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    ask me anything in the comments 💬 (will post answers on stories & here x)

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    BABY MUSINGS 👼🏼 hi, hello, my boss is allowing me 15 mins. this is RARE, so we gotta get straight to the point. SO ! birth is intense but COOL. my fav moment was after i delivered a 7 pound baby + a placenta & Michael recapped for 45 minutes how hard it was to cut the umbilical cord ( LIKE IMAGINE THAT !! HOW DIFFICULT FOR U !! TO !! CUT !! THE !! CORD !! )- i sat there thinking is he fucking kidding. he wasn’t. anyway we’ll get into the birth story on the podcast bcuz there’s SOOOOO MUCH SHIT ppl do not tell u. it’s WILD, how many things are kept under wraps- we will talk the good, bad & ugly. the fucking mesh underwear, exhausted, XXXXL padcicle realness, K. in the meantime, these past 3 weeks have been the most blissful & the most shocking. that’s right: shocking. only bcuz i have done everything i wanted on my own terms since running a biz & now there’s a NEW sheriff in town. first u should know that i have a night nurse- which is a luxury, i am lucky (want to be transparent on that). i gotta S/O every mom who does it all on her own. PROPS 2 YOU. here’s the deal: forget eating before noon (like fasting is happening, not on purpose), forget having more than 2 sips of hot coffee (just do it fucking iced & call it a day), & forget type A behavior (that orange-y red rattle doesn’t go w/ our blk & white decor u know). i am the girl who’s never changed a diaper really soooo THAT HAS BEEN INTERESTING. ok so ZAZA !! she can’t live w/o a baby shuser, @pinxav, little beanies, & a black pacifier (<< JUDGE AWAY). as for me i am loving my placenta pills, wearing compression wear everyday (link in bio for what i like), & truthfully feeling like an old sow. seriously the uterus is all Jello-ish & i feel BLOATED AF. which sucks bcuz u can’t workout for 6 weeks ? also there’s so many amazing ppl out there- BUT the flawless PP is out there too & they’re on the LOOSE- they get mad about whatever u do- u can’t WIN. anyway i am just learning as i go. i am sharing my journey without sugarcoating...until next time, where we discuss those MF-ing mesh panties & perineal massage ! k G2G, my boss is yelling at me to get to work. . (*ALSO a NEW podcast is live)

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    but like wish he would still let me dress him up as a girl & tuck his balls back. happy Valentine’s Day, @michaelbosstick. u r such a solid teammate/dad. love, me & Z

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    3 HOT TIPS TO MAKE UR PERFUME LAST LONGER: . ⚗ HAIR BRUSH HACK: i spray a few spritz in my hair brush & brush my hair with it. makes my hair all sugary & delicious. OH & this perfume is Eau de Juice PURE SUGAR by @cosmopolitan! so good & it‘s PINK 🍬🍧🍥🍭 u can get it at @ultabeauty. . 🧴POST SHOWER: i like to apply perfume to damp skin, add all my lotions & potions- let them dry, then get dressed (wait till it dries so it doesn’t rub off). then the second i am walking out the door i do one small spray. . 🍬 FORGET RUBBING THE WRISTS TOGETHER: instead apply it on the inner wrists (just don’t rub them together), behind the ears, behind ur knees & just everywhere. . TAG A FRIEND for a chance to win a bottle of this deliciously sweet perfume, PURE SUGAR (SMELLS SO GOOD). . #eaudejuice #yournewmainsqueeze #TSCBEAUTYFILE

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