Influencer Market Research: Competitor analysis & Industry Trends

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Influencer Marketing Campaign Tracking

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Who is HypeAuditor Research for?
Make smart decisions based on the experience gained by your competitors

Reveal best influencer marketing strategies from the market and your competitors

Generate the insights you need to perfect your influencer marketing.

Find the most effective creators on Instagram

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Enchase your services by providing insightful reports for your clients

Identify the leading players and creators in every market and country to monitor the market share and find new growth opportunities for your clients

Generate effective influencer marketing strategies based on market trends and competitors’ insights

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Consulting and Research

Analyze trends, competitors' strategy and audience behavior

Map markets and spot emerging players and market trends

Translate audience insights and big data into concrete initiatives that drive above-market growth

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Intelligent Competitor Analyses

Find out how performs your competitor’s marketing campaigns, get the full list of influencers they work with, analyze creatives used, and spy on their marketing budgets.

YouTube influencer Discovery

Influencer Marketing Trends Analysis

Discover emerging trends and the most successful players on the market in any industry and country. Find trend-breakers and taste-makers to enchase your influencer marketing strategy.

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Instagram Influencer Discovery

Two Easy Steps, Powerful Insights

Select a brand you want to analyze

Choose a competitor’s Instagram account and specify hashtags you want to track. Select the time period of the analyses, country, and create a report

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Influencer’s Basic info and Contact details
Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok Audience Demographics

Get results and analyze them instantly

Get valuable insights in less than an hour, rather than waiting weeks, and easily analyze valuable data

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