Top 10 fast growing Instagram accounts

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Every week new Instagram influencers appear.

Some of them spend years to gain their followers, others get a huge number of subscribers in a matter of days.

In this article we will share with you Instagram accounts that showed the most followers growth for the last 7 days.

We found these accounts with the help of HypeAuditor’s Discovery tool.

Discovery tool finds influencers who match certain criteria through the database of over 9M Instagram influencers accounts.

For our search, we choose 7 days followers growth over 100% and AQS (Audience Quality Score) over 70%.

154 Instagram accounts match these criteria worldwide.

We will share with you the top ten accounts by the percentage of growth to find what is trending on Instagram right now.

  1. Lucky Goats
  2. Charles Botensten
  4. Tolla
  5. Лёха Север
  6. Yogi Bryan
  7. أ.سلمان
  8. Molly Seidel
  9. Austin
  10. Olga Kutsa

1. Lucky Goats (@lucky_goats)

Today’s growth winner is an account of Lucky goats. Lucky goats is a TikTok creator with over than 1 Million followers on TikTok.

Look at his followers chart from HypeAuditor report. It is amazing how the account managed to grow from 13K followers to 82K followers only for a few days.

22% of @lucky_goats audience are 13-17 years old, this is not typical for Instagram but typical for TikTok influencers accounts.
Followers number: 82K
7 days followers growth: 1426%
Growth reason: TikTok

2. Charles Botensten (@botensten)

Charles is a real estate agent, thriathlete and books lover.

Followers number: 11K
7 days followers growth: 587%
Growth reason: Video with Charles got viral and he was mentioned in a popular YouTube channel Your Mom’s House Clips. Take a look at Charle’s video below.

3. INESLOUCIF (@ineskohlanta)

Ines Loucif is a nurse from France.

Followers number: 79.5K
7 days followers growth: 564%
Growth reason: Participation in reality show.

4. Tolla (@tolla_sing)

Tolla is a singer from Russia.

Followers number: 149K
7 days followers growth: 536%
Growth reason: Unknown

5. Лёха Север (@sever.x)

This account belongs to a young man from Russia. He shows his luxury life, expensive cars and sells forecasts for sports on his Telegram channel.
These three components (luxury life, forecasts for sports and Telegram) let us say that it is most likely Scam. Beware of this account.

Followers number: 139.9K
7 days followers growth: 522%
Growth reason: Loop giveaway. Instagram loop giveaways are contests that offer a big prize, but require you to follow an excessive amount of Instagram accounts in order to enter.

6. Yogi Bryan (@yogi_bryan)

Bryan is a Yoga Instructor, Meme Maker, and Co-Host of The Yogi Show Podcast.

Followers number: 17.7K
7 days followers growth: 489%
Growth reason: TikTok, hosting a podcast, cooperation with instagram yoga influencers

7. Salman.Matrix أ.سلمان (@salman.matrix)

Salman is a TikTok creator from Saudi Arabia.

Followers number: 12.65K
7 days followers growth: 433%
Growth reason: TikTok

8. Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly)

Molly is a 25 year old babysitter and barista from Boston.

Followers number: 40.78K
7 days followers growth: 386%
Growth reason: Molly qualifies for Olympics during her first Marathon and gets a huge media coverage.

9. Austin (@miaolym_)

@miaolym_ is an account of Fortnite gamer. Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. With over 125 million players Fortnites became a cultural phenomenon.

Followers number: 12.1K
7 days followers growth: 376%
Growth reason: Fortnite’s community

10. Olga Kutsa (@kutsa.o)

Olga Kutsa is a teacher from Ukraine.

Followers number: 47.68K
7 days followers growth: 368%
Growth reason: Unknown

We hope you enjoyed the list of Top 10 fast growing Instagram accounts.

Leave comments if you want us to continue make such lists every week.

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