Top 20 Instagram Accounts Who Didn’t Post for 1 Year

Nick Baklanov

Marketing specialist at HypeAuditor. Connect on Linkedin.

1. xxxtentacion

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2. onedirection

3. michelleobama44

4. fifthharmony

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You never cease to amaze us ? THANK YOU babes! #KCA

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5. seungriseyo

6. kevin

7. lordemusic

8. brendonurie

9 websecure

10 laurencohan

11 marquistrill

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12 thatboyyouhate

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13 lovemodel1_

14 kardashians

15 wannaone.official

16 min9yu_k

17 thebangtanboys

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18 kellyrohrbach

19 almeidanara

20 obamawhitehouse

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