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    Travis with @elevation0m proposed teaming up in a documentary style film recently. I hesitated as I explained my story has been shared many times and actually I’m kind of sick of hearing about Lift-Run-Shoot, no sleep, hammering, etc., so imagine what the haters must feel like? He countered that he thought his vision could be different and that as a filmmaker he wanted to take on the challenge.— • I said, “Well, let’s see how bad you want to make this at my house at 2:45 a.m. tomorrow and we’ll get this party started.” And, he was.—• We started there and ended at the @huntexpo just a few days ago and in between he talked to my mom, who like all moms makes me seem more special than I am, and talked to @wayneendicott1354, who much like my mom, as a lifelong friend believes in me more than anyone since Roy Roth. They said things I’d never say but I guess that’s the point of a documentary?—• I’ll give a disclaimer and tell you that if you don’t like me you’ll probably really not like me after this and if you like me before watching it, hopefully you still do after?— This is my life and it’s not perfect, but I’m not apologizing .—• 🔨 I’m flawed in many ways; blessed more than I deserve but still have a chip on my shoulder it seems? I love many, but trust few. I’ve feel pain but try to convince myself I’m bulletproof while being weak and lacking confidence. Life is messy and beautiful. In the end, if this film gives a kid like I was hope that if they work hard dreams can come true then I’ll be happy. If they realize that even if no one believes in them and their heroes are gone, all hope is not lost. If they believe in themselves...that’s all it takes. 🙏 link to video in bio above 👆👆👆

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    Hey, OHIO! What’s up!?!?!— Swipe 👈👈👈

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    50 reps of 225 and 100 reps of @sorinex Center Mass. I did 13 of 225 first set then superset of 26 with the dumbbells. To see more check out mine and @outlaw_strength’s IG stories. #roytough #legendsneverdie

  • cameronrhanes Instagram post for May

    How good is @elevation0m?— 🔨🔨🔨 And, they’re working on a longer film coming later this week. That’ll be fun. Keep 🔨🔨🔨

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