Track the Success of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Collect real-time statistics and quantify your influencer campaign performance with powerful AI-based features. With the Campaigns tool, you can track all the metrics you need in one spot. Streamline your reporting routine with visually appealing campaign reports.

Make Your Influencer Campaign Management As Smooth As Possible

Optimize your tracking with automatic post search and live notifications
Automate manual tasks and improve your influencer campaign management and tracking experience. Stay up to date with new Instagram posts going live by receiving instant automatic notifications on your email address.
Analyze How The Audience Reacts to Your Sponsored Content
Find out how positively or negatively people react to sponsored posts with top-notch sentiment analysis. Discover creatives and messages that resonate with your target audience best.
Upgrade your reporting with customization features
Customize your campaign report with your brand logo to make it visually appealing and professional-looking. Transform your data from raw numbers into digestible, valuable information.

Questions and Answers About Campaigns Tool

How to plan an influencer campaign?

Suppose you want to organize and manage your influencer campaign correctly. In that case, the first thing you want to do is allocate a certain amount of budget for it and understand your influencer marketing campaign goals. To do that, you should research a group of influencers reaching out to the same target audience segment that your brand does. After, inquire each candidate about their average price per post or any other outreach methods that they use on the chosen platform. It’s not a short process, and it requires a good amount of attention and time to be invested. Suppose you want to gain access to all opportunities while investing your time in other important marketing tasks. In that case, you can try our Campaign Management tool - an influencer campaign management software, which will cover every task described above.

What is an influencer marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign is a plan or strategy conducted by a business with a person who strongly influences a brand’s target audience. Such influencers are often tasked with pitching and spreading the word about the services or products.

How to run a successful influencer campaign?

If you want to launch a successful influencer campaign, you need to gain enough fundamental knowledge about your prospective influencer. You should know their engagement rate, the target audience reach, the authenticity of their target audience, etc. In short, you have to learn to who you’re entrusting your sponsored content. It’s worth analyzing the performance of sponsored posts to get a better idea of what resonates with your audience best.

In HypeAuditor, you can check engagement authenticity and detect potentially fraudulent activity for each sponsored post on Instagram or any other popular social platform. If you need a practical approach to this question, look at the influencer campaign examples we prepared for you.

How to measure the success of influencer campaign?

Measuring the success of influencer campaigns is one of the most challenging tasks that marketing managers face. To better understand how your campaign performs and to correctly manage influencer campaigns, we suggest looking at campaign reach, engagement, total spending, and ROI. HypeAuditor provides you with influencer campaign management software that you can use to check performance and engagement for each sponsored post on Instagram. It will help you better understand what resonates with your audience.