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Top 100 People & Blogs Youtube channels in Vietnam

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November 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential People & Blogs YouTubers and channels in the Vietnam. Find out who tops the list. Wie es funktioniert ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Kategorie Von Vietnam Abonnenten Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 1977 Vlog @1977 Vlog

1977 Vlog

People & Blogs 86.98% 1.2M 11M 370.6K 31.9K Vorschau
2 Khoa Pug @Khoa Pug

Khoa Pug

People & Blogs 85.02% 2.3M 1.8M 40.6K 4.1K Vorschau
3 Lộc Fuho TV @Lộc Fuho TV

Lộc Fuho TV

People & Blogs 88.2% 670K 988.1K 44.5K 4.2K Vorschau
4 Na Vlogs @Na Vlogs

Na Vlogs

People & Blogs 88.29% 1.3M 1.7M 41.2K 1.3K Vorschau
5 Thơ Nguyễn @Thơ Nguyễn

Thơ Nguyễn

People & Blogs 79.52% 6.9M 1.7M 23.7K 2.1K Vorschau
6 Thằng Cò @Thằng Cò

Thằng Cò

People & Blogs 87.89% 816.1K 1.7M 33.9K 916 Vorschau
7 Lena Official @zZbeanieZz

Lena Official

People & Blogs 83.63% 384.1K 1M 40.6K 1.3K Vorschau
8 Meena Channel @Meena Channel

Meena Channel

People & Blogs 72.22% 366K 1.1M 15.4K 2K Vorschau
9 AS Mobile Vlog @AS Mobile Vlog

AS Mobile Vlog

People & Blogs 81.75% 645.1K 574.4K 23.2K 1.5K Vorschau
10 PEWPEW @PlaydotaPP


People & Blogs 86.94% 3.3M 496.6K 26.6K 1.2K Vorschau
11 The Reviewer @The Reviewer

The Reviewer

People & Blogs 87.89% 81.7K 232.8K 17.8K 2.2K Vorschau
12 Xe Ôm Vlog @Xe Ôm Vlog

Xe Ôm Vlog

People & Blogs 88.41% 629.1K 647.9K 17.2K 647.5 Vorschau
13 Bếp Trên Đỉnh Đồi @Bếp Trên Đỉnh Đồi

Bếp Trên Đỉnh Đồi

People & Blogs 72.84% 59.2K 855.9K 11.3K 718.5 Vorschau
14 Angela Chây Hốp @Angela Chây Hốp

Angela Chây Hốp

People & Blogs 61.82% 921.1K 296.4K 25.2K 1K Vorschau
15 TX Vlog @TX Vlog

TX Vlog

People & Blogs 81.48% 486.5K 356.6K 14.8K 978 Vorschau
16 ViruSs @ViruSs


People & Blogs 87.88% 2.6M 478.6K 15.5K 635.5 Vorschau
17 Anh Hưởng Râu @Anh Hưởng Râu

Anh Hưởng Râu

People & Blogs 75% 117.2K 517.8K 10.4K 805.5 Vorschau
18 Nana Liu TNNC @Nana Liu TNNC

Nana Liu TNNC

People & Blogs 77.03% 1.2M 428.9K 11.6K 806 Vorschau
19 Trinh Pham Family @Trinh Pham Family

Trinh Pham Family

People & Blogs 72.5% 158.1K 466.4K 14.9K 545 Vorschau
20 Thúy Kiều Official @Thúy Kiều Official

Thúy Kiều Official

People & Blogs 84.25% 473.2K 565.1K 12.5K 421.5 Vorschau
21 Tuổi Trẻ Chưa Trải Sự Đời @Tuổi Trẻ Chưa Trải Sự Đời

Tuổi Trẻ Chưa Trải Sự Đời

People & Blogs 94.84% 142.5K 549.9K 8.4K 503 Vorschau
22 Nam Center @Nam Center

Nam Center

People & Blogs 90% 99.2K 254K 12.4K 775 Vorschau
23 Giang Ơi @Giang Ơi

Giang Ơi

People & Blogs 76.58% 1.1M 279K 14.7K 633 Vorschau
24 Trang Phạm @Trang Phạm

Trang Phạm

People & Blogs 92.35% 57.9K 337.3K 12K 506 Vorschau
25 my20s @my20s


People & Blogs 73.83% 222.2K 195.9K 12.4K 1.1K Vorschau
26 Dương Phúc Chiến @Dương Phúc Chiến

Dương Phúc Chiến

People & Blogs 92% 760K 423.8K 12.3K 382.5 Vorschau
27 Hana's Lexis @Hana's Lexis

Hana's Lexis

People & Blogs 75% 414.2K 207.7K 10.2K 1K Vorschau
28 Phúc Mập Vlog @Phúc Mập Vlog

Phúc Mập Vlog

People & Blogs 70.6% 158.5K 169.5K 11.7K 1.1K Vorschau


People & Blogs 80% 214.2K 445.4K 8.1K 472 Vorschau
30 Army Agase @Army Agase

Army Agase

People & Blogs 67.12% 93.1K 311.3K 13.2K 408 Vorschau
31 123GO! Vietnamese @123GO! Vietnamese

123GO! Vietnamese

People & Blogs 66.67% 202.2K 1.3M 7.1K 172 Vorschau
32 Dưa Leo @MrDualeone

Dưa Leo

People & Blogs 77.44% 543.1K 150.9K 10.4K 780 Vorschau
33 Góc Của Rư @goccuaru

Góc Của Rư

People & Blogs 71.7% 556.6K 98.8K 4.7K 2.6K Vorschau
34 Cà Chua Đỏ @Cà Chua Đỏ

Cà Chua Đỏ

People & Blogs 78.51% 2M 522.2K 4.5K 396 Vorschau
35 NTC Vlogs @NTC Vlogs

NTC Vlogs

People & Blogs 89.8% 53.6K 1.3M 5.1K 117 Vorschau
36 Yến Nhi TV @Yến Nhi TV

Yến Nhi TV

People & Blogs 68.54% 238.1K 193.5K 6.9K 628 Vorschau
37 Benjamin Tran @Benjamin Tran

Benjamin Tran

People & Blogs 80.56% 551.5K 160.1K 9.4K 412.5 Vorschau
38 Dinology @Dinology


People & Blogs 76% 276K 233K 7K 384 Vorschau


People & Blogs 71.88% 160K 133.9K 5K 836 Vorschau
40 MYSU - Thy Thanh Pham @MYSU - Thy Thanh Pham

MYSU - Thy Thanh Pham

People & Blogs 77.16% 393.2K 159.6K 3.2K 740 Vorschau
41 Chi Sally @Chi Sally

Chi Sally

People & Blogs 83.56% 99.1K 228.8K 5.8K 223 Vorschau
42 Hay Online @Hay Online

Hay Online

People & Blogs 72.16% 1.1M 621.2K 3.8K 146 Vorschau
43 Anh Đã Già CF @Anh Đã Già CF

Anh Đã Già CF

People & Blogs 85.38% 522K 178.6K 5.3K 306.5 Vorschau
44 Gia Đình Cam Cam @Gia Đình Cam Cam

Gia Đình Cam Cam

People & Blogs 77.43% 431K 214.5K 6.9K 211 Vorschau
45 Giải Trí Tổng Hợp @Giải Trí Tổng Hợp

Giải Trí Tổng Hợp

People & Blogs 78.12% 154K 187.9K 3.5K 466 Vorschau
46 Triệu Di Tú @Triệu Di Tú

Triệu Di Tú

People & Blogs 93.75% 199K 146.9K 5.5K 296 Vorschau
47 Anh Hảo Vlogs @Anh Hảo Vlogs

Anh Hảo Vlogs

People & Blogs 88.3% 291.5K 60.6K 5.9K 711 Vorschau
48 Anh Bạn Thân @Anh Bạn Thân

Anh Bạn Thân

People & Blogs 80.95% 148.1K 159.4K 6.9K 241.5 Vorschau
49 龙梅梅Longmeimei @龙梅梅Longmeimei


People & Blogs 15.38% 344.2K 524.2K 8.4K 306 Vorschau
50 Chu Hoài Bảo @Chu Hoài Bảo

Chu Hoài Bảo

People & Blogs 64.31% 647.6K 145.3K 5.8K 379 Vorschau
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