How To Write YouTube Video Descriptions Which Will Make Your Videos Rank Better

Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet is a videographer at Custom Essay Help and Paper Fellows portals. She helps with video marketing and writes descriptions. Also, she manages blog content at the Australian assignment help service.

One of the key points of being successful at having a YouTube channel is having great video descriptions. YouTube algorithm is a bit strange and people are still trying to figure out what to do but there are some old and sound practices which can help you get more exposure and more viewers as well.

So, here are some of the best practices for that:

Use keywords

You should choose one or two keywords that properly describe what you are trying to say in your video. This can maximize your traffic and help you get more eyes on your content. You should include them in your video description and your title to make it very effective and increase the chances of your video ranking well in the search results. You should create a channel description that has the keywords that most resemble your channel content because YouTube puts a lot of importance on your about page. If you are unsure of which keywords to use, you can go to Google Trends or Google Ads keyword planner. This will help you pick the best keywords related to your type of content.

Repeat keywords often

When you repeat your keywords several times, it lets YouTube know that a term is relevant to your content. The point is to use the keyword one or two times in your description and in your title. More than that and you will get flagged with keyword stuffing which is a bad idea because it can remove your video completely and tarnish your reputation.

Find related keywords

Next, to the main keywords, you can find some complimentary keywords to add in your descriptions. It will give your viewers some extra information about the video you have created and it will rank you well for that keyword as well. You will have more chances of being seen on Youtube and getting more eyes on your content. For instance, if your channel is about environmentally friendly topics and your video is about recycling, your keywords can be something with recycling and then have complementary keywords like zero waste and reduce garbage.

Tell your audience what they are going to see

You need to be pretty clear on what you want to tell your viewers and then you need to write it down in your video descriptions. If your readers misinterpret what your content is about, they will stop watching your video pretty quickly. This will reflect poorly on your chances at getting better ranking and it will not get you many viewers or engagement. Avoid clickbait and keywords that are not relevant to what your content is showing. This will damage your reputation as well.

Be human

You need to understand your audience and then write in a tone of voice that suits them and speaks to them. Use the kind of language that your viewers understand and that they can relate to. Then you can add keywords naturally, not just list them like a grocery shopping list. Viewers come first and your description needs to be readable for them first and then good for search engines and algorithms. Luckily, you don’t have to do the writing alone with lots of reliable services.

Put the most important information first

Start your summary of your video or your channel with the most important information. You need this because readers will not wait to reach the end of your description to find out what the content is about.

“The start of your description will also often appear in several places as preview text and it needs to contain keywords if you want to rank well. Youtube makes the beginning of your description a priority,” says Youtube marketer Lina Veis.

Add the links and metadata below the fold

Above the fold of your Youtube video description is where the interesting, funny and conversational should be. This is not the place to put links and handles. There is a place for this and it’s below the fold. There you should put your social media channels, product links, handles and so on. All of the metadata should be there as well.

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