What is Instagram Engagement Rate and How to Calculate it
What is Instagram Engagement rate? Engagement Rate (ER) is a popular social media benchmark that has evolved into an industry standard. This easy metric will help you measure the effectiveness of your actions and better understand how much of...
Reading time: 2 min
How to Analyze Instagram Account With HypeAuditor
Today we will study the report of Instagram fashion influencer from Norway and show you how to read HypeAuditor reports. 1. Summary
Reading time: 2 min
Now you can track Brand mentions on influencer’s Instagram
We are happy to introduce you the new feature in HypeAuditor report: Brand Mentions. It consists of four components: Advertising performance, Non-ad post frequency, Advertising post frequency, Brand mentions.
Reading time: 1 min
How to read Followers & Following graphs on HypeAuditor
To make a conclusion about any influencer you should study the whole report. Hype Auditor’s Audience Quality Score (AQS) helps to evaluate bloggers, but it’s not enough. Today we will tell you why and how to use the Followers...
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How do micro-influencers and mega-influencers compare in Instagram engagement rates
This week we’ve taken a closer look at more than 36,000 influencers, checked in Hype Auditor and found the average engagement rate that can be used to evaluate influencers. First of all, we divided all influencers into six Tiers, depending on...
Reading time: 1 min
Step by step guide how to work with influencers on Instagram
If you want to start working with influencers, you have 5 steps to go through: Searching for influencersLooking for contactNegotiating term and wagesCreating the contentMeasuring the results. Step 1: Searching for influencers There are many ways to search for...
Reading time: 2 min
How to evaluate a micro-influencer with Hype Auditor
Micro-influencers are the macro power of influencer marketing. They have the most important things for any marketing campaign — relevance and highly engaged audience. There are thousands of micro-influencers in any niche and it’s not a problem to find...
Reading time: 1 min
How Instagram influencers set their prices
There is no single standard pricing in the influencer marketing industry. Each blogger decides how much they want to receive for the collaboration. Moreover, this amount is not fixed. For the same post, they may ask for $3,000 today,...
Reading time: 7 min
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