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Top 100 Comedy Youtube channels in Brazil

sorted by HypeAuditor Score

November 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential Comedy YouTubers and channels in the Brazil. Find out who tops the list. Wie es funktioniert ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Kategorie Von Brazil Abonnenten Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 whinderssonnunes @whinderssonnunes


Comedy 74.7% 37.5M 1.8M 277.9K 5.4K Vorschau
2 CanalCanalha @CanalCanalha


Comedy 79.13% 19M 1.7M 247K 2.5K Vorschau
3 Douglassola @Douglassola


Comedy 76.35% 1M 643.4K 127.6K 6.1K Vorschau
4 O (sur)real mundo de Any Malu @O (sur)real mundo de Any Malu

O (sur)real mundo de Any Malu

Comedy 64.29% 2.6M 1.4M 92.3K 4.2K Vorschau


Comedy 78.13% 2.3M 895.4K 119.6K 3.4K Vorschau
6 Gustavo Paródias @MrGustavoParodias

Gustavo Paródias

Comedy 63.03% 6.8M 982K 176.6K 2.1K Vorschau


Comedy 50% 4.3M 3.6M 45.8K 2.6K Vorschau
8 Enaldinho @TheEnaldinhO


Comedy 56.91% 12.5M 1.1M 86.3K 3.9K Vorschau


Comedy 86.45% 3.1M 1.1M 104.4K 1.6K Vorschau
10 Bruno Miranda @bubarim

Bruno Miranda

Comedy 81.7% 1.1M 472.1K 122.3K 2.9K Vorschau
11 Maria Venture @Maria Venture

Maria Venture

Comedy 66.98% 6M 715.5K 111.2K 2.4K Vorschau
12 Bruno Vlogs @Bruno Vlogs

Bruno Vlogs

Comedy 72.32% 2.8M 643K 103.2K 1.9K Vorschau
13 Pagode da Ofensa na Web! @gosambaoficial

Pagode da Ofensa na Web!

Comedy 76.75% 5.8M 808.7K 108.3K 1.3K Vorschau
14 5 Alguma Coisa @5algumacoisa

5 Alguma Coisa

Comedy 71.47% 5.7M 662K 76.8K 2K Vorschau
15 Murilo Couto @Murilo Couto

Murilo Couto

Comedy 87.51% 1.6M 461.7K 78.8K 2.1K Vorschau
16 Lucas Rangel @rangeldovine

Lucas Rangel

Comedy 61.84% 8.4M 551.7K 62K 2K Vorschau
17 Thiago Ventura @thiagosouzapires

Thiago Ventura

Comedy 83.84% 3.4M 826.2K 92K 638 Vorschau
18 Gustavo Mendes @gustavommendes

Gustavo Mendes

Comedy 82.39% 770.1K 325.2K 40.6K 3.5K Vorschau
19 Peixe @Peixe


Comedy 68.4% 656.1K 316.7K 60.4K 2.2K Vorschau
20 Dinah Moraes @Dinah Moraes

Dinah Moraes

Comedy 61.07% 3.5M 647.7K 50K 1.2K Vorschau
21 Te atualizei @Te atualizei

Te atualizei

Comedy 83.42% 328K 158.3K 46.6K 3.9K Vorschau
22 Bruna Louise @brunalouisehumor

Bruna Louise

Comedy 85.48% 1.7M 598.3K 70K 631 Vorschau
23 Canal Desconfinados @desconfinados

Canal Desconfinados

Comedy 77.61% 3.9M 440.3K 47.6K 1.2K Vorschau
24 Fracassado @Fracassado


Comedy 73.12% 119.1K 405.5K 51.4K 1.2K Vorschau
25 Super Comedia @Super Comedia

Super Comedia

Comedy 67.25% 702K 551.1K 45.3K 997 Vorschau
26 Ingrid Ohara TV @Ingrid Ohara TV

Ingrid Ohara TV

Comedy 51.61% 5.5M 450.6K 48.1K 1.4K Vorschau
27 Luiza Parente @Luiza Parente

Luiza Parente

Comedy 55.53% 2.5M 399.9K 44.8K 1.5K Vorschau
28 Eliabe Pinheiro @Eliabe Pinheiro

Eliabe Pinheiro

Comedy 73.56% 184.1K 331.2K 57.3K 896 Vorschau
29 Jonathan Nemer @JonNemer

Jonathan Nemer

Comedy 80.65% 1.1M 217.9K 49.5K 1.4K Vorschau
30 Voice Makers @voicemakers1

Voice Makers

Comedy 78.47% 1.6M 184.3K 36.5K 2K Vorschau
31 Nérida Barbosa @Nérida Barbosa

Nérida Barbosa

Comedy 54.95% 1.5M 326K 30.7K 1.9K Vorschau
32 John Leitão @johnleitaofilmes

John Leitão

Comedy 81.75% 3.2M 213.3K 37.3K 1.5K Vorschau
33 Mano Doido @Mano Doido

Mano Doido

Comedy 70.98% 771.1K 973.3K 33K 383 Vorschau
34 Nunca Te Pedi Nada @Nunca Te Pedi Nada

Nunca Te Pedi Nada

Comedy 79.23% 1.7M 226K 32.1K 1.5K Vorschau
35 Jaqueline Sobrinho @Jaqueline Sobrinho

Jaqueline Sobrinho

Comedy 55.7% 3.6M 545.8K 44K 606 Vorschau
36 João Ricardo @João Ricardo

João Ricardo

Comedy 76.07% 1M 189.7K 33.2K 1.5K Vorschau
37 Parafuso Solto @canalparafusosolto

Parafuso Solto

Comedy 76.91% 1.9M 575K 35.9K 440 Vorschau
38 Edu Primitivo @OsPrimitivosTV

Edu Primitivo

Comedy 77.28% 3M 249.5K 31.7K 1K Vorschau
39 MixReynold @mixreynold


Comedy 76.17% 4.2M 260.5K 31.6K 988 Vorschau
40 Diogo Paródias @Diogo Paródias

Diogo Paródias

Comedy 80.28% 1.3M 210K 35.9K 1K Vorschau
41 Igão Underground @Igão Underground

Igão Underground

Comedy 80.24% 3.8M 293.2K 52.5K 390 Vorschau
42 Guilherme Analisa @Guilherme180293

Guilherme Analisa

Comedy 81.55% 540.1K 132.7K 25.9K 1.7K Vorschau
43 Amdré Young @n00berplayer

Amdré Young

Comedy 82.82% 445.5K 144.7K 24.2K 1.6K Vorschau
44 Deboche Astral @falhomesmo

Deboche Astral

Comedy 82.78% 688.1K 141.7K 20.5K 1.8K Vorschau
45 FelipePires @canalfelipepires


Comedy 75.35% 1.3M 649.6K 27.9K 313.5 Vorschau
46 Marcus Cirillo @marcuscirillo

Marcus Cirillo

Comedy 83.42% 407.1K 218K 46.3K 499 Vorschau
47 Um Gamer Aleatório @krnhm

Um Gamer Aleatório

Comedy 81.07% 1.1M 153.5K 32K 1K Vorschau
48 Sofia Santino @Sofia Santino

Sofia Santino

Comedy 61.4% 2.2M 142K 31.1K 1.5K Vorschau
49 Silver Lari @Silver Lari

Silver Lari

Comedy 67.26% 3M 243.2K 38.9K 613 Vorschau
50 Edson Henrique @Edson Henrique

Edson Henrique

Comedy 67.68% 608.2K 129.7K 26.8K 1.6K Vorschau
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