5 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Draw Inspiration From

Roberto Garvin

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Once upon a time, social influencer marketing didn’t even exist. Fast forward to today. Millions of businesses wouldn’t exist without it.

Thanks to Generation Z, Millennials, and even Boomers, this marketing channel is booming. It simply taps into an existing community of engaged social media followers to drive leads and sales for businesses.

Unlike using celebrities as brand ambassadors, influencers could be anyone from any part of the world. All they need is an engaged audience on social media.

In a recent study, 94 percent of marketers from various industries revealed that influencer marketing was an effective strategy. It allowed marketers to find and reach their target audiences easily.

Now that businesses are familiar with the right social strategy and the true potential of influencer marketing, they are getting the returns on their invested sum. 

Let’s explore some of the best influencer campaigns that inspire and help businesses to grow. 

1. Chase Sponsored the US Open with Andy Roddick on Periscope

Having sponsored the US Open Tennis Championships for 35 years, Chase decided to try something new back in 2016. They knew most of their fans were people who watched the matches from their televisions or smart devices.

Thinking of a way for everyone to enjoy the full experience, Chase partnered with Periscope and Andy Roddick. To the world, Roddick is a huge professional tennis player, and to his fans, he’s a big-time celebrity influencer.

This was an excellent idea for Chase because it allowed fans to effectively watch different games beside Roddick and see/hear his reactions in real-time. Individuals got to ask him various questions live, and he was able to answer all of them.

Chase provided six free Periscope sessions for fans, and Roddick broadcasted from the comfort of his couch.


The campaign provided 385 hours of Periscope video for the fans to view. In total, there were 2.5 million views and nearly 9.1 million impressions.

Best Fits

This form of promotion suits both small and large brands as it’s a great way of gaining fans or loyalty and driving tickets or merchandise sales.

2. Cox Media Group Draws Attention to Rare Country on Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

Cox Media Group needed to get more people to discover their new country division – Rare Country. One of the easiest ways they saw to increase their reach was creating a fan-voted “Rare Country Awards.” This strategy was to help them get more country music fans onboard.

While they’d already built a strong Facebook presence, Rare Country was in the initial stages of establishing themselves on Twitter. So, they contacted an Influencer Marketing platform, Insightpool, to create an influencer campaign for the awards on Twitter.

Insightpool went ahead to identify and engage the best influencers to spread the message for the awards. The influencers were even split into different categories so they’d be able to cover more ground. Each of them was tasked with voting for their favorite artists and getting their followers to do the same.

It didn’t take long for the award to gain recognition because the influencers kept sharing links with their fans. And when the voting process was over, Insightful picked three superfans to make videos announcing the winners.


With the 5151 influencers that helped with the campaign, they were able to reach more than 55 million followers. The Rare Country Award category got nearly 1 million votes while generating 1.8 million impressions.

Best Fits

This form of promotion suits the music industry, large business, and ones with a target audience that might resonate with such events.

3. MTV and Laci Green Partners for Pants Off on Snapchat

Image Credit: ShortyAwarts

MTV partnered with Laci Green to bring Pants Off to their teenage audience. Laci, who’s well-known for her Sex Ed channel on YouTube, was the perfect influencer for the job. Her YouTube channel had over 2 million subscribers.

MTV used the Snapchat show to provide information to teenagers and young adults and give them real advice.

MTV’s strategy was to use Laci, a popular sex Ed influencer, to help confused teens while trying out a new medium – Snapchat.

“Pants Off” played every Saturday for eight days on Snapchat, like any of MTV’s regular shows. They invited several influencers with huge audiences as guests on the show to talk about sex and relationships. Each segment brought in new viewership and helped reach more teens than ever.



With the Campaign, MTV managed to help lots of young people understand their sexual preferences while increasing their viewer ratings. Each episode got over three to five million views and was shared several thousand times.

The entire show had 13.9 million views and was shared 439,000 times (not including cross-posting to Facebook).

Best Fits

This type of promotion is best suited for brands trying to reach a particular target audience like Millennials and Gen Z.

4. M&M’s Flavor Votes with Influencers Across Social Media Platforms

Image Source: Shortyawards

After catering to fans’ sweet-tooth for years, M&M decided to let them choose their next flavor. There were three options; Honey Nut, Coffee Nut, and Chili Nut. So, they created a mini-election for the fans.

Emmy award-winning actor Tony Hale was appointed as the official flavor campaign manager. M&M also went on to partner with nine social media influencers to help spread the message of the process. They also got more than twenty influencers to create visually stimulating content to encourage their fans to vote.

These influencers created the hashtag, #MMSFlavorVote, to increase social awareness and get more votes. The campaign generated enough buzz and excitement for M&M, and eventually, Coffee Nut was the winning flavor.


The campaign process garnered over a million votes and resulted in 269 million PR/social media/Influencer impressions. It also got 14.4 million social engagements and 216 influencer partner posts.

Now, while M&M got their new flavor, this strategy also helped them get the fans hyped and excited over the upcoming candy.

Best Fits

This form of promotion works for almost all types of businesses, from large to small, to ones that target Millennials and Gen Z.

5. Motorola Launched Moto Mods and Moto Z with Influencers on YouTube

When Motorola released their new range of smartphones – the Moto Z family and Moto Mods, it decided to partner with YouTube influencers. Motorola was well aware of the fact that 90% of global marketers love playing with videos. The video strategy was perfect since it allowed the influencers to demonstrate just how unique this new batch of phones was for them.

The selling point of these phones was that users could swap “mods” in and out of the device; giving them new features. Motorola’s target demographic was the younger generation (millennials and Generation Z) seeing as they spent more time on YouTube.

Partnering with YouTube Influencers allowed them to demonstrate the full capabilities and potential of the phone. They worked with 13 influencers across various verticals to reach a vast range of customers.

Each influencer created videos showcasing the unique cases for the Moto Mods, alongside “partnership announcements” posts. While every content was different and catered to their target audience, they still managed to get fans excited about the new phone.

The videos ranged from funny (surviving a haunted high school) to crazy (launching the phone to a 10′ rocket).


The videos garnered over 11 million views and 38.1 million social impressions. It then led to 122,000 clicks to Motorola’s website (motomods.com) – 80,000 of which were first-time visitors.

Best Fit

This campaign is best for large businesses and ones that target younger demographics.

How To Find Influencers For Your Brand

Now that you’ve seen how powerful influencer marketing can be for your brand, you might be wondering how to use it for your business. You have two options here.

You can outsource your influencer marketing to a marketing firm or handle it by yourself. Let’s explore these options.

How to Outsource Your Influencer Marketing

You’re better off outsourcing your influencer marketing to a trusted firm to handle it for you if you are a busy person or company. But this isn’t the only time you want to use a local agency.

Why Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Ultimately, you should outsource your influencer marketing campaign if any of these conditions apply to your situation:

  1. Influencer marketing is a new field and you don’t have the time to learn it
  2. You want to have practical examples to follow by watching successful people do it first
  3. You are busy and can’t follow up with the industry’s growing complexity, methodologies, and tools
  4. The campaign you plan to run requires a large and dedicated team
  5. You want to run lots of campaigns that require complex planning and execution
  6. Hiring an in-house team is not practical for your business and goals
  7. You simply want to save time and not worry with the little details of running your campaign with an in-house team
  8. You want to benefit from the on-going relationship that influencer marketing agencies have influencers

How to Vet an Influencer Marketing Agency

If you choose to outsource your influencer marketing, here are things to keep in mind and work with:

  • Pricing: You want to work with an influencer marketing agency that’s fully transparent on their pricing
  • Experience: Choose an agency that has a proven track record of excellence, preferably one that’s handled influencer marketing campaign for your industry
  • Proofs: You want to see their testimonials, past client reviews and anything else that solidifies the fact that they are the right option for your business.

How to Find an Influencer Marketing Agency

You can start your influencer marketing agency search from Google. Just enter, “best influencer marketing agency” in the search box. You can also add your city if you prefer a local agency to handle your influencer marketing for you.

Outsourcing to a local agency can be a brilliant idea if you’re targeting local influencers. Your local agency is more likely to know local influencers than foreign agencies. But this is not a rule. So do your findings.

You can set up a meeting with a local influencer marketing agency and meet the team that will work on your influencer marketing goals.

How to Find or Vet Influencers by Yourself

If you choose to do influencer marketing on your own, then you probably know what you’re doing or you are interested in exploring things yourself.

Exploring things on your own?

Here’s what to test for in your influencers:


Do the influencers have real, human followers or bots? You can spot a fake influencer account or inflated metrics using HypeAuditor.


If an influence doesn’t address your audience, don’t use them. It’s a waste of money. Consider using local influencers if you sell a service locally.


How many people are sharing, commenting, retweeting, liking, and responding to the influencer’s posts? The more the merrier as long as the engagement is authentic.


If an influencer isn’t going to be committed to getting your message heard by their followers it makes no sense giving them your money. Look for influencers who will share your message often enough to ensure their followers see the message.

There you have what you look for in your influencers before you hire them.

Upshot – Which Campaign was the Most Inspiring?

Chase sponsoring the US Open with Andy Roddick is a great promotion strategy for large businesses and one that targets specific generations.

The “Rare Country Award” category works for target demographics and large businesses. MTV’s “Pants Off” and Motorola’s “Moto Mods” campaign is great for reaching younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z).

M&M’s flavor vote campaign works for almost all types of businesses seeing as it targets every demographic. Adding Tony Hale to the mix meant the promotion appealed not only to Millennials and Generation Z but also to older fans.

So, we’ve seen some of the most impressive influencer marketing tactics in the industry. There’s a campaign for every type of business (small, large, or demographic-based), you have to find the one that identifies with your brand.

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