The biggest market chain in Turkey found relevant influencers for their campaigns

Migros Online Store
Campaign Goal
Brand Awareness
Feb’ 2021

Migros is one of the biggest market chains in Turkey, with more than 2,500 stores. During the pandemic, online sales were the main topic. The influencers for this campaign were chosen with the help of HypeAuditor. The detailed HypeAuditor Instagram reports helped NewTV Generation to pick 19 influencers with a relevant audience.

When the campaign was finished, NewTV Generation showed a white-label PDF report made with HypeAuditor's Campaign Management to their client to present the critical elements of the campaign. The easy-to-digest Campaign report helped Migros Online Store to understand the figures for the following components: Audience, Engagement, Influencer, and Earned Media Value. The client also welcomed the overall sentiment analysis of post comments.

It was founded in 2017 in Istanbul. It’s one of the first influencer marketing agencies in Turkey. Their business model differs from the general Turkish market, dominated by influencer-manager agencies.
Business Challenges
Quickly finding new influencers from different countries.

Since NewTV Generation works with brands from other countries and markets, the company faced the challenge of rapidly finding new influencers from different countries based on influencer categories, audience criteria, engagement rate, and other parameters. The company then needed to select influencers with an engaged audience and provide clients with visually appealing branded reports with detailed influencer characteristics for approval.

Monitoring campaign implementation and progress

Then it was necessary to track campaign implementation and progress and provide their clients with detailed campaign reports.

Choosing the right software

Without the right software, these tasks take a lot of time, and some of them (like finding influencers based on the audience criteria) cannot be completed.

HypeAuditor is the tool we chose to create our influencer marketing campaigns. Although we have strong connections with the best local influencers, it's clear that the industry is changing very fast. We need to keep track of newcomers in various markets, moreover globally. HypeAuditor helps us a lot with the Discovery tool and detailed influencer analytics. Additionally, it's essential for an agency of our level to provide end clients with the highest quality of all materials, so we enjoy the white-label feature, making our reports look professional.
Engin Yurdakul, Founder, NewTV Generation
HypeAuditor’s Audience Quality Score (AQS) metric helps to filter out unnecessary accounts and narrow the search

NewTV Generation shares PDF reports containing influencer metrics with their clients to decide whether it’s worth including particular influencers in the campaign. Reports look professional and provide clients with additional information about audience authenticity, reachability, and interests so that they can make data-driven decisions. Influencer Campaign reports help collect all information about the campaign quickly and efficiently and provide clients with detailed campaign insights.

HypeAuditor Discovery
With the help of HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery, NewTV Generation could find Instagram creators from several countries in the 50.5M+ influencer database. The advanced filtering options include:
Audience Demographics and Psychographics
Multiple audience filters allow finding influencers whose audience demographics align with a brand’s target market. Search filters include audience size, country, age, gender, and interests.
Influencer Quality
Businesses can find influencers based on their Audience Quality Score, Engagement Rate, Follower Growth, and other performance metrics. That will help you filter out low-quality accounts and focus on authentic influencers.
Keywords and Categories
Influencer Discovery provides the ability to find creators in any niche. You can search for accounts by category or apply keywords to discover influencers in a specific niche. Hashtags can be used as keywords as well.

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