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January 2020

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# @username Topics From Ukraine Followers Auth Eng from UA
1 Оля Полякова @polyakovamusic

Оля Полякова

Modeling Fashion Photography 1.5M 2.1M 51.8K Free report
2 🄸🅁🄺🄰 🄿🄸🅂🅃🅁🅈🅄🄶🄰 @irka_pistryuga


Photography Travel 408.2K 529.5K 74K Free report
3 STUZHUK DMITRIY/СПОРТ ПАПА🦍 @stuzhuk_dmitriy


Photography Travel Modeling 359.2K 472.7K 59.7K Free report
4 Тетяна Песик @tanet_vip

Тетяна Песик

Modeling Fashion Photography 384.2K 484.8K 9.6K Preview
5 Україна🔥Рвань @smereka_tv


Travel Photography 326.7K 428.6K 12.9K Preview
6 Aleksandr Petrenko @realpetrenko

Aleksandr Petrenko

Travel Photography 302.5K 408K 12.8K Preview
7 Руди Анастасия @____rudi_____

Руди Анастасия

Modeling Fashion Photography 145.4K 235K 22.8K Preview
8 Сумасшедшая Леди 👼🏼💄 @_lizanice__

Сумасшедшая Леди 👼🏼💄

Travel Photography Adventure 174.2K 476.2K 9.4K Preview
9 Sonia Plakidyuk @moi_sofism

Sonia Plakidyuk

Fashion Modeling Photography 331.7K 480.4K 5.7K Preview
10 Боржемская Марина @uzelkova.marina

Боржемская Марина

Fashion Modeling Photography 315.8K 389.4K 5K Preview
11 Дима Ермузевич @dimaermuzevich

Дима Ермузевич

Photography Modeling Fashion 158K 880.9K 8.6K Preview
12 DESTIN LOVEL @daniel.vegas


Modeling Photography 435.6K 718.9K 3.8K Preview
13 Хица @khitsa


Modeling Fashion Photography 134.6K 516.7K 6.5K Preview
14 Francesco Nappo @francesconappoph

Francesco Nappo

Photography 379.5K 6.1M 4.4K Preview
15 ⚡️ SOPHA KUPER ⚡️ @sophakuper1


Fashion Photography Modeling 171.4K 1.2M 8.6K Preview
16 MARIA | 19 @mary.lvk

MARIA | 19

Photography 83.7K 236.1K 15.5K Preview
17 𝑺𝒉𝒆𝒗𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒏𝒌𝒐 𝑶𝒍𝒈𝒂 🦊 @olya.shelby

𝑺𝒉𝒆𝒗𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒏𝒌𝒐 𝑶𝒍𝒈𝒂 🦊

Modeling Photography Publishing 147K 184.7K 6.7K Preview
18 Ханна❤️ @offi_hanna


Travel Photography Modeling 175.5K 2.9M 3.7K Preview
19 Taya😉•21y.o✌🏻•Kyiv🌆•Ukraine🇺🇦 @taykaos


Photography 219.2K 272K 4.5K Preview
20 Марта Марнауз (Карпенко) @martamarnauz

Марта Марнауз (Карпенко)

Photography Travel iPhone 174.5K 213.7K 4K Preview
21 Jey @hi_jey


Photography Modeling 110K 628.5K 6.5K Preview
22 АЛАН БАСИЕВ @flo_rida


Modeling Fashion Photography 56.9K 454.7K 9.6K Preview
23 Polina Zinovieva @polly_zinovieva

Polina Zinovieva

Travel Photography Fashion 188.1K 970.5K 3.4K Preview
24 A R I N A @airrisha


Travel Photography Fashion 129.7K 1M 5.8K Preview
25 TIM @timursorokin


Modeling Fashion Photography 88.1K 437.5K 6K Preview
26 Юлия Дыхан/Julia Dykhan @julia.dykhan

Юлия Дыхан/Julia Dykhan

Modeling Fashion Photography 91.6K 135.4K 6.7K Preview
27 тут щиро 💛 @lerkazukerka

тут щиро 💛

Travel Photography Fashion 129.7K 158.6K 5.1K Preview
28 Попробуй Опознать @ne_opoznanniy

Попробуй Опознать

Photography 55.3K 163.3K 9.8K Preview
29 Adam Katz Sinding @aks

Adam Katz Sinding

Fashion Modeling Fashion Design N/A 468.4K 949 Preview
30 Мэйби Бэйби @frend_baby

Мэйби Бэйби

Modeling Publishing Photography 52K 421K 4.9K Preview
31 ⠀⠀Ежедневник Ди 🤰🏽 @defiendi

⠀⠀Ежедневник Ди 🤰🏽

Fashion Photography Modeling 108.4K 648.6K 3.9K Preview
32 Ирина Горбачева @irina_gorbacheva

Ирина Горбачева

Modeling Fashion Photography 147.1K 1.6M 2.6K Preview
33 Никита Панфилов @panfilov_nikita

Никита Панфилов

Ice Hockey Photography 86K 404.7K 3.9K Preview
34 MARKUL @markulmusic


Music Singer Photography 81.6K 457.8K 4.6K Preview


Travel Photography Adventure 91.8K 361.7K 1.8K Preview
36 Екатерина Куличенко @tetya_mottya_

Екатерина Куличенко

Modeling Photography Fashion 50.9K 74.3K 4.4K Preview
37 Чоткий Гумор 😂 @chotkiy.humor

Чоткий Гумор 😂

Travel Photography 40.5K 55.8K 4.9K Preview
38 Дмитрий Портнягин @portnyagin

Дмитрий Портнягин

Photography Entrepreneur Business 111.1K 1.1M 2.2K Preview
39 ZIVERT🎙 life в кайф 👽 @_zivert

ZIVERT🎙 life в кайф 👽

Modeling Fashion Photography 80.8K 1M 3.3K Preview
40 Alexandra Burimova @burimova

Alexandra Burimova

Photography Fashion Travel 75.5K 937.3K 2.4K Preview
41 Кирюха @kiruxa_di


Photography Travel Adventure 49.7K 261.9K 2.8K Preview
42 Счастливая семейка🤪 @mommy_to_eva

Счастливая семейка🤪

Photography Travel Modeling 52.3K 874.1K 2.6K Preview
43 Alexander Lozitsky @a_lozitsky

Alexander Lozitsky

Photography Travel Adventure 140.3K 427.9K 781 Preview
44 Sasha Trautvein @sashadidntwakeup

Sasha Trautvein

Fashion Modeling Photography 71.3K 762.2K 4.6K Preview
45 змінюю ваші тіла та думки ♥️ @dreamfit_you

змінюю ваші тіла та думки ♥️

Photography 90.2K 120.6K 2.4K Preview
46 Oksana 📍Stockholm @_miss_maleficient_

Oksana 📍Stockholm

Photography 92.4K 149.8K 2.7K Preview
47 Саша Бортич @bortich

Саша Бортич

Fashion Acting Photography 36.9K 665.3K 2.6K Preview
48 YANA LEVENTSEVA @yana_leventseva


Photography 107.1K 955.5K 1.8K Preview
49 Samsung Ukraine @samsungua

Samsung Ukraine

Photography Travel 138.7K 168.2K 1.1K Preview
50 ️🍌sᴀsʜᴀ ᴠᴀʀɴᴀsʜᴜᴋ🍍 @varnashuk

️🍌sᴀsʜᴀ ᴠᴀʀɴᴀsʜᴜᴋ🍍

Photography 67.6K 83.5K 2.2K Preview
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