#ReadaBookDay: Instagram Influencers who Love Books

Kate Karnaukhova

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Today, on September 6th, we celebrate the National Read A Book Day. This day is a perfect occasion to get back to that novel you started many moons ago.

We made a selection of Instagram influencers who enjoy reading books and share their passion for reading with followers. We have found 6 interesting and inspiring influencers using HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery.

Rebecka Wahl

Audience Quality Score: 93. Followers: 39.9K

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Rebecka describes herself as the female version of Bilbo Baggins. She is a very romantic blogger, also a freelance writer and an artist.


Audience Quality Score: 93. Followers 30.8K

Sydney welcomes you to the little corner of the internet, where she rambles about books, fashion music and does teenager things. 


Audience Quality Score: 91. Followers 45.6K

The blogger reads all kinds of books, watches soap-operas and takes cozy photos of her bedroom.

Nai’a Perkins

Audience Quality Score: 94. Followers: 31.8K

Link: https://www.instagram.com/nayareadsandsmiles/

In her bio, you will find that she as an Afro-Hawaiian girl and an author in progress.

She also shares her vision with her followers: Read all the stories. Believes in them. They’re probably true.

P.S. And she also makes lovely selfies with books.


Audience Quality Score: 97. Followers 37.6K

Collector of Books & Funko Pops. This account stands out with very bright, multicolored and pretty much Harry Potter inspired pictures.



Audience Quality Score: 93. Followers 23.2K

Abbie is a writer, a bookworm and an artist. Her account will immerse you into her personal space filled with pastel-coloured photographs of books and London.


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We hope you found this selection inspiring and you are now eager to get down to reading a book. If you want to discover more book bloggers, feel free to test out HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery!