Top Beauty Instagram Influencers: Rising Stars of 2020

Harshita Agrawal

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I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say Instagram is filled with the best, most amazing accounts for beauty tips. The beauty Instagram influencers are known for their unique, unconventional, and avant-garde style. Presenting makeup tutorials like never before, one can spend hours just watching the beauty influencers on Instagram. 

Catering to the millennial consumer demands, evolved ideologies, and ever-revolving fashion sense, the influencers are more on their toes to create exceptional content in 2020. The influencers are adjusting well to the major cultural transformations in the beauty industry worldwide. And, empowering women and men to adapt modern cosmetics as one. 

Being inspired by the best beauty Instagram influencers, in this article, we will look at some of the most interesting rising stars in the beauty niche in 2020!

Not each of these Instagram stars has a million followers yet, but they have shown exceptional growth and have achieved more than 100% growth in the past 6 months. We have used HypeAuditor’s Discovery tool to find the rising stars. Here goes the list! 

The Rising Beauty Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2020

Avani (@avani)

Number of Instagram Followers: 4.9M

Percentage Growth in Last 180 Days: 432%

Avani is the best account to take inspiration from when it comes to growing your Instagram account in 2020. She’s just a 17-year old American who started by posting Tik Tok dance videos. She became a Tik Tok celebrity with more than 10 million followers. And, then she rocked Instagram with her makeup appearances and merchandise. 

Avani went viral with her clown makeup video that quickly caught up on her social media accounts. She’s frequently seen posting some really cool clown makeup photos and videos that get more than a million likes and views. Her account is a mix of some offbeat make up posts along with her personal life. 

Check out her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts for a complete idea on what makes her so stunning! 

(Pro Tip: One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram in 2020 is to grow your Tik Tok and then direct your followers to Instagram)

Danielle (@daniellemarcan)

Number of Instagram Followers: 951K

Percentage Growth in Last 180 Days: 148%

Danielle Marcan is a beauty and makeup guru on Instagram with her awe-inspiring makeup tutorials. She’s a 22-year old American who is also a model and has worked as the face of many top brands. She mentions every brand used in her makeup tutorials thus bringing in more engagement. 

Her makeup videos have given her an edge on Instagram and increased her engagement from a few thousand likes to a million views. One of her first videos to go viral was a spooky halloween makeup video that triggered her Instagram growth. 

Yehia Chokr (@yehiachokor)

Number of Instagram Followers: 433K

Percentage Growth in Last 180 Days: 81%

Yehia Chokr is a hair stylist from Lebanon whose detailed hair cutting videos are an inspiration to millions of other hair stylists on Instagram. He is seen working with several celebrities and brides for their extraordinary hairdos. 

Even though Yehia has been on Instagram for quite some time, his videos have become more popular in the last year amassing more than hundred thousand views per video. Check out his Instagram to witness some astonishing hair transformation videos. 

Fabian Cayuela-Ruiz (@fabiancrfx)

Number of Instagram Followers: 407K

Percentage Growth in Last 180 Days: 195%

Fabian is a French makeup expert who started his Instagram account in April 2019 and has more than 400K followers now. Initially Fabian started as a TikToker in 2018 and gained more than 1.2 million followers on the platform. Later on he joined Instagram, where he gained his followers within months due to his Tik Tok stardom and impeccable makeup tutorial videos.

His first viral video was a lip sync video that gained more than 20K likes. Subsequently he developped his Instagram into one with the most exceptional makeup videos and photos. He also works with top brands like NYX, Shein, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and more! 

Get Inspired and Become a Top Beauty Influencer

Let these Instagram accounts inspire to begin your Instagram account as a beauty influencer. These rising stars teach us that it’s never too late if you are good at what you do. Make sure to use videos excessively if you want your content to reach more people on Instagram. Videos have helped these influencers rise above all and will be the guiding path for you too. 

If you want to create your own list of influencers, use HypeAuditor’s influencer discovery tool to look for ideal influencers. The filters will allow you to find influencers by niche, location, audience, audience quality score, and much more. Check it out for a smooth influencer exploration. 

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