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Track the Success of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Collect real-time statistics and quantify your influencer campaign performance with powerful AI-based features. With the Campaigns tool, you can track all the metrics you need in one spot. Streamline your reporting routine with visually appealing campaign reports.

Track Your Campaign Progress

Manage all influencer collaborations and events to align your team around your influencer marketing campaign. Track your marketing tasks and check your payment terms and status to take business actions on time.

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Keep Tabs on Your Campaign Budget

Monitor your campaign spend over time and across multiple brands, creators, and tiers. Analyze your campaign budget, CPE/CPM, EMV, and ROI to better understand the effectiveness of your strategy.

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Avoid Wasting Budget on Collaborations with Fake Influencers

Track sponsored Instagram posts automatically. Check engagement authenticity and spot potentially fraudulent activity for each sponsored post.

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Understand How Your Campaign Performs

Get detailed insights about the total audience you reached with your campaign and check if this audience falls within your target market. Find out how many people were engaged with your sponsored content.

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Streamline Your Reporting Routine

Visualize your progress by organizing the collected data in presentation-ready reports. Easily share your campaign reports with your clients or colleagues using a link and save hours for what matters most.

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Make Your Campaign Management and Tracking As Smooth As Possible
Optimize your tracking with automatic post search and live notifications
Automate manual tasks and improve your campaign management and tracking experience. Stay up to date with new Instagram posts going live by receiving instant automatic notifications on your email address.
Analyze How The Audience Reacts to Your Sponsored Content
Find out how positively or negatively people react to sponsored posts with top-notch sentiment analysis. Discover creatives and messages that resonate with your target audience best.
Upgrade your reporting with customization features
Customize your campaign report with your brand logo to make it visually appealing and professional-looking. Transform your data from raw numbers into digestible, valuable information.

Questions and Answers About Campaigns Tool

  • How do you track an influencer campaign?

    Tracking influencer marketing campaigns is a must, as it helps you understand the efficiency of your activities and better plan your next influencer program. To track and measure your campaign, make sure it’s aligned with your business goals. Tools like HypeAuditor’s Campaigns help you collect data-powered insights into your campaign performance on Instagram and YouTube. You can get real-time statistics and see your total expenditures, reach, engagement, and ROI to assess your campaign efficiency.

  • How to measure the success of an influencer campaign?

    Measuring the success of influencer campaigns is one of the most challenging tasks that marketing managers face. To better understand how your campaign performs, we suggest looking at campaign reach, engagement, total spending, and ROI. In HypeAuditor, you can check performance and engagement for each sponsored post on Instagram. It will help you better understand what resonates with your audience.

  • How do you track content of influencers?

    To understand how influencers’ sponsored content performs, it’s important to check reach and engagement and see if the audience reached aligns with your target market. It’s worth analyzing the performance and engagement for each sponsored post to get a better idea of what resonates with your audience best. In HypeAuditor, you can check engagement authenticity and even detect potentially fraudulent activity for each sponsored post on Instagram.

  • How to calculate ROI for influencer marketing?

    To make sure that you spend your money on influencer campaigns effectively, you need to keep track of your ROI. First of all, you need to define your goals and metrics to measure your performance. Rather than tracking your campaign ROI manually, you can search for specific tools to help. HypeAuditor allows you to check return on investment and earned media value for each influencer you work with, so you can better understand the efficiency of your campaign.

  • How do you track Instagram influencers?

    Various metrics can help you assess the effectiveness of your influencer collaborations on Instagram. Metrics like reach, engagement, cost per engagement, earned media value, and return on investment can provide you with a wealth of information about your campaign. In the Campaigns tool, you’ll find all these metrics and will be able to check the average engagement rate, audience demographics, and account quality for each Instagram influencer you’re working with.