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Top 100 Home & Garden Instagram Influencers in Mexico

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October 2019

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# @username Topics From Mexico Followers Auth Eng from MX
1 Marinette Dupain-Cheng @marinettedesigned

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Design Interior Design Fashion 35.6K 434.7K 8K Free report
2 Daniela Colett @danibcolett

Daniela Colett

Moms Design Interior Design 42K 264.5K 2.3K Free report
3 Joanna Stevens Gaines @joannagaines

Joanna Stevens Gaines

Design Decoration Interior Design N/A 11.5M 117.7K Free report
4 Architecture & Design @_archidesignhome_

Architecture & Design

Design Interior Design Architecture 75.9K 1.6M 310 Preview
5 H&M HOME @hmhome


Design Interior Design N/A 3.5M 24K Preview
6 Architecture & Design @restless.arch

Architecture & Design

Design Architecture Interior Design 53.9K 1.4M 735 Preview
7 Interior Design & Home Decor @inspire_me_home_decor

Interior Design & Home Decor

Design Interior Design N/A 5.7M 12.2K Preview
8 Interior Design & Architecture @d.signers

Interior Design & Architecture

Design Interior Design Furniture 100.6K 2.4M 481 Preview
9 ARCHITECTURE HUNTER @architecture_hunter


Architecture Design Interior Design 95.4K 2M 327 Preview
10 Architectural Digest @archdigest

Architectural Digest

Design Interior Design 129.1K 4.8M 304 Preview
11 Interior Design & Decor @homeadore

Interior Design & Decor

Design Interior Design Furniture 87.2K 2.8M 322 Preview
12 Nifty @buzzfeednifty


Design Decoration Interior Design 169.5K 4.4M 267 Preview
13 MR. KATE 👀 @mrkate


Design Decoration Interior Design 27.3K 929.2K 1.5K Preview
14 Art & Architecture @architects_need

Art & Architecture

Design Architecture Interior Design 49.2K 1M 244 Preview
15 Interior Design @design_interior_homes

Interior Design

Design Interior Design Furniture N/A 2.3M 10.2K Preview
16 Talisa Tossell's Slimes @talisa.tossell

Talisa Tossell's Slimes

DIY 36.9K 1.4M 617 Preview
17 ARCHITECTURE NOW @architecturenow


Design Architecture Interior Design 59.3K 1.1M 249 Preview
18 magnolia @magnolia


Design Interior Design 65.6K 4.6M 452 Preview
19 Design.Only @design.only


Design Architecture Interior Design 43.9K 1.3M 262 Preview
20 INTERIOR DESIGNER 🛋 @avelinovaldez


Design Interior Design Furniture 38.4K 67.5K 709 Preview
21 Mega Mansions @mega_mansions

Mega Mansions

Design Interior Design Furniture 43K 1.9M 337 Preview
22 Habitarte® @habitarteco


Design Interior Design Furniture 81.2K 507.9K 81 Preview
23 gongchan @gongchanida


Music Design Interior Design Decoration N/A 343.6K 16.1K Preview
24 ◤ARISTA Diseño en Concreto® @aristaconcreto

◤ARISTA Diseño en Concreto®

Design Architecture Interior Design 52.5K 70.1K 232 Preview
25 DOPE DECORS @dopedecorz


Design Interior Design Furniture 27.2K 787.4K 153 Preview
26 Luxury Real Estate & Design @luxury_listings

Luxury Real Estate & Design

Design Interior Design Architecture 45.1K 1.9M 235 Preview
27 Dezeen @dezeen


Design Architecture Interior Design 64.6K 2.2M 127 Preview
28 Pottery Barn @potterybarn

Pottery Barn

Decoration Design Interior Design 66.4K 2.4M 269 Preview
29 Design Milk @designmilk

Design Milk

Design Interior Design 110.1K 3.1M 82 Preview
30 Jim Chapman @jimchapman

Jim Chapman

Design Interior Design 74K 2M 276 Preview
31 Fran Silvestre Arquitectos @fransilvestrearquitectos

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Design Architecture Interior Design 15.6K 316.1K 442 Preview
32 Wish @wish


Design Fashion Interior Design 101.3K 4.3M 115 Preview
33 The Cool Hunter @thecoolhunter_

The Cool Hunter

Design Interior Design 22.1K 677.2K 350 Preview
34 Product @p.roduct


Design Interior Design Furniture 29.7K 711.9K 385 Preview
35 West Elm | Furniture + Decor @westelm

West Elm | Furniture + Decor

Design Interior Design Decoration 37.6K 2.1M 192 Preview
36 A Designers Mind @adesignersmind

A Designers Mind

Design Interior Design 43.6K 1.4M 115 Preview
37 Interior Design Ideas @interiordesignideas

Interior Design Ideas

Design Interior Design Furniture 58.9K 1.6M 248 Preview
38 AliExpress @aliexpress


Design Interior Design N/A 5.1M 2.4K Preview
39 Roomporn ™ @roomporn

Roomporn ™

Design Interior Design N/A 1.4M 32.5K Preview
40 Property Brothers 🏡🔨 @propertybrothers

Property Brothers 🏡🔨

Design Interior Design 29.9K 1.3M 297 Preview
41 Apartment Therapy @apartmenttherapy

Apartment Therapy

Home Decor 37.8K 2.3M 133 Preview
42 Eric Landon @tortus

Eric Landon

Design Interior Design Art 27.2K 944.7K 186 Preview
43 Interior & More @myinterior

Interior & More

Design Interior Design Decoration N/A 2.6M 5.1K Preview
44 HOUSES 🔑 @houses


Design Interior Design Luxury 27.7K 1.1M 223 Preview
45 Bauhaus Movement @bauhaus.movement

Bauhaus Movement

Design Architecture Interior Design 19.3K 658.3K 125 Preview
46 🌿Jungalow® @thejungalow


Design Decoration Interior Design 25.8K 1.3M 203 Preview
47 D.Signers Products @d.signers_in

D.Signers Products

Pets Design Interior Design 28.2K 766.4K 154 Preview
48 Pier 1 @pier1

Pier 1

Design Interior Design Decoration 33.1K 1M 117 Preview
49 Cengiz Al @cengizal

Cengiz Al

Design Interior Design N/A 218.7K 9K Preview
50 Enlace Arquitectura @enlace_arquitectura

Enlace Arquitectura

Design Architecture Interior Design 20.9K 39.8K 195 Preview
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