 7.5M 186.2K Preview
25 Leo Messi @leomessi

Leo Messi

Soccer 5.3M 143.5M 107.8K Preview
26 Carmelo Anthony @carmeloanthony

Carmelo Anthony

Basketball Sports 5M 7.1M 104.5K Preview
27 Austin McBroom @austinmcbroom

Austin McBroom

Basketball 2.5M 6.8M 212.9K Preview
28 Anthony Davis @antdavis23

Anthony Davis

Sports Basketball 3.5M 5.8M 145.5K Preview
29 David Beckham @davidbeckham

David Beckham

Soccer 7.7M 61.1M 78.1K Preview
30 JJ Watt @jjwatt

JJ Watt

American football 3.1M 4M 104.2K Preview
31 Russell Wilson @dangerusswilson

Russell Wilson

Sports 3.5M 4.4M 90K Preview
32 MLB ⚾ @mlb


Sports 4.4M 6.2M 70.3K Preview
33 Lamar Jackson @new_era8

Lamar Jackson

American football 1.9M 2.4M 154.3K Preview
34 Kyle Kuzma @kuz

Kyle Kuzma

Sports Actors Music 2.3M 4.6M 153.9K Preview
35 Jordan @jumpman23


Basketball Sports 9.9M 19.8M 41.9K Preview
36 Ryan Garcia @kingryang

Ryan Garcia

Boxing 2.1M 5.2M 163K Preview
37 ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr @neymarjr

ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr

Soccer 18.5M 134.3M 156.3K Preview
38 Jason Momoa @prideofgypsies

Jason Momoa

Actors Motorcycle Racing 4.9M 14.8M 62.4K Preview
39 Alex Morgan @alexmorgan13

Alex Morgan

Soccer 3.1M 9.4M 110.8K Preview
40 Damian Lillard @damianlillard

Damian Lillard

Basketball 5.3M 7.4M 53.8K Preview
41 Joel

Joel "The Process" Embiid

Sports 2.2M 4.1M 107.3K Preview
42 Nike Basketball @nikebasketball

Nike Basketball

Basketball Sports Shoes 5.2M 11.8M 49.6K Preview
43 Serena Williams @serenawilliams

Serena Williams

Sports Tennis 6.1M 12.2M 29.2K Preview
44 Chris Paul @cp3

Chris Paul

Basketball Sports 6.4M 9.8M 32.5K Preview
45 Ezekiel Elliott @ezekielelliott

Ezekiel Elliott

Sports 2.4M 3M 71.2K Preview
46 Jimmy Butler @jimmybutler

Jimmy Butler

Music Sports 2.9M 4.9M 53.9K Preview
47 Jayson Tatum🙏🏀 @jaytatum0

Jayson Tatum🙏🏀

Basketball Sports Entertainment 2.1M 3M 122.2K Preview
48 Ben Simmons @bensimmons

Ben Simmons

Basketball Sports 2.7M 5.1M 70.2K Preview
49  @ludacris

Music Singer Riders 6.4M 11.6M 39K Preview
50 Rob Gronkowski @gronk

Rob Gronkowski

Sports 2.7M 3.7M 51.5K Preview
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